Chapter One

Immediate Action

A scratching noise at my window viciously woke me up from one of the best sleeps I've had in months. "Eclipse," I whispered in my groggy state. No answer. Oh was she going to get it. "Eclipse, get up!" I snapped. Still nothing, "Ok, I'm going to murder you." I grumbled to myself as I painfully threw my legs off my hammock and pushed my upper body up with a broken shoulder, just to get out of this damned bed.

With my temper flaring, I stormed over to where my annoying, sweet and lovable gorilla-cat, slept. The cold wood floors of my tree house felt nice but rough on the pads of my feet making me wish I had some socks on at the moment. And when I say 'tree house' I literally mean, "tree house," I live in a tree in the middle of a jungle so I can do my research on cryptids in peace.

"Get up." I growled with venom dripping off my voice. She still didn't budge. I nudged her shoulder and still nothing. "What's with you Eclipse, are you alright?" I pulled the covers off of her only to see a bunch of pillows in the shape of her body. "Well aren't you creative."

Wind rustled through my dirty blond hair; I knew she was here now. "Really eclipse, you just had to sneak out?" I said angrily as I spun around on my heels. She wasn't there though. Strange…

Well I had to go find her so I walked over to my dresser and pulled a pair of sweats on and a black tank top. My wooden house creaked as I walked towards the window and I turned one more time to see if she had gotten back in without me knowing. My hammock bed still hung by a small oval window that let the moonlight flood in. Eclipses, giant, wooden box bed was still intact. I spoiled her way to much. She has a mattress made of silk from the silk worms where we lived and feathers to help with the stuffing, her pillows were pretty much a sack with tons of other cryptid-type feathers, and I gave her my comforter one winter night; from then on she claimed it as hers. She has a window by her bed too; but it's just a regular rectangle one that has a cherry wood frame lining it.

The stuff around her side of my room was untouched. These things were sketch pads, a laptop, research papers…a stack of sandwiches and a small wooden table with a picture on it. I eyed the picture carefully when I noticed the note behind it.

With a shrug I walked over to the picture and picked it up. The small black frame around it felt like it had just been sanded and looked like it had just been polished by a shoe shiner. The grooves in it were perfectly carved out and smooth at the touch. It looked like it hadn't ever been touched; Eclipse never took this much care of any of her things, especially her laptop which I've had to replace five or six times now. Still though, I'd never seen a picture so…treasured, I guess the word would be. Wow, she took really good care of this.

The picture inside the well cared for frame was a picture of Eclipse and me. We were of by a tropical creek looking area to spot put any new or interesting cryptids. Trees were lined up behind us with an eerie, green glow. Don't get me wrong, they were beautiful but something about them was mysterious and interesting. It was that or my curiosity.

Eclipse was doing the peace sign above my head with her extremely long arms and I was ruffling her head hair while holding onto her from her shoulders. She was the coolest cryptid pet I'd ever had. Well, she was the only one, but she was still the best.

I glanced over to see the window she snuck out of and again, I became suspicious. This wasn't like her at all. First of all, no matter how late it was, if she wanted to go outside somewhere, she'd wake me up to go with her on an "adventure." Secondly, if she was going to sneak out on her own, she would've taken the window by her bed, not the window near my closet. And finally, she slept like a bear and once she's out she's OUT. Also when I turned off my light to go to bed too, she was already soundly sleeping. Or so I thought…

The cool night air stung my face as I reached the window Eclipse snuck out of. I cautiously stuck my head out of the wooden frame to peer into the darkness of the woods. I was lucky tonight; the moon was on my side so I had an idea of where I was going. That and I could see her tracts in the moonlight too.

I stayed silent as I held onto the frame and threw my left leg out first. I and eclipse are alike. I have the strength and agility of a gorilla-cat, but I'm human. Eclipse is a gorilla-cat that can speak English. She speaks in her language too but around me that is pretty rare. Maybe it's because every time she'd speak in her native language, I wouldn't know what the hell she was saying so I'd get really angry. Yeah, you could say I got the ugly, angry side of the gorilla-cats breed.

I swung my second leg out and winced in pain when I wrenched my broken shoulder on the window pane. She was so going to get it for this. I dropped onto a thick, brown tree branch with a grunt of discomfort and sprinted along it like it was nothing but air.

The tree Eclipse and I lived in was huge. Branches and everything, so I could sprint for about thirty seconds before having to jump like a flying squirrel into another tree. I gazed around through the dense under and over growth, trying to see if I could spot her. It didn't help me that her pelt was a midnight black and grey…

After about half an hour of searching I was starting to get worried. She'd never sneak off so far away from home at this hour. This was serious. I started running fast along the ground this time; I'd jump over obstacles in my way or swing through the trees if a sand pit got in my way too.

I was starting to give up hope when I tripped over something. I yowled in pain when I landed on my shoulder and hissed at myself, "Watch your footing dumb ass."

I looked back to where I tripped and my curiosity made my eyes seemingly glow. Well that was only because when I tripped, I had uncovered a small pile of leaves and there was a light underneath it. I crawled back over and looked down to see that the light was actually coming from a roof window into a strange, but dark looking building.

I could hear people shouting and roars coming from inside and I caught a glimpse of a cage. "What's going on here?" I asked myself.

Being the handy kind of girl I am, I happened to have my glass cutter with me and I quickly cut out a me sized hole in the thick glass. It was muggy inside like people were working out or fighting or something.

The place was dark and creepy. I already didn't like it but I wanted to know everything about it. I was in a roof area. The place looked like a castle but just one part of it. Where I was, was a narrow ledge that looked down into three other narrow ledges like my own and then some kind of arena. The place was lit up with glowing orange lights and torches. And the roaring was still going on. There was no windows here but there was plenty of people; all drinking of course, except for a few, the smart ones.

That's when I saw it. The horrifying scene that I don't think I'll ever be able to get out of my head. Two cryptids…fighting, to the death. Right now an Amorak was fighting an Alkali lake monster. The Amorak was winning. For those of you out there who don't know what the heck I'm talking about, let me elaborate.

An Amorak is a werewolf type beast. They usually live in very, very cold places and walk on two legs. They are very hair and have weird, almost snake like tongues. In this case, it was hard to tell exactly what the Amorak looked like because it was moving so fast and it was covered in the Alkali lake monsters blood. The Alkali lake monster, is a fat fish like seal thing. It's huge and usually has creep black or green eyes. It has four fins but they are webbed and very small. It has scale like things, that are also webbed on its back running down it's spine to the poor creatures tail. However, in this case the side of the Alkali lake monster was torn open, its webbed back scales were completely ripped off along with a fin and it was missing an eye.

I clenched my eyes shut when I watched the Amorak spring at the lake monster one last time and it was all over. I kept my eyes shut as they removed the bodies. It was horrible and I knew it was going to happen. It goes along with the powers I sort of have. The Amorak was going to spring at the Alkali lake monster and instead the lake monster opened its jaws with tons of razor sharp, five inch teeth and bit the poor Amorak in half. While that was happening the Amorak was biting the lake monsters neck killing it too. I hated being able to slightly tell the future…

When I reopened my eyes I looked at the other rows of ledges and noticed something I hadn't before. There was a family lying down and watching the fighting. They didn't look happy though. I saw a large man with short black hair and a white spot on it. A woman with ivory skin and pure white hair and a boy with black, shaggy hair and a white tuff on it. He was holding some kind of stick with a claw on it. I recognized the claw as the hand of tsul'kalu. The woman had a sword on her back and some kind of utility belt on along with the man lying next to her, only difference was he was wearing some kind of power glove, no sword. They had a few pets with them and one of them almost made me think it was Eclipse.

There was a gorilla-cat, a komodo dragon and a bird like cryptid I didn't recognize. I studied their gorilla-cat. He had light brown, almost coffee brown fur with one lighter patch on his face and around his neck. Also he seemed to have red eyes from what I could see.

Eclipse was a little shaggier than that gorilla-cat. She was all black with a light gray face and her neck tuff led into a larger patch of light gray that covered most of her belly area. Eclipse also had green eyes, not red and sharper teeth from what I could tell.

Their gorilla-cat suddenly jumped to his feet and started growling, alerting his family. Oh crap…He wasn't looking at me though. I soon realized what he was looking at when the next round came up and Eclipse walked into the cage. She had a metal chain around her neck tightly and hand cuffs on. Blood already coated her body and one of her eyes was swollen shut. Bruises lined her face and she was panting, clearly she had already been fighting for a while.

"Eclipse!" I almost shouted but silenced myself when the family below me started talking to their gorilla-cat. "Doyle will handle it Fiskerton. Don't worry nothing's going to happen." That was the white haired women.

The younger boy also piped, "Yeah Fisk, don't worry now get low or you'll be spotted." Wow he must be really confident with the Doyle guy to trust him with two cryptids lives. I snapped my attention back when Eclipses opponent came into view. It was a huge owl man creature. The owl man was all black with beady red eyes. It had wing like things on its arms but it also had hands with nine inch claws that could cut through flesh like a hot knife through butter. It looked like my gorilla-cat or in the cryptids books, Fiskerton phantom but it was taller and more menacing.

Eclipse started viciously growling and her hair puffed up like a startled cats. Her green eyes turned into slits as loud music came on. Apparently it was a song called "Without you" by breaking Benjamin. The owl man started circling Eclipse and she did the same. I taught her well but I was still very concerned.

The owl man jumped on Eclipse and sliced a long gash down her side. She screamed in pain and bared her fangs at the creature. He attacked again but this time she did a back flip and grabbed the cages chain links with her toes. "Come on girl. You've got this." I would be in there already but I didn't want to attract attention to myself to early, I wanted the owl man to be weak if I had to jump in.

Eclipse had her chance to strike but stayed where she was and growled at the owl man. What was she doing! That's when I remembered…I taught her to fight a fair fight, this wasn't a fair fight. You've got to fight dirty in these fights. Fight to win kind of thing.

The owl man became air born and screams of fury and pain rang through my skull as Eclipse tumbled around the cage with the beast. The owl man was winning though. Eclipse was immobilized, she couldn't defend herself if her life depended on it and in this case, it did.

Eclipse jumped high and wrapped her chain around the owl man's neck in an attempt to choke him but she was quickly slammed into the ground when the owl man fell backwards and landed on her. Before she could get up the owl man was on her. He gripped her neck and held her into the air while making gashes down her stomach.

Even from up here I could see the red spewing out of the wounds. Eclipse cried out in pain again and withered in the owl man's grip. She started gasping and gagging when he tightened his grip on her neck and kept scratching her. His next target on her body was her face. He slashed across it mercilessly and cut her eye lid and cheek bone. Blood dripped down her face and body as her eyes slid close.

I could feel it. Our bond was so strong that I knew she was giving in. With one last effort of escape eclipse shoved the owl man backwards. He let her go as she fell to the ground in a bloody heap. The crowd around her cheered and spilled there drinks everywhere as they threw their hands up in the air. The owl man was obviously a good bid tonight.

The music was still blaring as the owl man came back for the death blow. I saw it in the future. The owl man was going to run in and Eclipse was going to roll away but he was going to jump and land on her back to cut her neck open. She dies four minutes later. I am not letting my cryptid go through that.

The owl man started making his move and barreled toward her and that's when I entered. "Stay away from her!" I screamed. I dove of the ledge and landed in front of eclipse as the owl man kept charging. The crowd was shouting in protest and banging against the cage. The whole thing scared the hell out of me.

"Get back!" I snapped at the creature. Apparently he didn't speak English because he sprang at me and gripped my shoulders. Yeah…ouch. I held in my screams and fell backwards with the cryptid. His claws pierced into my stomach and I screamed loudly. As the owl man and I tumbled around the cage, hissing and slashing at each other before I got the chance to break apart from him and spring backwards.

My eye was starting to swell and blood dripped out of my black tank top. Breathing was getting harder as I tried to calculate his next move and my muscles ached. I'd never fought another cryptid like this one before.

"Iris…?" I heard eclipse groan. I looked over at her right when the owl man tackled me into the wall and slammed his claws back into my upper chest. It hurt like a bitch.

"I'm right here girl. Did you think I was going to let you –GAH-, die here?" I shouted back when the owl man's claws pierced deeper into my skin. The next thing I knew I was air born and being slammed into a chained fence wall. I fell onto the ground and pushed myself up quickly. This bastard was not going to get away with hurting my sister.

"Iris no get away!" Eclipse cried out.

"Never, I'm not leaving you! I am with you forever. The end!" I snapped back and jumped up high. "You want to mess with a pissed off half cryptid then bring it on!" I shouted to the owl man. He seemed to understand that because he screeched in rage and came at me again.

I back flipped onto the cage wall and pushed off of it, no matter how much it hurt. I landed onto the owl man's black shoulders and grabbed his face. "Don't mess with my family!"

He toppled over again trying to crush me like he did to Eclipse but I was ready. When we hit the ground I rolled out of the way and got back onto my feet. The owl man landed hard, knocking the breath out of him and I looked up towards the family. They were talking loudly to each other and running off in different directions.

In my moment of distraction the owl man slammed into my side and sent us flying into the ground. I kicked him in the stomach and he jerked on my hurt shoulder. With another cry of pain, I lost control of my power and went crazy. "Get off of me!" a burst of light blinded both me and him as I sent him flying backwards. He screeched in pain as I panted. My true power was really taking a toll on me these days. My green eyes glowed almost silver as I bared my sharp teeth at him and bunched my muscles up. I was ready now.

He came at me again in a weird way that I didn't see coming. He jumped and bounced off the wall but he didn't hit me. I looked up to see Eclipse holding him back and snarling at his face. She was protecting me. "Stay away from my best friend!" She snarled and banged her head into his. When he fell over unconscious Eclipse collapsed by me and we laid there together readying to die. "Thank you." She groaned and reached her hand out for mine.

"Any time sis, family sticks together." I said in between pants, "No matter what." She weakly smiled at that and winced when she tried to move.

"What are you doing here anyways?" she said sternly and almost glared at me.

"I was going to ask you the same thing missy. I woke up and you weren't home. The window was open so I knew you snuck out so I went out to look for you and tripped over a glass windowed roof in this place. I cut the glass and landed on that ledge. That's when you came in. So, what the hell are you doing here?" I summed up quickly and glared back at her.

"I don't know. Someone blew a flute, I remembered that and then I just felt compelled to come I guess. I don't remember leaving; I honestly thought all this was a dream." She was lying slightly I could tell.

"But you knew about this place, didn't you?"

She sighed and looked away, "Yes I know about this place. I come here some times when you're asleep to earn us some extra money. It worked for a little while before I became a big hit and they decided hand cuffs were a great idea for a challenge for me." She said and motioned to her rusty hand cuffs. They were chaffing off some of her delicate black fur now making me angry.

"Don't you ever do this again!" I snapped angrily, "You could have just died and I would've never known. I'd be searching for you for weeks in agony. Do you realize what could've happened here!" Her ears went down in shame.

"I didn't expect it to go this far."

"We'll talk about this later, for now just rest your voice, our wounds are pretty bad." I groaned when something poked my wound. I closed my eyes for a second only to feel more pain. "OW!" I screamed eventually and shot open my eye lids to see the owl man with his nine inch claws stabbing into my chest cavity. I gasped for air and flailed under his grasp. "Eclipse help!" I choke out but when I looked over that other gorilla-cat was grabbing her up in his arms as she struggled and jumped towards the roof.

"Iris!" She shouted and struggled against the other gorilla-cat. The two started arguing in her native language and her ears went down. They snapped at each other some more until the male just threw her over his shoulder and started climbing again. I let out more wails of pain when the owl man's claws slashed through my delicate skin. He went for my neck and gripped it tightly.

"Well this is the end of the line for me." I gasped and flailed in the death grip, "Tell my mother that I never met that I never got to meet her but hi and I love her." I gasped and gagged. Everything hurt. "Screw you world, I win. No more pain." I whispered as my vision started going black.

"Iris!" I heard Eclipse wail as my body dropped in a heap on the ground. 'Too late sis I'm dead' I thought painfully. I heard people around me, loud explosions and flashing lights everywhere but I was dead wasn't I. I hated these kinds of situations, it's either I'm alive or I'm dead. Just make up your mind already god!

To be continued.

A/N: I know it's a strange and kind of gory book but tell me the truth, if someone you really cared about was about to die to some stupid fight, if you were human or cryptid you'd help them wouldn't you. Or even sacrafice your life for them right? Yeah I know I would. Just ask Abbl2! She's a close friend I'd do anything for! Check her out she's an awesome writer guys!