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Amu was walking out of the school building nervously, she had the feeling that someone was following her and watching her every movement. "Oi Amu-chi!" Yaya called out behind Amu running up behind her and jumping on her in the process hugging her. "Yaya do you ever not act like a baby?" Amu asked as she took Amu off Yaya from her back. "Amu-chan." "Amu" "Hinamori-san" three voices called out behind her. Amu spun around and there were some of the rest of the guardians.

The guardians still hold their same positions as they had during elementary school, still fighting x-eggs as well. The new company was determined to get ahold of the embryo, no matter the cost. "Tadase-san, Rima-chan, and Nagi-san." Amu said waving to them, like always as Amu turned around Tadase's breathe hitched, no matter what he did he couldn't help but being madly in love with Amu.

Amu long waist length beautiful pink hair was always shinning as well as the smile that was always on her face lately. She had a chest that was a D-size along with curves that showed her figure in all the right places, and long cream colored legs that looked perfect in her highschool uniform. She was taller now about five foot 4, and her cream carmel eyes is what really draws people in the most, so deep as if Amu is hiding a secret.

Yaya now as tall as Rima standing at five foot two still acted as a baby even in high school her hair was still in pigtails regardless of what anybody said. She had some curves that showed but she refused to even care what other people thought she would always say that she already had a special someone set aside back in elementary school who was one of her best friends. Of course everyone knew who she meant when she said that though.

Rima was even more beautiful than before although she did cut her hair, it started to get annoying when it reached the ground. Her body was perfectly molded showing off her curves without even meaning too. A lot taller than back in elementary school Rima stood at five foot two and was proud that she didn't have any slaves with her anymore, her only so called slave could be recognized as Nagi, also known as her boyfriend. Her personality differed a lot from what it was in elementary school as well, she now showed kindness to everyone and didn't give the cold shoulder anymore.

Nagi finally cut his hair to a guy's hairstyle and decided to join in sports and give up dancing, not completely though. He still loved dancing although he didn't let anyone else know that he danced traditional Japanese dancing as a girl though. That secret was only a secret meant for the Guardians and no one else. He stood at five foot seven and was skilled in basketball even more. His chest and shoulders were brought out more as he matured all in all Nagi was hot. (Didn't want to continue to describe him sorry :3)

Tadase was still the same as before, except his hair was longer but still had the princely way and shape, his reddish eyes still gleamed brightly as well. Although Amu had gotten over the crush she had, had on him, Tadase only grew to love Amu. He stood at five foot five only slightly taller than Amu and he was broader in his shoulders. His same princely name and title stayed with him throughout elementary school to where they are now, which it is sure to continue as well.

"Hey everyone." Amu said smiling at the four of them while Yaya pouted at Amu. "Amu-chi why did you take me off your back it was fun to hang onto your neck." Yaya stated as fake alligator tears streamed down her face. "Yaya." Everyone said sighing. "What?" Yaya asked turning around to look at the three of them. "Nothing." Rima simply stated turning to glare at her.

Amu still continued to say that she like all her friends equally and didn't have a favorite friend, but Yaya, Rima, and Nagi still fought for the spot, well more like Yaya and Rima, while Nagi was blamed for taking Rima's spot as he was previously Nadeshiko. "Guys?" Amu asked confused as Tadase walked up next to her. Bypassing students stopped to stare at the high school guardians. Yep, basically they still had their spots in the guardians even though Easter was gone, a new company was coming into the fight.

"Yes Amu-chan you can say whats on your mind." Nagi replied to Amu smiling. "Nothing I just have to get home quickly today." Amu said smiling a smile of sadness. Recently Amu's parents were in an accident along with Ami, although Ami made it her parents didn't.

Realizing what Amu meant by her comment they smiled sad smiles towards her and let her go, the four of them looked at her retreating figure. "That shouldn't have had happened to her." Rima stated bluntly (Somethings never change). "Rima…." Nagi said sweatdropping for a moment, but quickly fixed himself. "Your right, something isn't right with what happened." Nagi replied.

"I know." Tadase said sighing. "Yaya knows something bad is going to happen." Yaya said turning around and walking towards the high school royal garden.

*FOLLOWING AMU* (In a black car)

"Is she the right girl?" A man asked turning towards the second man in the car. "Yes she is the one; the one with the pink hair, now there is no way that she can decline our offer. With her parents gone now and her sister in critical care, she will have to say yes if we can save little Ami." The man replied.

"You know Persona you really are a bastard." Narumi stated bluntly. "I know I am already, that was decided over ten years ago with sensei." Persona spat out with vemon. When Narumi heard this he tense up, knowing what had happened. This kept Narumi quiet for a while.

"Grab the girl and let's go." Persona said giving the driver the signal to go. Slowly they approached Amu, and without any warning they grabbed her and dragged her into the car. "H-help!" Amu screamed out. Little did the two in the car know that a perverted neko was visiting Japan again, to see his little Strawberry. Only to see her being dragged into an unknown car by force.

"AMU!" Ikuto yelled out running towards the car, but he was too late. For the car had already begin to drive away. "AMU!" Ikuto yelled out again.

Something's never change….

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