The conquer ep5 (New Best friend)

Reminder: Suriyama and Angel met Assassin the lad from the ninja clan who asked for their help to help him rescue his sister at ancient castle! Turns out that was a trap that assassin did to our two heroes as a deal with the monsters that kidnapped his sister, now Suriyama and Angel were trapped in a room full of monsters higher than their level, Suddenly someone shot thunder Who is that person and will he help our heroes, that's what we're abt to know:

Mysterious guy: Get back!

Suriyama grabs Angel and jumps back to the corner

The mysterious guy shoots one Huuuuge thunder that Killed all the monsters in one hit, Suriyama and Angel were soo shocked that they couldn't even speak!

Mysterious guy: You fools should think twice before helping someone or else next time u'll get killed! (vanishes)

Suriyama: W-wait! We just wanna thank you first! Damn it he's already gone.

Angel: Who was that?

Suriyama: don't know but I think he's a friend since he helped us!

Angel: Yeah ur probably right!

Suriyama turns and finds Assassin

Suriyama: Come here you bastard, I swear I'm gonna Kill you right now.

Assassin: I'm so sorry you guys, But you need to understand my motives! I am deeply sorry.

Suriyama: Motives my ass you tried to get us killed while we came here to help you.

Assassin: I know that's why I'm very sorry!

Angel: Hey Suriyama he does have a point he didn't have any choice.

Suriyama bows his head down

Angel: What? Are you shocked to hear the truth.

Suriyama: No actually I'm shocked that I heard it from u! usually u would be pointing an arrow to his head.

Angel: Hahahaah real funny, I'm not a killer you know.

Suriyama: Yeah I'm pretty sure you're not.

Angel smiles

Assassin: Ummm excuse me but uuuhm is there any way to make this up for u guys!

Angel: How about our reward!

Suriyama: Angel we don't need anything from anyone let's just leave!

Assassin: Suriyama you look like a fine young man, then I shall help you on ur quests! I am higher level than you two so I can be with help. Anytime you need me you know where to find me!

Suriyama: Hahaha thank you assassin I accept, from now on you are in my adventure crew. As a matter of fact you may start right now.

Assassin: really? Ok I'm in I'll help.

Suriyama: wait here we'll go get our quest and then get back!

Assassin: I'll be waiting.

Suriyama and Angel went to their masters to get another quest of their daily quests.

Monk Master: Your quest today Young one is to go help investigate the lost golden armor it seems that a gang stole it and it's trying to sell it! You need to go aand stop them from selling before it's too late, you'll find this man at phoenix castle ask for veteran Hong.

Suriyama: Right.

Angel: Then it's phoenix castle again let's go this time we're stronger (winks)

Suriyama: haha hell yeah, let's go. Assassin get ready!

Assassin: I am, let's go.

Angel: Hey Suriyama, haha we need to pass through your precious conductrice (giggles).

Suriyama: Shut up, I don't like that damn woman, she thinks I'm a child n keeps playing with my face.

Angel: I'm sure you don't.

Suriyama's head turns all red from anger

Assassin: Kids let's go already!

Suriyama: OK OK.

Assassin, Suriyama and angel went to phoenix city HQ and asked for veteran hong.

Suriyama: Ummm excuse me but we're looking for veteran Hong.

Random person: Oh, yeah he's right over there at the corner.

Assassin: Thank you sir.

(Walks to veteran hong)

Suriyama: Ummm hello sir.

Veteran Hong: Hello my dear children.

Angel: Sir we're her for (veteran Hong interrupts)

Veteran Hong: I know Why are you here young ones.

Suriyama: Uuuh H-how did u know.

Veteran Hong: Well I did order Chinese food an hour ago what took you so long.

Assassin/Suriyama/Angel: (- -")

Veteran Hong: Héhéhéhéhéhéh!

Suriyama: Uhmmm, No sir we're here for the stolen armor.

Veteran Hong: Wha? What how did u know abt my stolen armor are you the ones who stole it?

Angel: Tsk, we're from the school and we're here to investigate it! Didn't you ask the school's help?

Veteran Hong: Ah yes correct young lady I did.

Assassin: Weeeeeell?

(Moment of silence ….…..)

Angel: Listen here old dude my name is maybe Angel but I swear to god if I'm out of patience I'm gonna turn into a devil and Kill you so speak up already.!

Veteran Hong: Oh, yes I'm sorry I felt asleep.

Assassin/Suriyama/Angel: (- -")

Veteran Hong: OK OK, you see I made this golden armor that I wanted to give to my son who is traveling to the guild war, he needs it but some filthy gangsters stole it from me now my son will get hurt. What I need you guys to do is there will be a secret meeting to sell it and all thieves get an invitation but only great thieves, you need to steal an invitation go that meeting then kill the gang boss and get the golden armor back.

Suriyama: Right.

The guys went straight to the phoenix city jungle and started to wonder around looking for thieves each time they find one they beat him up search him and then continue their way trying to find another.

Suddenly one thief came with a group of his gang members.

Thief: Here they are guys; they are the ones that hit me.

Gang members: (laughing an evil laugh)

Angel: shall I take'em out

Assassin: Oh no plz let me I still ow you!

Suriyama: yeah, we still haven't seen your skills yet go show us!

Assassin: And so you shall see now. (Jumps In the middle)

Since Assassin is a ninja his weapon is two katanas his skills are: Double slash, toxic fog and poison star.

(10 seconds later)

Assassin: Sorry I took so long, I'm just a bit out of shape.

Suriyama: that was awesome, dude you are strong.

Assassin: Well that's just because of my level, once you come up in level you'll know the feeling.

Suriyama: you bet we will!

Angel: Hey, Guys look I found the invitation, Actually I found three. How lucky could we be!

Suriyama: (laughs out loud) HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Assassin: let's go already!

Angel: Yeah, yeah sorry

The three found the meeting and entered just as they made their first step inside, the armor was being put to sell. Suriyama jumped on the seller and kicked him Angel flied and snatched the armor, But later they were cornered by all those gangsters, the three jumped straight in the middle and started fighting, Suddenly a gangster jumped to stab Suriyama in his back but Assassin took the hit instead, Seeing that Suriyama was on a rage Suddenly this big light came out from his body that made him faster and stronger, in an eye blink he killed all the gangsters in the room even the strongest ones. So Suriyama took the armor, Angel took Assassin on her shoulder and flied away.

Eventually, The three took the armor back to Veteran Hong, he was soo happy that he gave them 3 more levels and a million golden coins + the reward sign, Angel and Suriyama went to their masters and as usual claimed the reward but this time it had a special weapon for them both a super weapon and a super exp ball that upgraded their levels until level 40.

Angel: Dude, Check this weapon out it's glowing.

Suriyama: Yeah, I feel much stonger + we're level 40 how crazy is that, Assassin my friend you better watch out cuz now we can kick your ass.

Assassin: Super weapons? (shocked) How is that? Oh my god! How cool.

Angel/Suriyama: HAHAHAHAHA!

The End! Make sure to check out my update next week on another adventure! :D