I was sitting on the stands inside the pool with my boyfriend Kyle Connellan and his cousin Sawyer watching Donovan Peck compete with other swimmers "His really good, ah?" Kyle asked Sawyer "Not as good as you" Sawyer answered him smiling and shaking his head a little Kyle smiled and pushed him goofing and turned to smile at me and kissed my hand and went back looking back at the competition when they finished we went over where the swimmers were standing Kyle let go of my hand and greets them smiling and then they left coach came toward us mostly Kyle "Kyle, how you doin?" he asked "Good, good" Kyle answered "Just dropping in to say my final goodbyes coach, you remember my cousin Sawyer?" he asked "Sure, so you gonna come in winning some trophies too?" coach asked Sawyer who only smiled nervously. "So on Monday?" coach asked Kyle seriously "Yes sir" Kyle answered him he knew I was terrified about him leaving to join the army I tried to convince him not to join but in vain he was very stubborn but that's why o loved him "You know where they sending you?" coach asked him "No sir" Kyle answered shaking his head no "Well I hope there's a pool there because the army is getting himself one heck of a swimmer" coach said "Thank you" Kyle thanked him "Take care of yourself" and coach left after shaking Kyle's hand.

"Well, well soldier boy what are you doing here?" Donovan asked Kyle laughing "I had to come see for my self how bad things have gotten" Kyle answered smiling Donovan only laughed "Catch my time?" he asked Kyle smiling smugly I putted my hand on Sawyer's shoulder annoyed from their childish behavior "Boys" I said to my self and rolled my eyes making Sawyer laugh "Come on Sawyer, let's leave for the house while these ladies claw each other" and started to walk toward Kyle's house when we reached the house I kissed Sawyers cheek making him blush a little which made me smile "Try having fun ok?" I asked him he was like a little brother to me "Ok" he nodded and headed to one of the chairs I took of my dress showing off my new bikini when I felt someone grab me from behind I instantly knew I was Kyle "Hello beautiful" he whispered in my ear I giggled and turned around and kissed him which he deepened "Love you" he said against my lips "Love you too" suddenly an evil grin appeared on his face and he lifted me up and started running to the direction of the pool "Noo!" I screamed in horror he only laughed and jumped in. after we reached the surface I splashed water on him we were goofing around when I noticed Sawyer sitting in the sun chair alone and playing his game play or what ever he called it Kyle followed my gaze and saw it too "You should go talk to him" he nodded we finished the game and dried up I saw Kyle playing nervously with the gift "Don't worry he'll love it" I assured him "You think?" he asked uncertain "Yes, now go and give it too him I'll wait here for you" I told him he nodded and left in the direction Sawyer went a while ago.

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