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Somewhere out there, there is a very strange place. The sky is not blue, the birds never sing, and light only comes from the flame of a candle. A different dimension perhaps, or maybe just a dream in someone's mind? Even the girl who created this world does not quite know what it is.

It is a beautiful place, in its own odd way. It is a field of flowers. There are so many of them that this place gives the appearance of having more flowers than grass. The entire field is surrounded by trees with fascinating pink blossoms. It would take hours to walk past all of them. Beyond that is nothing. Go to where the trees end and a man will see nothing. There are no words to describe this nothing. It is not a black void because, you see, a black void is something. It is just nothing. This is not of story of that nothingness behind those trees though, so let us return to the field of flowers. No matter how weird or unpleasant a flower can be, in this field it just belongs. All kinds of flowers are here, even if it does not make any sense. Beautiful flowers grow next to ugly ones. Small next to large. It all somehow fits together perfectly. There are roses, hydrangea, bluebells, and so much more. Even weeds are welcome here. This entire place is a wonderland and the sky completes the picture. The sky above all of this is an odd sight. It's like nothing any man has see in our world. It twists and turns; portions of it disappear and leave that nothingness where the sky used to be, only for it to be replaced with new sky. It's a weave of dark colors and colors that don't exist.

This place is hardly ever disturbed. Only one person has ever come here. A human. No matter how much she hates it, she is a person like everyone else, albeit a bit special. The funny thing is, the only reason she comes to this dream-like world at all is because she is human, with human feelings.

She, surrounded by all the flowers, sits in the center of the field.

"He loves me. He loves me not. He loves me. He loves me not." Her sweet angelic voice cut through the silence of this strange place as she plucked the petals from a particularly attractive flower. The pretty girl was a child. From the flickering light of the candles floating around everywhere you could see that she had pale skin and spiky bluish hair. She wore a simply white dress; no shoes, socks, or accessories. The picture of innocence. But this is no angel. She is a Noah, a murderer. What is often forgotten because of this is that she is still human. A super human, but a human nonetheless.

And like any human could, she was falling in love.

"He loves me," she paused before pulling off the last petal. "He loves me not." The look of indifference on her face didn't change. She thought of nothing while she did this. She just reached out her hand and plucked another flower.

"He loves me. He loves me not. He loves me. He loves me not." Delicate little petals fell on top of the growing pile of flower parts in front of the girl. All around her was nothing but dirt. She had been plucking flowers and tearing them apart for quite some time now.

"He loves me not," she said as she plucked off the last petal of the blue flower she was holding.

She couldn't just reach out for a flower anymore; she had to get up a little to get more because she had destroyed all the ones around her already. As she stretched out her little body to try to grab another flower, a gentle wind blew. It scattered the petals in front of her across the dirt. She plucked another flower while she looked at the name the petals spelled out. It was his name. The name of the boy she was falling in love with.

Allen Walker.

The girl stared at the petals forming the name for a moment. She thought of the boy that that name belonged to. She remembered meeting him for the first time, stabbing his eye, kissing him, watching him stab her beloved uncle. All this went through her mind in that one moment. Then she went back to pulling the petals off of flowers.

"He loves me. He loves me not. He loves me. He loves me not." Again and again and again she repeated this action of picking the petals off one by one and every time, every single time, she finished dismantling a flower, the fragile petals that she had ripped from the thing whispered to her, "He loves you not."

She sighed as she came to the last flower in the field. It was a pretty little thing with lots of petals. She looked around the field that she had just destroyed. Petals and stems were everywhere. There was so much- you couldn't see the dirt beneath them. She sat down on the soft petals. She must have been there a long time to have plucked every flower. Her family will probably be wondering where she is. The girl found that she didn't care. She just had to finish this. She just had to finish plucking the petals off of this last flower. Then she could leave.

She began to pull the petals off of the flower. She did this deliberately slowly.

"He loves me." She began to think of the boy who was always stuck on her mind. He was so different from everybody else. Snow white hair. A red scar with a pentacle. His love of both humans and Akuma. His desire to just kill the Noah memory, not the human. He was both an exorcist and a Noah. He could see the souls of Akuma. She loved how different he was from other humans.

"He loves me not." She thought about their first fight. It was in that rewinding town. She had skipped school to come see this Allen Walker that the Earl had talked about. She remembered telling him something that she did not even believe. We are the true apostles chosen by God. She remembered telling him that she was human, something that she hated (you see, she was better than those lowlifes). Why are you angry? You don't believe that I'm human? She remembers hugging him. Warm, aren't I? Isn't this what it feels like to touch another human? Then she brought his arm down to attack herself. Then she had stabbed his eye... I don't think anything of killing these insignificant humans. I just hate this world, full of worthless beings. You should all just die and go away. But not him. Allen was different. He had gotten so angry when the Akuma's soul was lost. He cried. He hated her then. He hated her for destroying that soul, but he still did not shoot. All because she was a human. You're so nice, Allen.She hadn't liked him yet. She was just interested in him. The tiniest shadow of a smile formed on her lips. "How funny," she thought, "that that was how it all started."

"He loves me." Ever since that first battle she began thinking about him. He would come into her mind at the most unexpected moments. She would be bothering her uncle to play with her. She would throw the doll in her hand at him and she would be reminded of that exorcist girl she had dressed up. That would remind her of the boy. Then he would just be stuck there. The more she thought about him, the more she wanted to see him. Whenever she thought of him, she got this strange feeling around where her heart was. Unbeknownst to her, the boy had become the girl's crush.

"He loves me not." She remembered the time she found out that her uncle had killed the boy. Her reaction confused her. She felt... sad? She didn't understand how this one human, an exorcist no less, could have found a way to at least a little piece of her heart so easily. It irritated her, but she continued to be her happy normal self. Yet no matter how much she tried to stop thinking about him, he just wouldn't leave. Eventually she just accepted the fact that she was liking an exorcist as more than just a doll, especially after she realized how happy she was when she heard that he had survived her uncle's attack. After all (this thought made that little ghost of a smile on her lips widen a little), he was pretty cute.

"He loves me." One moment in the old ark is one of her favorites memories: the time she kissed Allen. Even her uncle was surprised. She had never kissed anyone but the Earl. That made her relative and, surprisingly, herself realize just how much she had begun to like the boy. She found that she did not care at all. She just laughed when she remembered her uncle's expression. Road, what are you...? Do you like that boy that much? Allen made her happy. He, an exorcist, would smile at her, a Noah. Now if she could just find a way that a love between two enemies could work.

"He loves me not." Her smile went away and her laugh died as she began a new train of thought. That boy is making everything difficult for her and her family. She should hate him for what he's been doing to them and, in a way, she does. He is making it harder for them to just do what the Earl says without questioning him. He is making the human side of them come out more. He is especially affecting her poor uncle. Her relative has always liked humans. Allen is making it more difficult than it already is for him. When Allen was preparing to stab him again... It's alright.That's what he said. But it's not! It's not alright! Allen has no right to mess with them like this. He's making the Earl depressed because of the 14th, confusing her uncle, and making a girl sit for who-knows-how-long in a field of flowers picking their petals off.

"He loves me." Yet she still loves him. She sighed and her anger slowly disappeared. It's not his fault he's so nice and just trying to do the right thing. She frowned a little when she thought about what he is doing right now. He's on the run from everyone, all because he wants to do what he thinks is right while being stuck with a Noah in him. It is ridiculous that this girl, his enemy, can see that he is on the Order's side while his own "friends" can't even see that.

She looked at the flower in her hand. Only a few petals left.

"He loves me not. He loves me. He loves me not. He loves me. He love-"

She stared at the flower as she stopped reaching for the petal she was about to pull off. There were only two little red petals left. They seemed to be staring at her, imploring her to finish ridding the flower of its petals.

"He loves me not," she whispered as she pulled off a petal.

"He loves me."

And the last petal was blown away in the gentle wind.

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