Disclaimer: I don't own anything from Letter bee but I do own the story line, Rinny, and Clyde. The rest please give credit to Hiroyuki Asada.


"Rinny.." Clyde said.

"Y-yes Clyde?" I asked, the anger making me twitch and it hardened my voice.

"Are we lost...?" Clyde asked innocently, his large purple eyes twinkling in wonder.

"No, Clyde..." I said trying to hide how irritated I was.

"How much longer?" he asked.

I heaved a sigh. We've been traveling for a while now. Oops! Got ahead of myself there! I should explain myself.

My name is Rinny Shrine, I was a Letter Bee. That's a delivery person determined to fight the Gaichuu and deliver letters that contain the heart of people. Many letter bees take their job very seriously and many of us are accused of "selling their hearts to the government for money"... My intentions were always pure though, But I always ended up in the hospital, so they transfer me to the capital, I went with my best friend Gauche. But...

Gauche has been missing for years now and his position as a letter bee was resigned... I'm determined to find him. But... I'm not sure where I am right now...

Clyde groaned as he rested his head on my shoulder. Clyde is a young boy of about 12 years old. He has short white albino hair, wears a Blue t-shirt and black pants. On his head he had a black hat, which he uses to hide elf like ears. I bet you're wondering elf like ears? Well a long story short he's the last white Balverine. Which is sort of like the king of all were-wolfs. While he appears to look human, he isn't. From tests that an old friend of mine ran, someone has messed with Clyde DNA. They mixed different parts of animals into him to try and create something far better than a normal human. I told the doctor that did the test to keep it to himself since I promise Clyde I would keep him safe from the first day I met yet. 6 Years later, I have yet to break my promise to him.

Placing a hand on Clyde's head, I rested on a big rock studying my reflection on a puddle. I looked at my silver eyes and short-ish black hair for a few seconds before I took out a map and wonder were the hell we were.

"Rinny? Can you carry me?" he asked after a while. I couldn't blame him for asking, we have been traveling for almost a hold day now. I was tired too but we had to make it to Yuusari before nightfall. I put my arms around his waist and picked him up. He immediately wrap his arms around my neck and rested his head on my shoulder, it wasn't long before I heard some light snoring. Smiling, I picked a direction and continued to walk, hoping I was going the right way.