˝Sa...Sa..rah...˝- she whispered,her voice trembling.

˝Is that you...?! No, ...this can't be... -C.C. was shaking her head-˝...happening...˝

˝You are supposed to be...˝

˝Dead?¨- the women smiled.

C.C. was in shock,to say the least,the thin figure that was standing in front of her looked like and talked like Maxwell's wife ,but that could not be true ,the socialite thought.

˝This must be some kind of dream...yes that must be it...this is a dream and not a very good one ...but still a dream...˝ -the blonde was trying to make sense of what was happening,talking to herself.

˝That is my friend C.C. alright,always with her both feet on the ground,I can't believe you remembered my name,by the way˝-the women giggled.

˝What do you mean,I remembered your name!˝-socialite argued-˝Of course I know your name!˝- C.C .was already annoyed.

˝Yes,of course you do...˝-she smiled-˝you look awful by the way˝

˝Well ,you would look awful too if you have been...˝-she was fixing her messed up hair.

˝In a car accident?˝

˝You mean to say...that ...I...I ...am ...in that car?! ˝- C .C. pointed at the burning car across the road with her trembling hand.

˝You tell me?˝- Sara shrugged ,with her palms opened.

˝This can not be real...¨-she shivered.

The rich socialite was staring at the scene of the car crash with her mouth opened in complete shock,still trying to comprehend what was happening.

She could see the crowd of people gathering around the car,blazing with flames,as the paramedics that arrived were trying to put out the fire.

The rotating lights were braking through the darkness of the night as the people were standing in silence,observing the rescuers every move

The tension was visible on there faces as they feared for the faith of the complete stranger trapped in the smashed car.

They were holding their breath in the anticipation of the outcome of this event that came into their lives suddenly,reminding them of the fragility of their own lives,and in that moment they have forgotten al of their patty worries,appointments they were already late for,their families waiting for them at home...

Standing in the rain in complete silence,every single person that was there was aware of the importance of that moment,and felt humbled .

Everyone caught their breath as the paramedics dragged out a broken body of a women,covered in blood,her blonde hair put her on the stretcher trying to revive her .

On the opposite side of the road C.C. stood motionless ,the rain was pouring down ,but she didn't feel it.

Her mind was blank,not able to understand what was happening.

Everything became a blur when a sharp pain in her chest hit her ,and she became dizzy.

In that moment C.C. felt the strength leaving her body and then she surrendered to the feeling of complete hopelessness that came over her,

she closed her tired eyes and wished she would wake up from this terrible nightmare.

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