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Ikuto stood there dumbfounded at what just happened, Amu being taken away. Was he mistaken, no he was sure that Amu didn't agree at all to get in that car. Especially when she did scream help. Ikuto just continued to stare off into the direction the car drove off into.


Amu was throwen into the back of the car, by someone. When she opened her eyes they met black brownish eyes, the first thing Amu did was scream bloody murder. Although her scream was muted when someone muted her by putting a cloth over her mouth knocking her out, as she was falling asleep she faintly heard someone saying that he was being too harsh with her.

When Amu awoke she was in a pink room, but where was she? Amu asked herself. The walls surrounding her were completely pink, as well as the covering on the bed she was previously sleeping on.

A soft knock was heard on the door and it made Amu jump, quickly she threw herself under the covers, pretending to sleep. Quietly a girl with two brunette pigtails and a scowled face boy walked in. They slowly walked to the bed where Amu was sleeping. "Hey do you think she will wake up soon?" The pigtailed girl asked.

"Polka why are you asking me?" The scowl faced boy asked sighing. "Hey quit calling me Polka already. We are already in high school Natsume!" The girl screeched in his face. "Yes in high school, so do us all a favor and shut up with your screeching. Grow up already baka." Natsume said smirking.

The girl just frowned and puffed her cheeks out at Natsume. "Fine if you want to know when she will wake up, she is already awake." Natsume replied unable to keep his girlfriend mad at him. The girl cheeky smile lit up her face once again, as she started to jump up and down.

Underneath the covers Amu was shaking with fear, of not knowing where she was or what was going on. She was frightened, she didn't know what was going to happen, and in some ways she didn't want to know what was going to happen to her.

She was terrified of the truth, and she wanted to be kept in the darkness if something bad was going to happen to her. She wanted to be with her friends, hanging out, going shopping, and going to school. Amu didn't want anything to change, but something happened, and she was terrified. She could never go back to the life she had previously.

"Hey are you alright?" The girl asked as she saw the blankets on top of her shaking. "Oiiiiiiiii." Natsume added on trying to see what was Amu's problem. This only made Amu feel even more uncomfortable. Ran, Miki, Suu, and Dia weren't even with her right now. Yes she still had her charas'; she loved them, but right now she truly needed them.

They were with Rima and her chara, playing for the week, while Amu would be studying for upcoming finals. Her charas' loved to have sleepovers at her friend's houses, so whenever they could, they would go and leave Amu alone. The same for everyone else's charas as well.

As Amu continued to shake, she didn't reliaze that a new person came into the room, shooing Natsume out since he clearly wasn't helping Amu's state out. "Let her slowly get used to being here, due to what was happening to her we had to take, large measures." The man replied after kicking Natsume out of the room.

"Uncle what is going to happen to Amu-chan?" The girl asked looking at Amu. "Mikan I don't know. We can only hope that nothing happens to her, and that they don't get their hands on the two of you." Mikan's uncle replied.

"Okay Hinamori-san you can get up now." The man said softly as he sat down at the end of the bed. "Uncle what do you want me to do?" Mikan asked joining her uncle at the bed's end. "Well try to get her to show her face is the first thing." Mikan's uncle said with a laugh.

"Amu-chan please its okay, we won't do anything bad to you, so you can trust us." Mikan said with her big smile. Amu slowly lifted her head from under the blankets, and peeked over at the two at the end of her bed. The uncle was tall with blondeish hair, and had his hand was patting Mikan's head, as he smiled.

Amu fully took off the blankets from her head and looked at the two completely; the two of them looked completely harmless, although Amu knew not to fully trust them. As Amu started to get up the girl, quickly ran towards Amu, and started jumping up and down. "Welcome Amu-chan to Gakuen Alice." Mikan basically screamed in her ears.

Amu looked at Mikan confused. "Welcome? Gakuen Alice? Where am I?" Amu asked the man. "Well Hinamori-san this is Gakuen Alice a school for kids who have special abilities. The age can begin at an early age around one or even earlier, and it continues until you are through college. Although you can lose your alice." The uncle explained.

"I am the high school principal, Kazumi. A guy named Shiki is the middle school principal, while an old teacher named Narumi, received the job for the elementary school principal a few years back. Also starting today you are an new official student of this school Gakuen Alice." Kazumi said standing up and pointed towards the closet.

"In there is your new uniform and we will explain everything that has happened and what might happen in the future." Kazumi continued standing up and going towards the door. "And Mikan make sure Natsume is nice, he is your boyfriend after all." Kazumi finished as he went out the door this time.

"Hiya Amu-chan my name's Mikan." Mikan cheerfully said as she sat down on the bed, where Amu was absorbing the news. "I know it's a lot of things to take in at once, but you get used to the school quickly." Mikan continued realizing what was happening with Amu.

"Polka I don't think your loud mouth is helping." Natsume bluntly stated walking into the room and pulled Mikan up and hugged her. "Hey stop that Natsume!" Mikan screeched, but Natsume didn't listen to her, instead he only picked her up. "Natsume!" Mikan continued to screech.

"What in the world is happening?" Amu yelled out falling into her pillow face first. She didn't want to go to a school, that she didn't even hear of before, she wanted to be with her friends, she didn't want to make new friends.

"Ran, Miki, Suu, Dia help…." Amu cried out as tears were streaming down her face and into the pillow, absorbing all the tears that Amu was crying out. Four little figures flew into the window in a frantic. "Amu-chan!" All four cried out together.

"Guys…." Amu said picking her face off the pillow when she heard those voices that she knew so well. "Amu where are you?" Dia asked looking around, and at the two other teenagers next to the bed. "I don't know Dia." Amu replied beginning to sob.

"Don't worry Amu-chan, it will be okay. You have to go to school here, didn't they tell you what they will do if you do agree to come to this school?" Mikan asked jumping out of Natsume's arms and jumped on the bed.

"No they didn't they knocked me out after grabbing me off the street and threw me into a car, when I was walking to my house from school!" Amu yelled out loud making everyone regret asking. "Well my uncle said that your little sister was in critical care, so that if you came to this school, someone with their alice could go and heal her. My best friend's brother is the one who can help her the most." Mikan said grinning.

"What…." Amu started confused. She didn't know if to trust them or not. How could she have to do with anything like this? Alices a super power, and going to school here, and how could they heal Ami; the doctors even said that they couldn't do anything. So how were these people able to do anything more?

"What she say is true." Natsume added on in a monotone voice. "Why do I have anything to do with this?" Amu asked. "It's because you're an alice, and a powerful one at that." A little voice said as two chara's came from behind Natsume and Mikan.

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