Here it is, the final chapter of the story.

Leonardis angjhia men were surwanded by thousands and thousands of Persians.

A Persian commander told Leonardis he can anything that he and his brave men could even want, all they have to do is surwanded to Xerxes.

"Okay, I give in" Leonardis said putting his hands up.

"Really!" The commander asked excitedly.

"HELL NO!" Leonardis screamed, and shot the Persian commander with a desert eagle.

"KILL THEM!" Xerxes angrily screamed to his men.

And all the Persians started firing hundreds of arrows killing most of the Spartans.

Captain got stabbed with various spears, but he still managed the kill many Persians before dying himself.

Leonardis got a arrow shot into his shoulder. "HAHAHA! IS THAT YOU GOT!" He cried to the Persians. Anouther arrow flew into his stomach. "YOU MAKE ME SAD KIDS!" Leonardis mocked to the Persians.

A Persian was shown firing anouther arrow into Leonardis who was off view now. "WHAT ARE YOU! SOLDIERS, OR LITTLE GIRLS!" Leonardis cried, still from off view.

Leonardis managed to fire a spear at Xerxes mouth, and cut his mouth, giving the large God king fear, as he was reminded that he was mortal.

Leonardis was hit with anouther arrow ad finally started falling down in pain.

He was on his knees, next to where Stalios was laying, as he was still but barely alive.

Leonardis allowed Stalio to hold his hand before dying. "It is a honor to die at your side" was all Stalio said. "And it was a honor, to have lived at yours" Leonardis replied.

Leonardis only the strange to say his last words.

"HA BLA BICK!" He cried.

All the Persians looked at each other in clear confusion.

"HA BLA BLA! SHEER MA TO BOA, SON CENCEAL!" Leonardis cried out, before getting hit with thousands of Persian arrows.


Despite it not being what Leonardis wanted.

He was remembered as a Hero Cult.

And Dilo lead ten thousand Spartans against the Persians.

This is the end of the story.

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