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Goodbye Leanne Smith

I wish I could tell you who I really am. But sometimes I don't even know who I am. I have a total of three different names, one is legally dead, one is pretended and the other is my new name.

I paused as I wrote that line in my journal. I knew nobody would be able to see that confession and I would have to burn the book after I was finished writing out my thoughts. I hated the fact that I had to live a life of secrecy.

You see I was once a girl just like everyone else. I can tell you because this is my room and you are a figment of my imagination. If you were real I would have to kill you after telling such a story. People say you are crazy if you talk to yourself. But I believe it is normal to talk to yourself especially when you don't have anyone else you can talk to. I think I will stop the day I answer myself.

Alright, so I mentioned how one of my names is legally dead. I will start there in my story. I was a normal everyday girl, Leanne Smith. I was born and bred in a small community in Wyoming. You know, the simple country ranch girl who could ride a horse before she could walk. My Father was the pastor at the small church that aimed at bringing the Word to the cow folk. It was a very pleasant life and I loved being home-schooled, mainly because the school was so far away from where we lived.

A few weeks before my sixteenth birthday my Father decided to leave the quaint life of ranch pastor and pulled up our roots to settle in his home town of L.A., how he ever survived moving to the middle of nowhere, I will never know; because I certainly didn't survive in the city.

We were only in the city a few weeks when I met a boy. Turns out country living does not teach you how to pick the nice guys in the city after all. I fell for this amazing boy who was eighteen. He told me he wanted to leave the city and start a quieter life. That was fine for me because I wanted out of the city as soon as I was old enough; that is where my story starts to take the down turn.

After he had me wrapped around his little finger and, what I thought was totally being in love with him, he started using me in an accessory to major crimes, including but not limited to Grand Theft auto. I always took the wrap which got me into a ton of trouble. The police never even got a look at his face; once it became clear that I wasn't working alone he got the name "The Ghost". Someone must have been looking down on me though. I never knew why or who but each time I was let out of jail within a day.

Of course I was innocent in love and ran back to my boy. Each and every time I would find myself back inside within a week. This rinse, wash and repeat -routine went on for at least two months. I thought my Father had disowned me after the second incident but it turns out he was always pulling for me.

Towards the end my sponsor, who somehow knew my Father came out of the shadows. He told me point blank that if I didn't start playing by the rules someone was going to get hurt. I laughed at him and told him that what I was doing was all in the name of love.

That is when he did something that my father had never done. He slapped me across the face and showed me my rap sheet. I wanted to get out of his car right then and there, but he wouldn't let me. My Father had asked him to save me from the dangers of this world. In the end he was unable to save Leanne but he was able to save me.

After hearing this I opened my eyes and looked at the paper trail I had been leaving. I couldn't believe some of the things my boyfriend had made me do. I had committed some very pricey damage and I had been completely blind all because I thought I was in love with someone who was using me. I begged and locked my legs into the seat when he told me to get out and go back to my boyfriend. When he saw that I refused he sighed and had the driver continue on to his own home.

It was at his home that I learned so much about him.

"Leanne, I didn't want to reveal this much to you, but my name is Charles Graiman. I met your father a while back. The two of us have stayed in touch over the years and your father asked me to help you. The types of people you are hanging out with are the same type of people that I used to help put behind the bars. The cops can't get at him because of legalities; you are their only hope in this case."

"Why don't you just come get him? If you have experience in this you should be able to find him. It is not like he is a professional."

"He might not be a professional but the people he works for are."

"You're crazy, old man! He is not working for anyone. I think I would know!"

"Leanne, I need you to listen to me. I don't have the means at this time to go after them. In a few years I should but right now I don't. I need you to work with me here. I want you to tell me their names and describe them to a sketch artist."

"I only know my boyfriend; he has me call him N, nothing more and nothing else. When I met him he introduced himself as Kyle but I have since found out that the only Kyle he knew was the kid he beat up in school. I can't tell a sketch artist what he looks like because I promised him that I would never tell anything about him. If I break that rule he will find out and he will hurt me. I can however take someone in an unmarked car to him as long as he doesn't know that the person is a cop I should be able to slink right on by."

"I will see what I can do. I am glad you have been willing to open your eyes. Your father was very right on the fact that you want to make the right choice in life."

"Thank you. You should know that I will do anything to do the right thing."

A cop dressed in civilian clothes picked me up and drove to the place where I had described. "N" came out to meet me and asked who the person was that had dropped me off. I knew this was enough; the cop had seen his face and a dash cam had recorded it. I didn't smile other than to lean over and kiss him on the cheek. I explained that the person had been driving along and had offered to give me a ride.

"Sweetie, you should have just given me a call. You know I would have come and picked you up."

"I know, but you told me you had a meeting. I feel bad making you come get me each and every time."

"You shouldn't feel bad. I just want the best for us. A few more jobs and we can leave the city; you know you want to teach me to ride a horse."

"Of course you know I do. I think a city boy like you would make a wonderful cowboy with the right conditioning."

That is when our smiles faded. A man I had seen "N" talk to a few times but had never met stormed out of the office.

"Step away from your girl. My sources tell me she is just playing you. The driver of that car was a cop; I can smell them from ten miles away."

"N" stepped back from me and stared me down.

"I swear I didn't know. I have gotten rides from other people before. He stopped and asked if I wanted a ride. I thought he was one of your suppliers based on the way he was dressed."

"N" pulled out his gun and pointed it at me. I freaked out and tried to duck for cover. The heat of the moment still haunts me. I can't seem to wrap my mind around everything that happened then and there.