The Conquer Ep: 01 (the first quest)

(Beautiful morning),Suriyama get's up early all pumped up to start his first day at school, he wears his clothes and equipment and heads up the road to the school, to start all the students formed a group following a man called kung fu boy and here it begins :

Kung fu boy: Welcome young ones to your first day at our school, to start I will show u around our dragon city so you might find it easy to go around on your quests and all. first up here we have general shin he is responsible in this school and a great man too. And here we find the armorist the man in charge of selling armors but watch out not all armors fit anyone u must be at the required lvl for it or else your body gets damaged by the power of the armor.

Random Wise guy: are you kidding me?, I'm strong enough to wear any armor no stupid lvl is gonna tell me what to do.!

Kung fu boy: you Kid what clan are you?

Random Wise guy: My name is Blade sir and i'm a Trojan

Kung fu boy: Hmmm we doo get some freaky Trojans around here, here boy since u think ur stronger why don't u give it a try, what lvl are you boy?

Blade: I'm lvl 5 sir.

Kung fu boy: alright, Hey armor man give this kid a lvl 10 armor hahahaha!

Armorist: haha another crazy kid isn't it ok u got it! Here.

Blade: I'll show u real power (wears armor), M-m-m-myy body AAAAAAAH my energy is falling what's happening (faints)

Kung fu boy: This is a proof of what I have just spoken so beware young ones, I'll take this boy to the pharmacist my sister Kung fu girl will be here shortly and she will continue your tour. I will wait for you at the pharmacist

(15 mins later)

Kung fu girl: ok guys sorry for the delay guys I was helping some of my friends to Kill a monster at ice grotto the 6th floor. Ok let's continue, here we have the equipment Lady, she sells all cind of stuff like necklaces, Boots, Rings. That helps you on your quests . Like my brother said it requires the enough lvl to wear something or else you go Boom. And here we have the weaponry master as u can see he sells weapons and you all know that each clan has it's own weapons as in Monks use beads , ninjas use katanas , torjans use sabers, swords , and clubs, Warriors use shields, swords, sabers, clubs and all the other weapons exept the monk's and the ninja's, Taoïsts use wands, and archers use bows but it's the less sold since few r the archers that come to this school they are all isolated on their own in bird village. And last but not least we have the banker in here u can put anything u have and u want to hide such as money, objects, weapons, anything. We also all know that in here we deal with money to buy normal stuff but for special weapons we use Cps which is pretty rare around here u need to get it from doing special quests hunting monsters or anything u want! Of course u can buy or sell anything in exchange of dbs which can be exchanged at the market for 215 cps u'll learn many more thing on your way to lvl 140 and that is a long way. Soo good luck people this is the end of our tour.

Suriyama was soo thrilled to hear this to understand everything to feel as a soldiar. Soo suriyama went straight to his sensei at the military school center to receive his quest.

Monk Master: Hello young One, I see u are new here right?

Suriyama: Y-yes sir (thrilled)

Monk master: I don't know but when I see you I see you are somehow special.

Suriyama: Ah-y-yes sir I come from the main raise of our monk clan and I'm here to be the best monk ever in this school just like my grand father Kurama.

Monk master: (shocked) you are Kurama san's grand child?

Suriyama: Yes sir (says it proudly)

Monk master: well I believe this school is gonna be interesting this year Son!

Suriyama: Why is that Sir?

Monk master: we have a new legend!

Suriyama: (blushes) Thank you sir it's an honor hearing that from u ! I am here and ready to start my Quests!

Monk master: I see u r already pumped up to start!

Suriyama: Y-yes sir I am

Monk master: well then you can start like everyone go give this message to master roshi at these coordnants !

Suriyama: Ok sir I'll go right now! (takes the message)

But while Suriyama was heading out he saw a beautiful girl she was an archer called Angel while passing near her they were heading out the same time so she came and talked to him!

Angel: hey there

Suriyama: Uh hello

Angel: What's ur name?

Suriyama: My name is suriyama. What's your'se

Angel: I'm angel! Well thaat's a funny name you have

Suriyama: Ah-huh yeah I know I'm from the monk clan

Angel: Oh cool, I'm from the archers clan I ran away from the place our clan was hiding. I hated that place!

Suriyama: Oh umm I'm sorry to hear that!

Angel: Soo you're new here too ooor?

Suriyama: yeah I am!

Angel: Cool! Me 2 Wanna be friends?

Suriyama: Uuuuh Ummm yeah yeah sure!

Angel: Awesome! So u got ur first quest? Yet

Suriyama: yeah I need to deliver this message to master Roshi

Angel: Really? Me 2 let's go look for him together!

Suriyama: Ok! (smiling)

Suriyama and Angel followed the coordnats and found master roshi But that wasn't the end of the quest!

Master roshi: thank you kids but your quest hasn't finished yet! You need to look for my boss Arsenal Hero here at dragon city somewhere! Then I can give u your reward

Suriyama and Angel: OK!

Suri and Angel looked all over dragon city looking for him hours and hours passed both of them got really tired till suddenly they heard someone scream and saying "HERO,STOP" they both turned and ran to that guy saying Hero? As iin arsenal hero?

Arsenal hero: that's me, do I know you?

Suri: we r here on a quest to find you from master roshi !

Arsenal hero: ahw that geezer again? Hmm OK go tell him I'm coming!

Suri,Angel: OK!

They both got back to master roshi and told him afterwards he gave them the reward of 8 lvls and 1000 coins and a reclamation sign, they were both so happy to lvl up, they got back to the school and gave their senseis the reclamation sign with that they receive either a weapon , equipment, armor with quality from their masters and an exp ball! They both received an armor lvl 25 raffined.

Suri: how can I wear this I'm only lvl 8 and it lvl 25?

Monk master: you also received an exp ball try using it!

Suri: (used it a light comes from the ball suddenly Suri lvls up to lvl 28) Heraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

Monk master: congratulationg child lvl 28 on ur first day u really are amazing!

Suri: Th-thank you sir ! (leaves)

(Suri meets angel)

Suri: look Angel I lvl up to 28 awesome

Angel: I know right? So did i!

Suri: awesome!

Angel: Well I'll see you tomorrow to do our next quest you wanna do it together right?

Suri: Of course I'm glad I met you thank you Angel

Angel: No thank you Suri for being my friend!

The end