Cece: Gunther wake up

Gunther: what happened and why does my head heart so much?

Cece: you are no longer a ghost Gunther

Gunther: what? But that means that you really did admit of loving me

Cece: yes I did

Gunther: I love you to Cecelia. And now I'm going to take revenge on Kashlack and Frankie for hurting you

Cece: no don't Gunther all I need from you is a hug that's it

Gunther: (hugs cece)

Gunther's pov

I hugged my one and only love tight and I could feel butterflies in my stomach she looked at me with her big brown eyes and I could see all the sadness in them I don't care what cece said because once I see those bastards Frankie and Kashlack I will kill them with my bare hands .

End of pov

(ding dong)

Cece: I'll get it

Gunther: no don't it's Frankie

Cece: how do you know?

Gunther: hello I'm a wizard

Cece: ya I keep forgetting

Gunther: *kisses cece* you're so cute do you know that

Cece: *blushes*

(Doorbell rings again)

Cece: Gunther I have to answer the door I can't keep ignoring him I have to face him

Gunther: well I will be right by your side

Cece: thank you

Frankie's pov

I went to see cece because I heard about her parents death so I rang the doorbell many times until she finally opened I smiled when I saw her but my smile soon faded away when I saw HIM

End of pov

Frankie: who is this?

Cece: that is none of your concern

Frankie: yes it is! Didn't you die 13 years ago

Gunther: how do you know that?

Frankie: I know everything about everyone

Cece: Frankie look you have to leave

Frankie: what! Why?

Cece: Frankie let me make things clear for you I don't love you ok?

Frankie: what about the kiss?

Cece: look I admit I felt something when we kissed but it disappeared once I met Gunther and once I knew what kind of a guy you are

Frankie: cece I said I will change

Gunther: Frankie leave now or else

Frankie: or else what

Gunther: or else this *punches Frankie*

Cece's pov

Gunther and Frankie started to fight I tried to stop them but neither of them listened to me.

Frankie was stronger so I decided to help Gunther defeat that jerk I jumped on Frankie's back and pulled him away from Gunther I pinned Frankie on the ground and helped Gunther to get up and when I looked back Frankie was gone

End of pov

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