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High School Mermaid

Chapter 1: Popularity


This is for sure the worst first day ever. Ariel has been picked on by the most popular girl at this school. Vanessa Hodges the captain cheerleader. She thought she owned everything so when I went to go sit down boom. She was there to put me down. Even though Ariel is part of the choir and the best singer she till has to try and beet me at it. And then she found out she had a crush on the schools football quarterback Eric Prince and moved in on him. Ariel is so unpopular that he wouldn't even notice her. She was in the choir room right now and she feels like singing. Singeing was always a calm way for Ariel to relax. She took in some breaths and let out her voice.

" hey hey, you you, I don't like your girlfriend, no way, no way, I think you need a new one hey hey, you you, I could be your girlfriend hey hey, you you, I know that you like me no way, no way, you know it's not a secret hey hey, you you, I want to be your girlfriend."

That's when a noise was heard from the door. It made Ariel stop singing and run out of there as fast as she could. Someone was listening to her. She didn't know why it was making her feel nervous. It was probably because of the fact that she didn't know anyone was still at the school. Oh I hope they didn't see me. Ariel had finally made it home and she was beet tired. Dinner was ready and all of her sisters were sitting at the table with her dad. King Triton was a public figure in this country. But everyone didn't know about Ariel being his daughter. She wanted to be known for her talent not her dad.

"Hello everyone I am home." Ariel spoke with a smile.

"Ariel! Where have you been? It is late and dinner is ready. I was worried sick about you." Triton said with worry and anger.

"Dad I was at the school choir room getting my things. I also sang a little I am sorry I'm late."

"Its ok just joins us for dinner." Triton was more relieved seeing his youngest daughter.

Ariel had finished dinner and went to take a bath. This had relaxed her and she tried to figure out who was listening to her sing. She ran out so fast that she didn't look back to see who it was. Oh boy Sebastian is going to love hearing this. He would probably yell at me for acting like such a child. I mean I sing in front of a lot of people. It is just different when you don't know someone is listening. After the bath Ariel when to the computer in her room and turned it on. That when the chat opened and Substation Crab was online.

Chat room conversation:

Mermaid Adventure: Sebastian I will be right back I have to get dressed just got out of the shower.

Sebastian Crab: Ok my dear

Well here it goes. I wonder why flounder is not on. Well it is late he is probably in bed. After getting dressed she went back to the computer.

Mermaid Adventure: ok well you won't believe what happened to day Sebastian.

Sebastian Crab: what happened? Was it something bad? If so you should tell you dad.

Mermaid Adventure: it was not bad just Vanessa being her cheerleader self. But she did take the guy of my dreams from me. And while I was singing about it in the choir room someone was listening and I ran out of the room without looking to see who it was.

Sebastian Crab: ha-ha dear that is so funny. You didn't need to run. You sing to thousands of people in your choir class. But I can under stand why you ran. You were probably just surprised.

Mermaid Adventure: oh thank you Sebastian I new you would understand. But I have to go to bed now otherwise my dad will get upset. Goodnight Sebastian.

Sebastian Crab: goodnight my dear. I will see you tomorrow.

That's true Sebastian was a theater actor at our school. He always wanted to become the greatest actor of all times. He was also a lot older then me. He had only one more left of high school then he was off to college and the only way we would be able to chat would be online. This year has to be good for me. I have to try and stand out more. And when the talent show comes I will.


Eric was walking in the hall way from football practice it ran late and he was the last one out. He knew Vanessa was waiting and he didn't really feel like seeing her so he stayed late. As he was walking he hared a song coming from the choir room. 'Who would be here this late and singing? He walked to the door and leaned on the door. That when he heard the lyrics.

" hey hey, you you, I don't like your girlfriend, no way, no way, I think you need a new one hey hey, you you, I could be your girlfriend hey hey, you you, I know that you like me no way, no way, you know it's not a secret hey hey, you you, I want to be your girlfriend."

It was an angel's voice coming from the room. Eric pushed the door open a little more not knowing there where boxes stacked in front it. As they fell to the floor the figure turned around and then ran for the other door. Eric tried to run after her but was unable to find her. 'Just who was that?' he felt as though he was in love. And he wanted to find this girl and soon. Eric finally made it home and his butler Grimsby was waiting for him at the door.

"Eric it is so late and the girl Vanessa called twenty times wanting to talk to you. She says she is your girlfriend. Is this true? You finally found someone?" Grimsby asked with a worry but also a happy face.

"Sorry Grimsby she is my girlfriend but I am going to breakup with her. I don't like her I only said yes because she was pretty and being with the cheerleader made me look better. But I found the most amazing voice of a girl and I must find her." He spoke with such passion for this girl.

"Oh Eric. Please try and work things out with this girl. She seems ok and you just might not ever find this girl. There are probably thousands of girls that sing at that school."

"Oh but she is part of the choir so if I go to a consort I will for sure find the girl."

"Yes Eric now let's gets you to bed now. You have a football game tomorrow after school. And it is the homecoming game."

That was something Eric was looking forward to. The crowd clapping and cheering and just playing football. It was going to be a great day. After taking a shower Eric went to the bed and relaxed. 'I will find her and she will be my girlfriend. Something about her makes me feel like she is the one.' He then fell asleep dreaming of what this angel voice might look like.