Mimi slowly walked towards the huge black castle in the distance. She looked down at the small piece of paper she had in her hand and then back at the castle.

Yep, this was the right place, this was Castle Bleck.

Mimi stared at the dark castle. It was a strange looking place, in a strange, dark dimension, or wherever she was. Hell, a part of her wasn't sure how she got here! Hopefully, there will be an explanation inside.

After all, the letter didn't explain much.

But it did promise one thing, one thing that got her attention enough to come here.

Mimi then walked up to the front door. She knocked on it, not sure what to do. She waited for a few minutes, very impatient to find out what this was all about. Finally, not being able to take it, Mimi opened the door, groaning a bit on how heavy it was.

The inside was just as dark as it was outside. Unlike most dimensions, everything was outlined in white while it was colored in black. The only thing that had any color was Mimi herself and another woman walking towards her. The strange woman shifted up her glasses, studying Mimi carefully.

"Welcome to Castle Bleck," she said in a very professional voice. "I assume you've gotten an invitation."

"I guess," Mimi replied showing her the piece of paper. "All it said was, 'If you hate your current dimension and life, come to Castle Bleck where Count Bleck can solve all of your problems! To get to Castle Bleck, find the big, pure black door and go to the first castle you see. Everything will be explained when you get here.'"

Mimi narrowed her eyes.

"I am going to get an explanation, right?"

The woman nodded, writing a few things on her clipboard.

"That is correct. Now, before we continue, can you tell me your name?"

"My name is Mimi."

She wrote her name on the clipboard.

"K, Mimi. My name is Nastasia, Count Bleck's assistant and Second in Command, sort of speak."

"'Second in Command?'"

Mimi gave Nastasia a blank look.

Nastasia nodded, not even bothering to make eye contact.

"Yes, again, everything will be explained soon. But we are waiting for a few more people to show up. You are only the second person to arrive, you know. Just go into the room over there while we wait for the others, k?"

She pointed to the door on the far left.

Having little choice, Mimi made her way to the door. She sighed.

What did she get herself into?

Who knows, this may not be so bad, she said to herself to keep calm. There may be a lot of rubies and hot guys. After all, this is a castle... There are bound to be handsome, rich men here!

And that fantasy was destroyed completely as she saw that the only person that was in the room was a large, unattractive man. He was sitting in the corner of the room, staring into space as he picked his chin hairs.

Mimi's eye twitched.

The other guy noticed her at the door. He gave a huge smile as he said in a thick Scottish accent, "Well, hello there lassie! Nice to see someone else got a note as well!"

Mimi sat in a chair a little ways from him, as if trying to establish boundaries.

"My name is O'Chunks," the large man said not getting the idea that Mimi wanted to be alone. "I've been here for awhile now, all alone. It's nice to finally to have some company! I've been beginning to think I was the only one coming here."

Mimi rolled her eyes but said nothing.

There was an awkward silence.

"What's your name, lassie?"


O'Chunks smiled. "Glad to meet you, Mimi! I'm sure we will work well together!"

Mimi glared at him.

"That is, if we ever figure out what we are doing. All I have to say is I better get a lot of rubies out of this!"

"Me too, lassie, me too."

Mimi and O'Chunks then sat in silence, waiting for what seemed like forever for something to happen.

All ready, I regret coming here!

Suddenly, the door opened and Nastasia walked in.

"Sorry you all had to wait so long," she said. "But apparently the others aren't going to show up. So, we'll have to move on."

"Finally!" Mimi exclaimed tiredness in her voice. "I've been dying of boredom for the last hour! I believe I deserve an explanation!"

Nastasia narrowed her eyes.

"Alright, I can see you two are anxious. Now, what would you like to know first?"

"Uh...how about telling me why you sent that invitation?" Mimi demanded. "What with this 'dimension talk?' Who the hell are you people?"

Nastasia blinked. "Are you done being rude? Yeah, it's not appreciated here."

Mimi growled, clutching her fists together.

Nastasia smiled slightly, amused by her anger.

"Anyway, to answer your questions. One, Count Bleck sent that invitation to you, Mimi and O'Chunks, because he requires your assistance."

"Assistance in what?" O'Chunks asked.

"That I will answer soon," Nastasia answered. "Two, you are all from different dimensions. You've been called to this dimension because the count believes you can help him. When you talk to the count yourselves, he can explain it to you better than I can."

Mimi and O'Chunks held their blank expression.

"Third, Count Bleck is the master of this castle, I, Nastasia, is his assistant. We are-"

Suddenly, a dark figure appeared inside the room. Nastasia, Mimi, and O'Chunks watched as the figure gained formed.

It was a man wearing a yellow and purple poncho and jester's hat. He wore mask to cover his face, half black and half white, his yellow eye shinning beneath it while his gray eye blended in to the darkness. The mysterious man smiled at them.

"Ciao," he said in an Italian accent. "I apologize if I am interrupting something. I got lost on the way here. You have no idea how hard it was to find this dimension."

Mimi's eyes widened as the mysterious man levitated down to their level. Nastasia turned to the new comer, looking as if she expected something like this to happen.

"Okay...can you give me your invitation and tell me your name?"

The mysterious man gave her a paper similar to the one Mimi had.

"I am Dimentio, master of dimensions and pleaser of crowds."

He gave a small bow.

"Pleased to meet you all."

Mimi blushed a bit.

"Names O'Chunks!" O'Chunks said shaking Dimentio's hand. "And this is Mimi!"

Mimi waved. "Hi."

Dimentio gave a small nod in reply.

"Well, now that everyone is acquainted, I will explain why you were all brought here."

Everyone turned to Nastasia.

"The best way to explain this is to let you know that Count Bleck is an idealist. As you've all experienced, the worlds of today can be a very cruel and horrible place, am I wrong?"

"Oh yes, quite right!" Dimentio commented. "I agree with every word."

O'Chunks nodded in reply.

Mimi didn't say anything, but the look in her eyes said she agreed. However, she didn't pay too much attention to Nastasia.

She was too busy studying Dimentio.

"I see, then this should be easy to explain. What the count wants you to do is help him to destroy the current dimensions now, so that a new, more perfect one, can be created in its place. If you help him with this, he will in return help you create a dimension under your vision. Your own perfect world, where you are the god. No limitations, no enemies, and above all, no more suffering and pain. So, what do you say?"

Mimi, Dimentio, and O'Chunks eyes glowed with interest. Mimi smiled to herself. This did seem like a good deal. And with a good looking guy around...

Yeah, this may be worth her while.

"I'm in," Dimentio said right away. "I would like to meet this Count Bleck at his early convenience!"

"I'll join as well," Mimi added her eyes on Dimentio. "I've got nothing better to do anyway."

"Count me in too, Nastasia, was it?"

Nastasia nodded and wrote something on her clipboard.

"Very good. The count will be pleased to hear this. Now, before we do anything else, do you three have any other questions?"

No one answered.

"Very well. I'll go give the count the news. While you three are working for us, you will be living in the castle. We've provided rooms for all of you, so here is the keys to your rooms."

Nastasia handed each of them a card. Mimi looked down at it.

Third floor, last room on your right, it read.

"You are free to go anywhere in the castle," Nastasia continued. "Dinner will be held at seven tonight, which Count Bleck will introduce himself. The dining room is on this floor, so it shouldn't be hard to find. Remember, don't be late. Now, without further things to explain, I'll see you all at dinner, k?"

She wrote one last thing down and teleported away, leaving Mimi, O'Chunks, and Dimentio to themselves.