The next day Sawyer called and told us about his plan to do a carnival and raise money for Winter me and Kyle agreed to help.

"Babe come on were going to be late!" I tried to rush Kyle so that we wouldn't be late for our appointment, I was already showing a belly and our Dr said that we could tell know if it's a boy or a girl and I couldn't wait to get there. "Relax will ya? I'm ready" Kyle finally appeared dressed looking at me trying not to laugh on my eagerness and I mocked glared at him making him laugh "Let's go" he embraced me and kissed me softly before we went to the car. When we got there and waited before it was our turn.

A women called Sandy was doing the Ultrasound, she putted the jelly and the sound of the baby's heart beat filled the room making me smile, Kyle was standing beside so I reached and grabbed his hand making him smile softly before his eyes wondered back to the screen so I turned too "Well everything looks good, the heart beat is strong and healthy. Do you want to know the gender?" she asked diverting her eyes from the screen to us "Yes" we answered at the same time and she smiled and turned back to the screen moving the thing on my belly "It's a strong baby boy, congratulation" she told us making me smile big and squeeze Kyle's hand happily, he was smiling too and leaned in to kiss me. After I got the jell off of me we went to his house and the entire car ride he held my hand smiling stupidly to himself. We got to the hospital to help and everyone was doing something I stood there awe stroked with Kyle but snapped put of it when Sawyer walked over to us "Hey" Kyle greeted "Hey" Sawyer said back and Kyle embraced him in his side "It's quite the operation you got here going on ha?" Kyle asked "Yeah, I just hope we can sell enough tickets" he sighed "Anyway, how was you're appointment today?" he looked at me and a smile broke on my face "Really good" I potted a hand on my belly "Tell mee!" Sawyer begged making me and Kyle laugh "It's a boy" I answered and he lighted up like a Christmas tree "That is awesome!" but he's enthusiasm was cut off when him phone rang "Dr. McCarthy thank you so much for calling me back…" he walked away leaving me and Kyle.

The next few day's were organizing everything for "Save Winter Day".

We were currently at Sawyer's house I was standing while Kyle's parents sat together at the couch and Lorraine alone Kyle told me was he did so we were waiting for the News before it started Kyle went to bring Sawyer and Hazel to watch, they appeared right on time to see the News and when Sawyer watched he quickly hugged Kyle.

I was standing near the pool waiting anxiously while they putted the new tale on Winter, Clay didn't want me on the pool afraid something might happen the my baby so Sawyer was with her. Slowly they putted on her tale, after they did Phoebe made her do a little try before letting her swim away she started to swim and we waited nervously suddenly she started to bang the tale against the wall to get it off and after a few tries she succeeded. I went home disappointed. I dropped my keys on the counter and sighed tiredly I was walking to my room when someone putted his hand's around me making me shrink "Just me" Kyle reassured me quietly making me release my breath "Don't scare me like that" I scolded and turned to face him and kissed him.

We were taking a nap when my phone woke me up "Hello?" I answered groggily "Seat belt, it's like a seat belt I figured it out! The tale isn't the problem the suck is! Dr. McCarthy is on it" Sawyer screamed into the phone "Really, that's good!" I sat up "Yeah he said he'll try to get it ready before the carnival" he answered.

Finally it was the day of the carnival Sawyer was with Dr. Clay and Hazel and I arrived with Kyle, we were walking when he spotted Donavon and his coach

"How you doing?" he shook his coach hand and Donavon they greeted each other.

We walked around enjoying ourselves until Kyle would compete, suddenly Kyle stopped walking making me stop and look at him "What would you say about moving in with me?" he asked out of the blue "I think you already know the answer, why?" I was curios why he was asking me that "Let's just say I got a house and I wanted my beautiful Fiancé share it with me….?" He trailed off looking at me with hopeful eyes "I wouldn't anything more than that" I answered making him smile and kiss me and than my belly "Hey baby" he murmured.

I was standing on the platform with Kat Dr. McCarthy and Phoebe to my right. Kyle Donovan Peck and his coach at the end near the water, Sawyer and Hazel ran over and Clay bended talking to them quietly, they hugged Clay and came over to stand next to me and I putted my hand over Sawyer shoulder.

"Hello, I'm Clay Haskett" he started to speak into the microphone grabbing everyone's attention "Welcome to the Clearwater Marine Hospital, I'm so thrilled that everyone would come today also id like to introduce two very special quests first, state swimming champion Donovan Peck and private Kyle Connellan" Everyone was cheering and Kyle walked over to the microphone finally when they settled down

"Thank you, Thank you very much but I'm not the reason were all here today. Come on Sawyer" he turned to look at Sawyer who looked shocked "Go!" Me and Hazel urged him pushing him forward "Lady's and gentleman, my cousin Sawyer Nelson" Kyle passed him the microphone "Wow I don't know what to say, but I do know it wasn't me that made this day happen, were here because of the most amazing animal and friend I've ever known and I hope you love her as much as I do cuz Winter and I are family now" he turned to look at me and I smiled at him proudly and then he turned to look at Kyle "And family id forever" he finished making everyone cheer.

Kyle and Donavon took their positions and the gun fire sounded and they jumped into the water, I was standing with Sawyer, Hazel, Dr McCarthy and Clay "Go Kyle" I cheered with Sawyer and Hazel. They were swimming and Kyle turned right to Clay's house so that Winter would replace him Donavon unaware of that continued swimming while Kyle got out of the water with Reed waiting for his, he stood up and waved making the crowd cheer.

Donovan reached the buoy so Kyle made a signaled to Clay who did a signaled to Phoebe and they dropped Winter to the water and right away she started to swim with him but passed him quickly but she cut him off making him stop and lift his head, she swam around him and leaped over his head making me laugh.

"I think she's getting the hang of it" Dr. McCarthy told Clay "I think you're right".

Sawyer and Hazel ran away while I stood with them suddenly Hazel pushed Sawyer into the water and jumped in and then people started jumping on too making me laugh. After coach helped Kyle out of the raft I saw him talk to Dr. McCarthy I walked over and greeted them and kissed with Kyle "I'm proud of you" I whispered against his lips "I love you" he answered making me smile when we pulled apart I saw McCarthy smiling at us making me blush and Kyle to laugh.

Sawyer ran over "Everything worked out Ash!" he ran over and hugged me happily.

"Winter!" he screamed releasing me and jumped in the water.

I was due to deliver any time now, and I already moved in with Kyle to the house he bought for us which of course was a few houses from Sawyer's house.

I was drinking water in the kitchen while Kyle was watching T.V when I felt pain in my stomach making me gasp in pain and something wet dripping when I looked down I realized that my water broke another Contraction hit me "Kyle!" I screamed in pain and I heard him coming hurriedly after a few seconds he appeared "The baby's coming!" I gasped he quickly led me to the car and we drove to the hospital.

After long exhausting hours of pushing and griping Kyle's hand Cry's filled the room signaling that the baby was here. After the nurse cleaned him she brought him over to me and I held him he had Kyle's nose I started crying happily "Hey there little guy" Kyle whispered standing beside the bed looking at our baby he leaned over and kissed my forehead "Did you think about a name?" he asked looking at me "How about Max Andrew Connellan?" I lifted my gaze to him "Perfect" he smile and kissed Max's head and then kissed me.

The End.

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