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She stormed out through the door of the mansion, but there was actually a storm raging in her heart, her head was pounding, she was furious and devastated at the same time, and as if the sky heard her she heard her despair the sound of thunder was braking through the air ,the wind was blowing bashing her golden hair. As she reached nervously for her car keys in her purse, his words were echoing in her head. How dare he tell her all those things, she is a Babcock she won't tolerate this.

˝Me marry a butler that is out of the question! ˝ she cried out loud.

When she finally found them her trembling hands dropped them to the ground and as she reached down to get them she looked up and saw her reflection in the cars side mirror ,her eyes were sad and tired, the anger subsided somehow and that was left was a sense of deep pressure in her chest. As she entered the car and sat in the front sit, she desperately tried to hold back tears that were forming in the corner of her dark blue eyes, small rain drops were hitting the wind shield, for a moment distracting from her thoughts entangled with flashes of what happened previous days since all of this mess has started. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, trying to establish the composure to start the car. Rain was getting stronger as she pulled out of the parking lot. A deep sigh escaped her lips and she knew that things will never be the same again, she was living her life behind ,all that she knew for the last twenty years was centered around that house and that familly,but there and then her decision to leave seemed to grow stronger, because of the sense of humiliation she couldn't bare. She will get through this somehow, she is the bitch of Broadway, she never swallows her pride and she is not a soft and weak woman. Although the rain was getting heavier the streets were filled with cars, and she moved slow ,too slow all she wanted was get to the safety of her penthouse and her drinking cabinet ,and wash away the bitterness and forget about everything that just happened.

The rain was hitting her car persistently ,getting stronger and stronger, knocking on the glass, like it was trying to remind her that there is no escape from the horrible truth of his hurtful words that hit a spot in her heart so deep and concealed from others, many of them thought that she didn't even have one ,but he knew, he knew her too well. She couldn't hide from his piercing sky blue eyes, he saw right through her facade, knew all of her fears . He knew the truth that she was terrified of staying alone, wishing for affection, intimacy that she somehow she wasn't capable for but still secretly longed for.

She could hear the voices fighting in her mind.

˝Wondering what might have been...¨

¨Babcocks don't mix with the help!˝ -her mother's voice piercing through her ears .

˝Marry me...˝ his desperate whispers.

¨We marry our own kind!¨ -cold, demanding voice of her mother reminding her of her stature once again.

Tears she was holding back for so long flow down her face blurring her vision causing her to sob without control, and in that moment she totally lost the awareness of where she was, in her steel cage that it seemed on which the heavy rain was crashing. She felt so lost that she didn't notice the car in front of her slowing due to the traffic jam that formed in front of them. In the last moment trying to avoid crushing to the back of that car, she tried to stair to the side sliding across the now filled with water road only to face the shocked passengers of the car form the opposite lane.

As she was sliding with her car across the water dumped highway trying to avoid collision , time seemed to slow down, and scenes form her life rewind in her mind, and it wasn't her business success, high society parties that she saw, there were moments from her lonely childhood, all the unhappy holidays ,the coldness of her family house, the premiere of the first play she produced with Maxwell, which was a complete disaster and light blue eyes of certain butler looking at her lovingly...

˝Niles !˝-she shouted as she was heading without control towards a tree closing her tired eyelids surrendering to her fate...