Artemis POV:

The car ride to the lake was fun. There was a lot of laughing and joking around. Most of us sat in the truck bed, even Aphrodite. I spent most of the ride watching John, though. There is just something about him. He's sweet, kind, modest, and he might seem like he's showing off but he's just doing it for fun. But there is just something about him, something in his eyes, and I can't put my finger on it. And I need to figure it out.

Time Lapse, The Lake:

The lake is truly beautiful. It's big, very big, and the way is a sea-green color. There are trees all around, the grass is as green as it is on Olympus. There are two particularly large trees, one with a twisted trunk and roots, and branches reaching for the sky with bright green leaves and surrounded by beautiful wildflowers, and the other is a little shorter than the one surrounded by flowers, but its trunk and roots are just as twisted. This tree is on a little cliff that is right above the lake and has a rope swing attached so you can swing into the water.

"Wow…" I murmured in awe.

John smiled down at me.

"Beautiful, right?" he asked with a grin.

I just nodded.

He smiled down at me.

"Did you remember to bring a swimsuit?" he asked.

"Shit, I didn't!" I exclaimed.

He laughed, and I noticed how his eyes lit up. It was beautiful.

"Just flash one on underneath your clothes, it''s be as if you were wearing them the whole time." he whispered in my ear.

I shivered slightly at the feeling of his cool breathing in my ear.

Get it together, Artemis!

"Thanks, John. I'm gonna go do that." I said with a small smile.

John nodded, and I turned to walk away when I saw Aphrodite and Persephone running towards me in bikinis, Aphrodite in a pink one and Persephone in a green and black swirl one.

"Watcha doing?"Aphrodite asked as she walked next to me.

"Um, nothing, about to change…" I said.

Persephone smirked.

"Let me guess, a silver one piece?" she asked.

I nodded slowly.

"Um…yes?" I asked.

They both nodded slowly.

"Okay then…" I said and walked towards a tree.

I flashed a swimsuit on and when I looked down, my jaw dropped.

I was wearing a silver two piece.

I tried flashing into a different swimsuit, but every time it was just a silver bikini that was even more revealing than the first. At one point, it went back to the original bikini and I didn't try to change it in case the cycle started again. I flashed a baggy shirt on top and stomped out from behind the tree.


They both giggled and ran away.

Oh Chaos, those girls are dead. I was about to chase them, but somebody called my name.

"Artemis, come over here!" John called from the top of the hill with the rope swing.

I had to stop my jaw from dropping because his body was drop-dead gorgeous. Even I'm admitting that, and I'm a maiden goddess!

I walked over to John and he grinned at me, pulling me close to him.

"Hang on tight." he whispered.

Everybody was watching us, and a blush was a on my cheeks, but I still tried to act angry.

"John, don't you dare!" I exclaimed.

"Don't I dare what?" he asked.

"You know what!" I said, glaring at him.

He smirked.

"No, I don't." he said, and that's when he launched us off of the cliff into the water.

"John!" I screeched, holding on to him tighter.

"WOO HOO!" he exclaimed, smiling at me.

I couldn't help but smile back at him.

But that was also the moment we hit the water.

"John!" I screamed as I surfaced and stomped to the shore, where John was rolling on the floor, laughing.

"Y-yes?" he asked, trying to calm down his laughter.

"You are SO dead!" I screamed at him.

He gulped.

"Can I get a head start?" he asked.

"Five." I started counting.

He didn't get the hint.

"Four." I said, warning evident in my voice.

He seemed to be coming to a slow realization. The others were laughing at him now.


He finally realized that he only had two seconds left, and his eyes were wide.


He took off running.

"ONE!" I screamed and ran after him, the deafening laughter of his friends now behind us.

I chased him to the other side of the lake when he disappeared.

"John?" I called out warily.

No answer.

"John?" I called again, a little worried.

Suddenly, I was tackled to the ground. Before I could even process what I was doing, I kneed my offender in the balls.

"Owwww…." John groaned as he rolled on the floor, clutching his manhood.

"That's what you get for sneaking up on me!" I hissed as I crouched down next to him.

"Remind me….to never….mess…with you…again." John said between gasps.

I smirked and ran my fingers through his hair.

"I…need to tell you…something." he said a few minutes later, wheezing now.

"Yeah?" I questioned, curious to finally find out something about him.

"First, promise you won't get mad." he said, finally able to control his breathing.

"I promise." I said, still running my fingers through his hair.

"I lied." he said simply.

My hand froze in his hair.

"About what?" I asked, slowly retracting my hand.

"I knew Percy." he said.

I froze.

"Y-you knew Percy?" I asked, slowly becoming furious.

"Before you kill me, remember that you promised not to get mad, and let me explain." he said in a rush.

I slowly nodded and sat up, bringing my knees to my chest and wrapping my arms around them.

"Okay, now you probably already know who my father is." John said, sneering when he said father.

I snorted.

"As if it wasn't obvious, you're his spitting image. Pos-"

"Don't say his name!" John said harshly, effectively cutting me off.

Immediately, I shut my mouth.

"Anyway, besides our shared father, we shared another parent, to a degree. When I was a baby, my biological mom left me in a box on a street corner. Grew up raised by a couple of bums until I was five, lived on my own in the streets when I was seven. That's when Sally took me in. Sally adopted me. I grew up with Percy, Sally and Percy kept me protected from the world of the gods when Percy found out. Percy taught me how to use a sword in secret, though. So, when I was seventeen, almost eighteen, my mom and Paul drowned. I wasn't with them. I was at home, it was their day out. That was the day I found out my girlfriend cheated on me. Anyways, when I was at home, Percy came. He told me everything, who our father was, how the asshole abandoned him, all his friends forgot him, and his girlfriend cheated on him. We took off, headed for Mount Tam since we heard some rumors that Atlas was escaping, whooped Atlas' ass. But Percy died. He left me his sword, pictures, and camp necklace. I went down to LA, stayed there for a little while, then ended up here. And here we are now." John explained, finishing with a bittersweet smile.

I stayed silent for a moment, but then I got on my knees and crawled to John, hugging him.

"I'm sorry," I murmured as I stroked his hair.

He slowly wrapped his arms around me and held me close.

"He loved you…" he whispered.

My breath caught.

"I loved him." I said simply.

"I know."

We just stayed silent for a minute, just holding each other.

And that, ladies and gents, was when I realized I was falling for John Smith.

Hey everybody, I hope you liked the chapter! So, you all just found out John's back story, and in the next chapter you will find out how Percy came up with John. Thank you for reading! Until next time! ~NikiD1233