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November 16th

Good evening, my fictional audience. How are you? Me? Oh, thank you for asking. I feel like crap. I had a very sour two days. Calm down, nothing bad happened, all is well. I'm using Sinjin's computer. Were you aware of that?

I'm crying really hard right now, so I'm alone. I don't need Jade making fun of me, even though she cries too no matter how much she tries to deny it. I saw her. I see her. She cries when she thinks no one is looking. Anyway, I was thinking my parents and how I didn't even go looking for them. They were likely looking for me and I just gave up on them. From the beginning I wrote them off as dead. I mean, I'm a horrible awful person. Everyone else wanted to check on their loved ones but me. I hadn't, I was too chicken.

No one actually got to check on their families because it was too bad out, but they had still wanted too. I hadn't, I had already given up. All just to stay a live. I mean staying a live is great and important but losing dignity just to stay a live is like… bad. I mean I could get attacked tomorrow. Still regretting letting my family down. I even left Rex!

With the calm that has come with our shelter, and now that everything around this place has been setup to protect us from Titers, I think about my family more. Titers draw on themselves with rocks and other pointy objects, marring there flesh with odd possibly pointless marks. They are ashy pale with hollow eyes and their teeth usually grow jagged and their nails sharp and long. Imagining my mom like that is seriously killing me mentally.

Someone is pounding on my door. I got to go and wipe these weak tears away.

- Robbie

November 17th

I'm back to normal. What ever that is, anyway. I don't feel like the world's worst child today. I think talking about it helped. See, you do serve a purpose fictional audience! Thanks for listening.

Remember when I told you that this hospital is like really far off the beaten path? Well, it is. I think it was evacuated when the world ended. Not a soul was here and we ran across it by pure coincidence. We had to travel through this tiny dusty town which was crawling with Titers, we rammed through them not even bother to stop and search for food. Titers are fast but they go down easy and are very dumb. No need to take a head shot. Anyway we came upon this place after turning a pretty rural road, with about fifteen houses. There's like this body of water surrounding this institution. A lake along a side which dips down making a pretty wide river around it which disappears off into the woods surrounding. The back way through dense woods is the only way anyone could make it here. I'm almost certain this was a mental hospital, why they would let those types of people around large bodies of water is beyond me. I'm thankful it's hear though and empty. We made extra sure it was. You have to cross a bridge to get here. One of those little wooden ones that aren't very reassuring.

Beck had called it a perfect location and we all agreed and began our journey of making it completely safe. They had these vans in the back I guess used for transporting their patients, and we used a couple of those to block off the bridge. Titers can climb but they wouldn't be exactly smart enough to do that right off. As long as we be quiet it really shouldn't be a problem anyway. We only need to worry about none Titers, like those black creatures and humans.

Guns scare me. I thought I would never use one. Now, I use one all the time. Would be finished if not for them. I hate using them, there too loud, and ammunition runs out very quickly. Did I mention there loud and draw a lot of attention… that's why we use other things when a Titer wondered up here the other day. Like I said, they are fast but they go down easy. I feel cool saying that…

The hospital's evacuation must have been quick because they left behind a lot of food and medicine and stuff. I mean this is a small hospital, privately owned more then likely. The cafeteria was filled with applesauce and boxes of instant mash potatoes. There was also a few cans of canned food.

There's this smaller building closer to the waters edge, a type of office. We actually live in there for now until we can seriously clean up in the hospital and organize things. We're moving slow because it's cold and we want to relax. Hold your judgments, please. We've had a hard time. We're trying to calm our minds down and get them out of the fight/flight way of thinking. Bad idea letting our guard down? Yeah. No one really cares anymore.

I'm feeling good tonight. I'm actually ecstatic, it was my turn to get the good canned food. So I'm munching on canned peaches right now. The little things, people. I also feel good because I have a certain someone begging me for my last container of instant coffee. I feel powerful. Should I relent and allow Jade my coffee? No? Should I make her suffer for stealing my glasses and losing them? Yes, now I'm down to only a pair. If I lose these I'm going blind.

While you think that over, I guess I can tell you more of how we got here.

Frank had a plan. We left that morning. Like I said everyone wanted to go find their families and to see if they were alright. Frank had reluctantly agreed as long as people houses were along the way, which everyone's was except for Sikowitz who hadn't wanted to check on his mother. Yeah, don't ask. Though out on the road we quickly discovered stopping anyplace was going to be hard.

Frank had one of those creeper vans. The type that are usually involved in some type of kidnapping, so we all fit. Frank made us empty out Hollywood Arts cafeteria and we had plans to break into the grub truck, but outside was total mayhem and we barely had time to loud the van before a screeching man came running at us.

Frank wanted guns. So it was not really a surprise when we headed straight towards a sporting good store I can't remember the name of. It was swarming with people.

Frank made me get out of the car with him to stand in line. Me! I did not want to but the big man gave me a don't be a wimp look and I had no other choice but to join him in line. There were a few signs hung up around saying they had a limit of guns you could buy per customer.

I mean we waited for what felt like hours, which had me all jittery and stuff because those things could show up. Then we finally made it to one of the clerks - a fat bald man who gave me a look. I didn't understand why until I realized I was supposed to say something.

I looked back at Frank who stepped forward. He asked for the guns which all sounded like foreign language to me then. Seriously I was to busy thinking about how I was getting guns without a permit and without a background check. I mean the world is ending but really…

Anyway Frank bought ammo and got his on guns and stuff. The old guy was certainly not a stranger to guns and stuff. I remember I had started to seriously wonder was going with this man was a good idea. He used his credit card to pay…

The others stared at us when we returned. I would have too… As we began driving away gunshots rang out behind us. I was in the front with Frank and had looked at him then. He only kept his eyes forward and drove.

Do you see why I feel bad for not remembering Frank initially? He really saved us and we all owe him big time. I guess I hadn't actually forgotten Frank. More like I pushed him out of my mind. Now that my mind is on him again I feel like crap again.

I'm tired, I'm going to bed.

- Robbie