Title: The Minister's Ward

Author: bertas

Date Written: 6/2009

Pairing: Severus / Harry

Rating: G

Word Count: 1360 (+or-)

Warnings: Slash, HP/SS nothing graphic - Fluff

Summary: AU Seventh year. Despite Harry being 17 the ministry feels he should have a new guardian. Actions must be taken to prevent the Minister from having total power over Harry.

Disclaimer: I don't own them and promise to put them back where I got them when I am done.

The Minister's Ward

"Headmaster." Harry acknowledged as he entered the old man's office. He then said, "I thought with Voldemort gone, we were done with these late night meetings." The young man smiled as he sat down and accepted the tea the other man offered.

"As did I, Harry, as did I." Dumbledore sighed, "Unfortunately, the Ministry is the problem this time. They feel I have too much influence over you and are trying to appoint a new guardian for you."

"Guardian!" Harry shouted appalled. "I'm already seventeen."

"True. However, I have been informed that the Minister himself has made the offer to be your foster parent." The twinkle in the man's eye was almost non-existent.

Harry shuddered. "Ugh!" He made a face as he set the tea aside. "What did…" he was interrupted by a knock and the door opening.

"Headmaster," Severus Snape said as he entered, "there are several people on their way up from the gate. At least six of them are wearing Auror robes." Harry noticed the odd inflection in the man's voice but was too worried to be too concerned about it.

Dumbledore sighed as he stood. "I am sorry my boy." He said as he made his way out the door.

Hanging his head as the old man left the room Harry didn't even summon the smile that Severus had not yet gotten used to receiving. He also missed the fear and uncertainty in Severus' face and stance.

Frowning, Severus questioned, "Mr. Potter, are you aware of the situation?"

Harry just nodded. He still didn't even look up at the man.

"Well!" Severus snapped, "Are you planning to enlighten me, or should I seek out Trelawney to divine the Headmaster's plan?"

Harry stood and glared. "I don't think he has one. The Minister apparently thinks that I am too incompetent or too stupid to be considered an adult and he is here to make me his ward or some such stupidity." He started pacing and snorted, "I hate this. 'Good job Harry, now hold still while we slap you back down.' Damn-it, I am supposed to be an adult; to be able to use my magic when I want; live on my own, provided I have enough money, which I do. To choose…"

Harry stopped before whirling around to face the other man. "Oh god," he moaned almost whispering, "he's going to try to marry me off to someone horrible."

Severus watched the boy rant and raised an eye brow at the boy's defeated tone. "That," he said softly, "would negate the need for a guardian, Mr. Potter."

Harry looked hopeful for all of two seconds, then his shoulders slumped as he mumbled, "That's not going to help." He finally looked at Severus and let out a small snort that was not quite hysterical, "Unless you want to volunteer?"

Harry was surprised by the Professor's stunned look and shook his head saying more calmly, "I'm sorry. You're probably not even gay, which is a pity 'cause you really are sexy and we probably don't have time anyway."

"Mr. Potter!" Severus hissed. "Would you calm down? Your apology is accepted. I am. Thank you. We do. And if you are sincere, I accept your proposal as well."

It took Harry a moment to catch up and understand what the man was saying. When he did he stepped forward and grasp Severus' left hand in both of his. "How do we do this? I've never been to a wedding. Although, I did see one on the telly once, it was horribly elaborate and took a really long time."

Severus swallowed. "It depends on how permanent a bond you want." One shoulder jerked up slightly in a tiny shrug. "Love, honor, and cherish are the vows that are currently in favor, as far as I know."

Harry moved a bit closer whispering, "I don't want that bastard to be able to break it or to declare it irrelevant or invalid or whatever."

Then we could bond, Heart to Heart, Mind to Mind, or…" he paused briefly, "Soul to Soul. Should that be your desire." He glanced at the door. "Simply state your vows." His voice was steady and his face expressionless.

Harry's free hand came up to gently caress Severus cheek. "You know I care for you, right? Have for a while now."

Severus' expression softened as warmth came into his usually cold eyes, and he leaned in to the touch murmuring, "Yes I am aware of your feelings," he paused to draw a deep breath, "and I return them."

Taking a deep breath Harry smiled as he whispered, "Severus Snape, if you will be mine, I vow that Heart to Heart I will always care for you. Mind to Mind I will honor your words and needs above all others as I strive to understand you. And Soul to Soul I will cherish you and any time we spend together. I promise to protect you as you have so long protected me."

Severus stared at the young man momentarily stunned.

"Severus?" Harry said anxiously as they both heard the soft grinding noise of the gargoyle moving.

Severus hand touched Harry's cheek as he quickly growled, "Ditto. Mind, Hart and Soul, I am yours as you are mine. So mote it be."

"So mote it be." Harry echoed with a grin as their lips met.

Harry was aware of the feel of Severus clutching him tightly and of the man's magic twining with his own. He was also aware of the, to him, intrusive presence of others that were now entering the room.

Severus was too preoccupied being engulfed in the maelstrom of Harry's magic to be aware of much of anything else. Even though he was present at the Dark Lord's defeat, he had no idea that Harry was so powerful. Even when Harry's lips left his Severus continued to reel, only vaguely aware of shouting, he thought someone was ordering an arrest and he shook himself trying to focus on what was happening.

Albus Dumbledore was rarely surprised by anything. However returning to his office to find his Potions Master locked in a heated embrace with a seventh year student was a bit shocking. The fact that they were surrounded by white spell light that was shot through with sparks and whirls of every color imaginable, a sign of an extremely strong Bonding, that was quite extraordinary.

As the two broke apart the Minister started shouting for Severus' arrest for assaulting a student and the Minister's ward.

Harry placed himself between Severus and the Ministry personnel.

Severus became fully aware as Harry growled, "You touch my husband and I'll rip you apart with my bare hands."

Everyone in the room stilled as they had no doubt that Harry was fully capable of such an act. After all, Voldemort had suffered a similar fate, having been rendered limb from limb by the angry and currently very dangerous looking young man who was protecting his potions teacher with his own body.

Dumbledore chuckled, "Husband, Harry?" He was amused by the simple solution that the two had managed in such a short amount of time.

Harry's eyes didn't waver from the Minister as he snarled, "I am of age, Headmaster and therefore, don't need your or anyone else's permission to marry." He eyes finally shifted and he smiled radiantly, "Although we would accept your blessing should you wish to bestow it?"

Dumbledore laughed, "Of course Harry, Severus. May you be forever happy and have many blessing upon your house."

The Minister simply growled, turned on his heel and left without another word.

Harry turned back to Severus and as he swept the man into a tight embrace he suddenly burst out laughing, "My god Severus, 'DITTO'?"

Severus rolled his eyes and snorted, "We were a bit short on time, Potter. Perhaps if you had not been so long winded I would have been able to repeat it all before they reached the door." He then shrugged with a smug little smirk, "It worked, did it not?"

Harry just laughed as he pulled the man's head down for passionate kiss.


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