I hope you will like this new story of mine. :) as always; English is not my native language so this fic may contain typos and grammar errors. I always try my best!

"Leave me be brother, I have no need to speak with you right now...", the god of mischief said to his brother, the god of thunder that had gotten into his room. Thor looked at him with a worried look on his face.

"Why not? You haven't spoke to me since two days ago when your sentence ended."

"Go away, brother.", Loki said with his voice dripping with aversion. He was staring empty at the wall in front of him, the scars on his face were almost glowing with red in contrast to the dark room. His ebony-black hair now stretched down to the middle of his spine and his eyes were more dark green and filled with hate and envy than ever.

"But Loki... I think we need to talk...", Thor said, his blue eyes all gloomy, but the other god shook his head.

"No. Leave me be!", Loki hissed, his eyes suddenly flashing with anger. Thor flinched and nodded quickly with a bow before walking out of the room. Loki sunk deeper down on the bed and moved his gaze down to the floor. His body shivered a bit as he thought of the sentence he had gone through. It hadn't been nice, not at all. He remembered how Thor had removed the muzzle, and then how Odin had forced him down to the ground, chaining him before he straddled him and started sewing his mouth. Loki shuddered at the memory and touched his scarred lips with his hand. It was almost as he could feel the needle going through his lips. He wondered if he would ever be able to forgive his father... and if the scars would ever heal. The trickster sighed deeply and raised himself from the bed, started to wander around his room with his hands clasped behind his back.

"I know I owe the Chitauri quite a deal... They will probably come after me as we speak, but if I could try to escape to another world, then I would be able to escape them only for a little while...", he thought while wandering around his room.

"I need to go to the library to look after planets or worlds I can reach from the Bifrost...", he thought, and with that – he made his way to the library. While he was walking, the asgardians were looking at him like he was some kind of animal, or evil creature. He had caused chaos on Earth after all, though he didn't find it as evil as they did. He had just wanted to rule, everyone wanted that, didn't they?

Loki arrived at the library and started searching for 'The big book about the Nine Worlds and further'. He knew he had seen it somewhere deep in the library before. He hurried his way through the many shelves of books and finally, deep within the library, at the most dusty part – he found the precious book he had been looking for. Loki blew off the dust and opened it, the binding creaked when he did so. He looked at the index and opened the page with 'Bifrost and it's many ways to different worlds'. Loki skimmed through the chapter and found a world called 'Equestria'.

The world Equestria is a world filled with different kind of ponies and mythological creatures. The ponies are; pegasus ponies, earth ponies and unicorns. The pegasus ponies can fly, the unicorns can use magic and the earth ponies is just regular ponies with no superpowers. There are three ponies called alicorns which have the ability to fly and use magic. The first pair of alicorn is the two rulers of Equestria, the first one is an alicorn named Princess Celestia. She is responsible for raising the sun, moon and stars together with her sister Princess Luna. The third one is Princess Cadence, she has the power of love.

Loki raised his eyebrows and a sly grin painted over his scarred lips. He knew he wasn't allowed to go anywhere now since he had committed so many crimes and just gone through a sentence, but he was the God of Trickery after all... ~

"Equestria sounds interesting...", he thought. "Though... I don't think ponies is my thing... But that would be the last place the Chitauri would look for me."

To enter this world you have to read this chant out loud when you are standing on the Bifrost.

Loki read the chant out loud and when he was finished, his eyebrows were perked.

"Read this chant on the Bifrost? But if I go out to the Bifrost, Heimdall will see me and he will suspect me for going away.. There must be an other way for me to go to Equestria...", Loki thought, turned the page back and forth while pondering. He turned the book upside-down and saw a small writing over the picture showing Equestria. He whispered the writing out loud and with something that felt like a hook pinching his navel, he suddenly transported down into a black hole...

"Thor!", Odin screamed out with a loud and demanding voice all over Asgard. Thor immediately woke up from his daily day nap with a grunt and looked around him to see what in Odin's beard was going on.

"Thor!", Odin roared.

Thor grabbed Mjolnir and flew his way to the Allfather. When he arrived at the throne, he knelt in front of his father with his gaze at the ground.

"Yes father, what is happening?", he asked with concern in his voice.

"Your brother, Loki Laufeyson has escaped.", Odin said angrily as it was Thor's fault the god had slipped away. Thor raised his gaze and looked directly at his father.

"What are you saying? He escaped?", he asked deep in shock and Odin's big head nodded.

"Indeed. He escaped about ten minutes ago.", Odin said and raised himself from his throne.

"But how? How did he manage to escape? I spoke to Heimdall and he was going to make sure Loki wasn't going to escape!", Thor said, his heart heavy in his chest. After everything he had been through with the Avengers to get Loki to come back home... All that, for nothing?

"He did not escape through Heimdall nor the Bifrost, he escaped with the help of a book called 'The big book about the Nine Worlds and further' – which we did not believe existed anymore. Thor, my son, you got to get him back. He have not fully recovered from his sentence yet, nor the influences from the Chitauri. He is psychically and mentally unstable and he need to be here to fully recover from his evil.", Odin said with his voice heavy of sadness and worry. Loki was, after all, his son even though they didn't share the same blood and he wanted the best for his both children, even though Loki's heart had turned dark.

"I will father, though I do not know where to look for him? Where have he gone this time?", Thor asked.

"To Equestria, a land far from here.", Odin replied and Thor frowned.

"Equestria? I have never heard of that land before. What kind of creatures are inhabited there?"

"All kind of different ponies and of course, other creatures.", Odin answered. Thor laughed out loud.

"Ponies? Are you serious Father? Ponies? Loki has gone off to a land with ponies?", Thor chuckled and wiped away some tears of laughter that had escaped from his eyes.

"Do not underestimate the ponies, Thor. Just because the creatures are ponies does not mean that they are puny or unworthy. Now, my son, go there and help Loki come home again.", Odin demanded and with that, Thor bowed for his father, then he received the book from his mother Frigga and read the chant out loud, causing him fall down a black hole much as his own brother had done.