It's short but I've been trying to write this for three days now, I kept reading over it and it just sounded ridiculous so I kept starting all over. Oh well, I tried. It's my first time writing smut so sorry if it's awful, I had no clue how I should write it. This chapter is in Joanne's point of view by the way, hope you enjoy.

Maureen sat up and pulled my shirt off, I smashed my lips against hers once it was off; I rubbed my hand against her core, making her moan into the kiss. I pushed her back down and made my way down to her center, sucking on her clit and inserting two fingers in her.

I heard her moan as her hand grabbed onto my hair, I quickened my pace making her moan louder, I smiled as her breath started to quicken, her grip on my hair tightened, and she started thrusting her hips.

"Shit, Jo, harder, please, baby, harder." She moaned out, I gladly followed her request, her insides clamping around my fingers as her juices flowed out of her, I removed my fingers, quickly licking up her juices and then doing the same with what was on my fingers.

She grabbed me, pulling me up so I was lying beside her, I kissed her while wrapping my arms around her still quivering body, "That was amazing, Pookie." She smiled and climbed on top of me, "Now, for your pleasure."

"Later, Mo, you're tired." I told her, pulling her down onto my chest, "I'm off work tomorrow so we can have fun all day, if you want."

"Hmm, sounds fantastic." She smiled, kissing me then snuggling into my neck and quickly falling asleep, which I followed not too long after.

Hope you liked the story, I'll probably be writing another RENT story soon, not sure if it will be another MoJo one, the only reason I really wrote this was because I couldn't find many MoJo stories anymore and I'm a big MoJo shipper so I wanted there to be more, well, hope you liked anyway :)