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"Good morning," Alex said when Zola walked into the kitchen at 9.

"Right back at ya," Zola yawned and sat down at the table.

"Hungry?" Alex offered.

"Getting there," Zola responded, stretching her arms far up over her head. "I can't believe I have to go back tonight."

"You'll be back at Christmas," Alex assured her. "What are you gonna do today?"

Zola shrugged, but Alex could see right through her. "You are meeting up with Tuck?"

"Possibly." Zola smirked and stuck her tongue out at him. "I'm going to go read some of my mom's diary."

"About that..." Alex trailed off, scratching his head. "I think the same rules should apply until Christmas."

Zola pouted. "Fine. No diary once I get back to college," she agreed.


I thought everything would go back to the way it was before.

But it didn't. Derek didn't just go right back to trusting me. He was very distant.

At first, he was all over me, holding me tightly in his sleep, loving me. He didn't protest when I allowed Alex to move into our house.

Izzie did though when Alex walked in on her in the shower.

Yet, I loved having him there.

And while Izzie and Alex constantly fought, I watched as Cristina tried to enjoy being engaged. But my poor friend had no idea what was coming for her.

I wish I could have told her what would happen, but i was slightly preoccupied with the fact that Izzie and George had slept together, I was trying to make it work with my dad and his wife, and I had cremated my mom.

Zola jumped when a rock hit the window. She stood out of bed and found Ryan smiling and waving from far down below.

Her eyes widened. She had expected Tuck. But Ryan?


Alex searched through the drawer of files for his current patient Macy Grel. He flipped through the filed quickly, seeing the first three letter of her last name and pulling it out. He sat down in a chair and flipped it open to a random page.

Head injury, frost bite, infection in leg.

Alex froze when he realized what he was reading. He had grabbed the wrong file. This wasn't Macy Grel's, it was Meredith Grey's.

And as he read on, his heart nearly stopped in his chest.

...most likely died a few hours earlier in the womb...


"What are you doing here?" Zola gasped as she walked through her front door.

She was still in her pajamas and Ryan stood there in torn jeans and a form fitting black t-shirt.

"So picture it. It was the oddest thing," Ryan started. "I leave Callie's dinner with the same thought that you were just some random girl I hung out with once who clearly had personal issue, enough to cause her to go running through the park crying. After that, I figured you were some crazy bitch, and I met this girl in the park and she came home with me. Callie says that my grandfather was a man-whore, and that's kind of what I am sometimes. But then, after the dinner, I couldn't stop thinking about this one girl. And it wasn't the girl I slept with last night, or the one from the park, it was you. Most girls, I want to screw, and then I never see them again. But I can't get you out of my head. And I don't think of you as some random bitch I want to screw. I want to go on a real date with you."

Just then, Zola's phone rang, not even giving her a moment to process what Ryan was saying.

"Can you excuse me for a moment?" Zola whispered and opened her phone. "What is it Uncle Alex?"

"Z-Zola... there's something I need to tell you. I was just reading your mother's f-file... I didn't mean to... and i had no idea that she was what she was-"

"Uncle Alex slow down," Zola warned, holding a hand up to Ryan to tell him she needed a moment.

"Your m-mom was pregnant," Alex got out. "When she was on the plane she was pregnant. You would have had a sibling. I don't know why I'm telling you this. I just..."

The rest of his words were drowned out by a loud ringing in Zola's ears.

She hung up the phone and looked over at Ryan. "You need to leave," she said, monotone. "I'm dating Tuck."

Still in shock, Zola slammed the door in Ryan's face and fell down onto the floor of the hallway.

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