Chapter 7

Our footsteps echoed quietly as we walked to Loki's containment center. I noticed a hard glint in Bruce's eyes as he looked at it. Hesitantly, though unsure why, I placed a hand on his arm, just a light touch. The effect was immediate. He tensed and looked down, confused, and I smiled encouragingly. Slowly, he relaxed, his brown eyes locked with my blue ones.

Inside the cage, Loki paced around and around. Grinning evilly, I plopped down right in front of the door and stared at him, chin propped on my hands. He caught sight of me and walked forward, glaring.

"You stupid mortal," he spat. "You inferior worm!" I laughed, and he looked taken aback. A second later, his glare returned ten-fold. "You dare laugh?" he hissed.

"Who's in the cage, Loki?" I scoffed, tossing a bit of popcorn from my nightie's pocket at the glass. "Me? No. That's right, it's you." Sighing heavily, I reached my arms behind me and leaned back on them. My arm brushed Bruce's pants leg, and for some reason, I blushed.

"You will pay for this, mortals," Loki ranted. I rolled my eyes and stood.

"This isn't nearly as fun as I thought it would be. Shoot," I muttered. "Bruce, maybe we should leave. I think I could sleep, now that I've made sure Loki is fuming; and he's boring me." Absently, I reached for Bruce's hand.

"Puny mortals, you think you can keep me here? I will escape, and bring misery to everyone who dares oppose me. Starting with you, Miss Melanie," Loki said darkly, voice oddly hushed. Which just made it all the more creepy. I shook off the bad feeling he gave me, and took Bruce's hand. It closed around mine, warm and comforting, and a rush of warmth shot through me.

"Whatever, Frosty," I retorted, turned on my heel, and flounced off, Bruce following closely, hand still clasped in mine. We went back to the computer room and sat down, looking at our entwined hands before locking gazes. Bruce's brown eyes were soft, and I smiled gently, giving his hand a squeeze. "Sorry about making you take me there. It couldn't have been pleasant for you."

"It's alright," he mumbled. We sat in silence for a moment. "What made you take my hand?" he blurted out. I looked at him, thinking.

"I don't know. Maybe it was my mind telling me to trust you." I could see he wanted to protest, but I shushed him. "I know you don't like having people close to you, because of the other guy. But I think, if someone is brave, or crazy, enough to want to be close to you despite the threat, maybe you should let them." While he thought that over, I stood, kissed his cheek, slipped my hand from his, and walked to the door. I turned back, to catch his eyes with mine. "Just, think about it, will you?"

And then I left.

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