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Chapter 1

Tony DiNozzo was nearly bowled over by the screaming teenage girl. "Help him! Please! He's gonna kill him!" she cried. "He saved me and now he's gonna die!"

Tony grabbed her. "Where?" he asked, knowing exactly who was getting killed. The girl pointed down the hallway and Tony told her, "Go up those stairs. There are people there that will help you. Then tell them where I am." The girl did as she was told and Tony quickly moved in the direction that she had indicated.

It didn't take long to hear the sound of a fight. Rushing into the room, he saw Corporal Eddie Lee beating the crap out of Tony's teammate Tim McGee. Without hesitation, Tony rushed in and grabbed the corporal in a choke hold, taking him down to the floor. The man struggled, slamming his head backwards and hitting Tony between the eyes, but Tony held on. Unable to breath, the man finally relaxed into unconsciousness. Warily releasing him, Tony got up to check on Tim who was lying unnaturally still.

Tony winced as he saw Tim's face. Blood flowed from a cut above the younger man's swollen left eye and his jaw didn't look much better. Hearing familiar voices in the hall, he called out, "We need Ducky in here! Tim's hurt."

At the sound of Tony's voice, Tim opened his eyes (the right one anyway) and groaned. "Wh-what happened? Is the girl okay?"

"She's fine, Tim. You did good. You saved her," Tony answered softly. "Now just lie still until Ducky checks you out."

"What's wrong with my eye? Why can't I open it?"

"It's swollen shut and kind of red right now. By tomorrow you're gonna have a pretty spectacular black eye."

"Quite right, dear boy," said Dr. Donald "Ducky" Mallard as he entered the room. "Oh, Timothy – it appears you are also going to have a few stitches to go along with your black eye. Now let's see what other damage has been done."

Tony stepped to the side to allow Ducky access to Tim. Seeing that the Corporal Lee was beginning to stir, Tony took out his handcuffs and secured the man before he could fully awaken. Gibbs entered the room and took a look around. Seeing that the scene was secure, he asked, "How is he, Duck?"

"Timothy will be fine, Jethro," answered Ducky. "It actually looks worse that than it is. He still needs to go to the ER just to make sure, but I don't anticipate any problems. Come on, Timothy. Let's get you to the ambulance. Mr. Palmer, if you could help me please."

As Ducky and Palmer assisted a groggy McGee to the ambulance, Tony pulled Corporal Lee to his feet, preparing to take him to the car. "Looks like the Probie got in a few shots of his own," Tony said. "That split lip looks like it hurts pretty bad. C'mon asshole."

"Tony." Gibbs spoke his name softly but Tony froze nonetheless. "What happened to your head?"

Tony frowned and looked at Gibbs in confusion. When Gibbs pointed to his own forehead, Tony reached up to touch the knot that was forming between his eyes. "Ow! I forgot about that. How bad is it?"

"Get Ducky to check it out when you take Lee upstairs. I mean it. I will ask Ducky so you better let him look at it."

Grumbling, Tony pushed Lee ahead of him, handing him off to Agent Rodriguez for the trip back to NCIS for processing. Looking around he saw Ducky talking to the EMTs who had McGee strapped to a gurney. He walked over and asked, "Is he okay, Ducky? He looks like crap."

"Like I told Jethro earlier, Timothy will be fine," Ducky answered then frowned as he looked at Tony. "And what have you done to yourself, Anthony?" He gently touched the lump on Tony's forehead then spoke to the EMTs. "I have another customer for you."

"Oh, come on, Ducky. I'm not dizzy, no blurred vision and I'm not nauseous. I just need an ice pack and I'll be fine," Tony argued. "Besides, with McHero here out of commission and Ziva taking care of the girl, Gibbs will need me here at the scene."

"You are going to the hospital, Anthony. As you say, you are probably just fine. But the number of concussions that you have suffered in the past makes me want to err on the side of caution. Gibbs will be just fine – Agent Balboa's team is here as well and I am sure that they can process the scene without you. Besides, someone needs to ride in with Timothy so we might as well kill two birds with one stone. Up you go." Knowing that he wasn't going to avoid the trip to the hospital, Tony climbed into the back of the ambulance and sat on the bench. He allowed the EMT to look at his forehead, gratefully accepting the ice pack when it was offered.

Several hours later, after interminable poking and prodding, both Tim and Tony were released. Tony called Gibbs and then the two agents took a cab to the Navy Yard. They entered the bullpen, Tony supporting a still shaky McGee, to find Gibbs and Abby waiting for them. Abby ran towards Tim, intending to wrap him in a hug, when Tony cautioned, "Easy, Abby. He needs a gentle touch. Plus I think the painkillers are starting to wear off."

A more subdued Abby gently took Tim's arm and led him to his desk. She lightly grasped his chin, viewing the bruising to his jaw and the swollen eye. She placed a soft kiss on the bandage covering the seven stitches above his eye and said, "You are going home with me tonight, Timmy. I'm going to take care of you. Oh, your poor eye."

Tim started to protest but Tony interrupted. "Just run with it, Probie. You're the hero of the day. You saved one girl and get to go home with another one. And Tim, I said it before and I'll say it again – you did good, really good." He grinned as Tim acquiesced and allowed Abby to lead him away. "He needs to ice his eye and jaw, 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off. Make sure he does it. And his pain meds are in his pocket," Tony called as they left. He then looked at Gibbs and asked, "Is the girl okay, Boss?"

"She's fine, DiNozzo," answered Gibbs. "Her parents picked her up a little while ago. Lee's already been processed. It's all over but the paperwork."

Tony groaned. "Of course. The paperwork. Oh well, better get started." He sat down at his desk but before he could turn on his computer, Gibbs stopped him.

"Not tonight, DiNozzo. McGee's not the only one who needs to go home and rest." Before Tony could interrupt, Gibbs continued. "Ducky talked to the ER doctor, Tony. Don't say a word unless it's 'yes, Boss.'"

"Yes, Boss." Tony knew better than to argue and grabbed his backpack. "Guess I can go home then."

"Guess again. You're not driving. You can stay with me or I can stay with you. You decide."

"My place," sighed Tony. "At least I can watch TV." Resigned, he followed Gibbs into the elevator.