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The first time we met was in this very bar, in the very place I stand right now.

I was just a girl in a bar, and he was just a guy.

Everything was so simple, and so complicated.

Who would have thought, that ten years later, we'd still be in this very bar, in this very spot, him drinking a beer, and me drinking a martini, celebrating our anniversary.

Skip five more years in the future, I'm complaining about the couple of grays in my hair in this very bar, while he runs his fingers through that gray spot in his own hair, and just rolls his eyes at me.

Time meant nothing.

Age was just a number.

A few more years, and he's holding me tightly while I cry over the fact that I just lost a patient.

He leans real close and whispers, "Let's go home Mer."

But I was already home in his arms.

I always am.

Now, I struggle with the memories of passing time.

I remember when he dropped the glass onto the ground and the liquid spilled across the floor.

I remember him kissing me and introducing himself to me all over again.

A bar.

Just a bar.

But here is where we met; where our story began.

A/N: I'm not fully sure where I am going with this story, just that it will be very different form my past ones, and the main character is... yes you guessed it- Zola! I have to be honest, lately I haven't been so into writing fanfictions anymore. I want to go on to write my real stories, and the books that I work on. I think i will take down a bunch of my old twilight fanfictions, finish the two I am working on, and make this my last one for the time being. I love fanfictions for the feedback on my writing, and for telling stories to people. The reason I am writing this story is for if I decide to make this my last one, I really want to make it all about Meredith and Derek and their family. I'm considering at the end of this fanfiction, giving out my name so you guys can continue to follow my writing, but I'm not sure if I want to mix my fanfictions with my other work for professional reasons. We'll see what happens. But let me know what you guys think of this story, and I will keep writing. :)