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chapter 2

"Ahhhhhhh!" but my sound was muffled by the hand clamped over my mouth. i had to get away. i had to think fast. Kick. Thats what i need to do . So I threw my foot back and heeled his fuzzy wuzzy.

"OWWWW!" He screamed

He let my mouth go and released my body. i went to run but just couldnt get my body to move from my spot. I just stood there frozen in place. Thats when i seen it. It was a little sparkly and short. I had to get closer. So m legs moved without me even thinkng about it. I got over to the object and picked it up. What is this? i thought. I heard heavy footsteps behind me. i whipped around. There behind me was the guy, tall, dark, and dreamy.

"Ge...Get away from me." I yelled in his face.

"You know that is a pipe dont you." He said softly

"oh. I ugh.." i dropped the pipe to the ground

"You wanna try? I could teach you."

"N- ok." I smiled

He stuffed some green leaves in and lit it with a match.

"Now hold it up and stick this end in your mouth, like this." He stuck to his mouth

"Wheres my friend?"

"With Eric."


"Here try." He passes the pipe to me and I took it. I puffed atleast three times. I began to cough wildly.

"You only are supposed to puff one at a time and breathe the smoke out."


Thats when i realized I had to get out. I took off toward the door, but when I got there a big husky guy hit me with a baseball bat.

I woke up in a daze. Where am I? I thought. I had to find out. But before i could think anymore i fell back asleep. This time when woke up i saw light. I sat up and touched my head. blood. of course. I looked around I was in a cold basement with cement walls and floors. There was a single light. But there was nothing more in the room. I felt alone and abandoned. Wait. Wheres my friend? Wheres the boy at?

I had just turned around when a dark band covered my eyes and a dirty sock in my mouth.