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Everything was dark and creepy, it almost looked like the walls were colored to look like blood. Weapons from ancient times and creepy stone pillars decorated the walls making me shudder. "So Mr. Macho, you ready to kick some ass?" I asked making him roll his eyes.

"Wow, you're fuller of yourself then I am…"

"What was your first clue, now come on I want Eclipse back," I said with a tiny grin and started running off into the darkness. Doyle ran after me and I pulled out the ray gun getting ready for anything.

"So where exactly are we going?"

"Are you kidding me, I've only been in here once and it's not exactly something I want to rethink. Just run until someone attacks us and eventually he'll talk about my cryptid." I said and shrugged.

"Greetings and beonvenue Saturday and my apprentice."

"Starting now," I whispered and pointed the ray gun into the darkness, "Where is she Argost?"

"I sadly have no idea what you are grumbling about dear child, could it be…this?" He said with his little creeper grin and pulled a cord that made a curtain drop.

Behind the curtain lay Eclipse on some stone table. Her arms and legs were chained down as she struggled and growled angrily. "That's your cryptid?" Doyle asked, "He looks like Fiskerton."

"Same breed smart one, anyways where were we…oh yeah kicking your ass!" I yelled at Argost.

"Such vulgar language my dear Iris, You have been away a while haven't you?"

"Not long enough." I growled and pointed my ray gun at him.

"You wouldn't dare-," I shot the ray gun at him making his eyes widen. Argost dropped to the ground and covered his body with his cape thing made out of Megaladon shark skin. "I must say child you have become quite arrogant. That was a huge mistake you just made."

A smile curved at the side of my lips, "Oh I know," Doyle looked shocked at me. "Weren't expecting that now were you pretty boy?"

"Honestly…no." He said back and aimed a wrist blaster at Argost.

"MUNYA!" Argost yelled out loudly and three seconds later the big ugly red spider man jumped down from a ledge. He spit a web at me but I jumped out of the way and rolled so I wouldn't get hit.

Doyle shot his wrist blaster at Munya knocking him off balance enough to give me time to swoop in and kick his legs out from under him. Argost watched from the side lines in interest as he watched me and Munya circle each other looking for an opening. "You know usually spiders spit webs out of their butt, what does that say about you…" I mocked making the stupid, clumsy spider boy run at me.

"Now Doyle!" I shouted. Doyle shot out a rope with two heavy metal balls on either end to wrap around Munya's legs. In his surprise I jumped up and landed on Munya's shoulders to off balance him.

"Hmm this is interesting; you seemed to have grown into your cryptid powers well." Argost said and rubbed his chin lost deep in thought.

"Wow you really did grow up in the woods." Doyle said and punched Munya in the jaw as he fell forward.

"Aww how nice of you to notice," I spat back sarcastically and eyed Argost again. "What do you want Argost."

"Why my dear, I gave you ultimate power, I just wish to train you under my wing." He said back and walked over slowly.

"We both know that's a lie Argost, why do you really need me back all of a sudden?"

"I have been looking for you for fifteen years; this was not a sudden decision. It was clever of you to stay under my radar in the jungle though, I should've guessed. You have stayed under my radar for a long time now but it's over. Well in five seconds it will be," He growled back in anger and smirked at the end of his little speech.

A figure dropped from the ceiling and punched me square in the jaw, "Van Rook!?" Doyle shouted in astonishment and raised his wrist blaster.

"Glad to see you two know each other." I grumbled and kicked Van Rook's legs out from under him. He fell backwards only to back roll out of the way and lung at me again. I jumped backwards only to slam into another person.

"Miss me?" Zak Monday sneered and whacked me with his staff thing. I fell backwards right into a wall and wiped blood of my lip. Doyle was taking on Van rook and Munya all at the same time making me smile, he showed promise.

"Hardly," I spat at Zak and pushed off the wall to slide through his legs while grabbing his staff along with me. Being the idiot he was he held onto his staff and front flipped forward landing on his back with a grunt of pain.

"You know if you weren't such a smart ass I might actually like you," He mocked and kicked me in the ribs.

"Hmm then you really don't know me. I was born a smart ass and I will die as one. So sorry sweet heart you're just too young for me," I shot back letting all the hatred in my soul pour out in that one line. Oh how I loved being the smart ass I was.

"Iris a little help here!" Doyle yelled as both Van Rook and Munya jumped at him at the same time.

"What's wrong big boy can't handle a little heat?" I mocked and sprang at Van Rook. He yelled in anger as I knocked him to the ground and sprung up getting ready to fight again.

"The things I'll do for money…Now come here you little brat!"

"I don't like your tone of voice, it just aggravates me." I spat back and jumped over him. Doyle did the same move as me over Munya and we nodded at each other.

"Get back here!" Van Rook yelled and shot at me. He hit me twice sending me flying back into Doyle who yelled in surprise and slammed against the wall.

"Still think you're a great fighter?" He growled and pushed off the wall to regain his balance.

"Why yes, yes I do." I smirked and lunged at Van Rook again. He just stood there until the last second when he grabbed my wrist and slammed me into the ground. "Big mistake." I snarled and kicked my leg up backwards to make it come in contact with his face.

Zak's POV

A woke up and sat up in bed quickly when I heard something outside. "Fisk, Fisk get up!" I said and punched him in the arm. He woke up with a start too and fell from the ceiling right on top of me.

"WUGA ISSA?" He said angrily making me roll my eyes.

"No I did not do that just to mess with you again. Something's going on outside." I said back and shoved him off of me.

"MUNGHA NOMMLA," He mumbled back under his breath and stood up to cross his arms and flatten his ears at me.

"Yeah I know mom and dad would be mad if we snuck out to see what was going on by come on! What if it was like piece meal again or someone we need to go check.

"WHA! NNOWAOA GURHD BSALDD!" Fiskerton shouted and shook his head at me with wide eyes.

"I'm not saying it IS piece meal but we do need to check," I said in exhaustion. He could be so difficult sometimes it was almost annoying.

"WUGA MUNA FIFA LNEA," Fiskerton sighed and put his face in his hands.

"Yes, thanks fisk now come on!" I shouted eagerly and ran out of my room with Fiskerton close behind. "Come on fisk hurry!" Fiskerton rushed behind me as we stampeded through the house and towards the outdoors.

"Wait…do you think Iris would want to come, maybe it's Argost or something and she'd want to help beat the crap out of him." I suggested as a small light bulb lit up in my head.

"WUGA!" Fiskerton nodded nervously in agreement and we turned around to make a B line towards her room.

I knocked on her wooden door only to have it be pushed open by the pounding of my fist, "Iris?" I asked and pushed the door the rest of the way open. I looked around in the room to see it looking pristine but one thing was missing. Iris…

"ISSA HUGHE ALIGUL?" Fisk asked and put a finger on his chin.

"Maybe it's her outside. Now we really should go check." I answered and closed her door.

"Zak what are you doing?" A voice said from behind me. I spun around to see mom and dad standing there in their pajama's not looking thrilled that I was awake.

"D-did I wake you up?" I asked in a small stutter as I tried to avoid the subject.

"I think you woke up the whole forest with your stampeding, now what are you doing at Iris's room. She needs to rest." Dad said angrily and crossed his arms.

"I umm, I was just going to see if she wanted to…umm watch TV!" I tried with a fake smile.

"WUGA ISSA MUNA?" Fiskerton said making my whole face drop. He always had to be the gullible one.

"What do you mean she's gone?" Mom asked and walked past me to push Iris's door open. "Doc…she IS gone…"

"Nice Fisk," I mumbled and crossed my arms with an angry look.

"Do you know anything about this Zak?" Dad asked and gave me a look that chilled me all the way down to the bone.

"This time…I really didn't. I and Fiskerton heard a noise outside and we were going to go investigate it with Iris but she wasn't here." I said truthfully.

"Maybe Doyle knows…" Drew sighed angrily and walked off to another room, "Doyle…?"

"What's wrong mom?" I asked when I saw her horrified expression. Her pale face turned into a ghostly white as she looked back at Dad, Fisk and me.

"H-h-he's gone…" She said almost too quietly for even me to hear.

"I don't see anything bad about that." Dad said making both me and mom give him dirty looks, "What?"

"Let's try calling him," I suggested hurriedly and started running off towards the communications room.

"Good idea Zak, communicate him and I'll search the house just in case he is still here." Mom said and grabbed dad's arm. She drug him off around the house calling out for Doyle loudly in worry.

While they were searching I was in the large computer rooms typing in Doyle's number. It rang a few times until finally he picked up. "Doyle where are you!?" I said when I saw he was in some kind of distress.

"Hold on Zak." He said through clenched teeth and punched something next to him. It looked like Munya but I couldn't be sure.

"Get back here you stupid little brat!" I heard Van Rook's voice shout over everyone.

"HA, HA! Can't even catch me can you!" What sounded like Iris shouted.

"Look little man, I'm in a bit of a situation right now, I'll have to get back to you later but we may need your help. Get your mom and Doc; they'll know what to do." Doyle said in a rush as someone's lasers passed by his face.

Feeling horror and shock passing through my body I backed up quickly and ran out of the room screaming for mom and dad, "Mom! Dad, Doyle needs our help! He has Iris with him!" I shouted through the house.

"Where is he!?" Mom shouted back and came racing down the hall way with dad right behind her.

"I think in….Argost's house…" I said much to their horror.

Iris's POV.

"Alright metal boy, I'll give you points, you do have a good hit…when you can land one!" I taunted Van rook from a ceiling light.

He angrily shot at me again right as the claw on the end of Zak Monday's staff gripped my ankle. I let out a startled yell and looked over to see Doyle tied up in Munya's webbing and stuck up against a wall…bleck.

"I got her!" Zak shouted in glee right as Munya's web attached to my arm. Now of course I was suspended into the air flailing helplessly in pain and frustration.

"Put her down!" Argost yelled loudly as he watched the whole fighting scene taking place.

Munya, Van Rook and Zak Monday all looked over slowly to Argost and let me go hesitantly. "Why, I had her!" Zak shouted as I laid panting on the ground in anger.

"She is part of Kur you fool! If you destroy her before collecting what is rightfully mine then you ruin the whole predicament and no one will get what they want!" Argost snapped back and looked over at Munya. "Grab the young arrogant Saturday."

Munya walked over menacingly towards Doyle whom was still struggling angrily and trying to break out of the sticky substance. He grabbed Doyle roughly and threw him down to the ground next to me. "Didn't plan on this one, did you?" Doyle hissed at me in irritation and pain.

"I plan for everything, but the last few weeks of my life haven't exactly been a slice of heaven." I growled back and glared at him.

"Oh the drama!" Argost shouted annoyingly and smirked triumphantly at us, "My apprentice and the former apprentice of Van Rook working together as a little side show! It makes me want to be sick."

"So does your face," I grumbled back making Zak Monday hold back a small laugh.

"I see the years of avoiding my watch has made you arrogant young child. We'll have to change that won't we?"

"I'll never give in to you Argost; you're just a sick freak looking for world domination." I spat back and glared evenly at him as Munya webbed my wrists together like rope.

"And I will get it…with the help of you," He spat back and grabbed my chin with his sharp clawed hand.

"Why would I help you!?"

"For the reason that if you don't the life of the egotistical Saturday will be gone in a matter of seconds," He threatened and looked up at Van Rook, "You know what to do."

"But he vwas once my apprentice…I can't kill him!" Van Rook protested…wow, who knew he had a heart. (A/N: The last episode shows when he has a heart! ='( and he was one of my favorite characters.)

"I'll pay you double," Argost offered and glared me down with his creepily yellow, glowing eyes.

"Well I can't protest to that!" Van Rook said in glee and pointed a gun at Doyle whom was glaring up at him with a cold hatred.

"You have three seconds my young apprentice to make your decision." Argost muttered confidently and dropped my chin out of his hand.

I hesitated for a moment and looked at Doyle's nervous but courageous expression. He was prepared for whatever I chose, "This is what I get for letting you come." I grumbled at him. He shrugged at me in response and continued to glare at the men around us.

"Three…" Argost threatened while razing three of his clawed, creepy fingers.


"OK!" I shouted desperately making Doyle protest through his web gag. "I'll help! I'll help just don't hurt him!"

"That's more like it." He goaded in delight.

"Munya, dispose of the arrogant Saturday somewhere where his family will find him." Argost ordered leaving the silent Munya to do so.

"Sorry…"I whispered to Doyle as Argost grabbed my arm and helped me up with his vice grip.

"Come, we have much to discuss." Argost said evilly and led me down a long, dark, creepy, and EERIE! Hallway.

I looked back towards Doyle hopelessly watching him get drug off by Munya while the others followed him gloating about their victory. "When do we get paid?" I heard Van Rook ask as the distance between me and the grew. This was it, the biggest slip up I've ever made and now it's going to cost everyone their lives.

Well I guess I'm officially in hell now…

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