8th of April 1999

''flash back''

I ran and ran quickly in order to get away from the cops that were chasing me, but after at least half an hour running I found myself at a dead end. I looked right and left hoping to find a way out of the mess I was in, but unfortunately there was no hope. As I began to burst into tears I soon heard footsteps coming towards me, I quickly looked up only to find my enemy . she smirked at me and got a gun out of her pocket and said, '' you can't run away anymore say goodbye to your life '' and with just one click I fell on the ground and my breathing began to slow down as I looked up in the sky, I saw a dark figure laughing at me and saying, '' see you soon''.

Present day 1st of July, 2013

I stood there beside the window of the house I was stuck in, hoping to find any family wanting to buy it. I sighed as I found out how ridiculous I was. I mean for the past 13 years no one entered foot in that house, and for the past 13 years I was stuck in that abandoned house, why? Because an evil witch had put my soul in it and she said that she will never free it until a girl can fall in love with me, I feel like I'm in the movie "Beauty and the Beast" but the only difference is that no one can see me, why? Because I'm a ghost. If that witch wanted to watch a realistic love story she could have at least made me visible

Hi, my name is Gunther Hessenheffer and this is the story of how I am trying to find my true love.