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I woke in the morning to the door to the room/cell opening with the Asian girl and the white girl standing there. I rolled off the bed and crossed my arms.

"How did you do it? All the parts indicate that that car is indeed a genuine Knight Industries car however; we can't even find the hand scanner to restart it."

"Oh gee, maybe I don't know either. Maybe I screwed us all over and now KnIFE isn't worth anything to any of us."

"Somehow I don't think even you are that naïve. You may be a young child but I really think you know what you are doing."

"Oh wow maybe what they say about Asians being smart is true after all!"

I smiled and uncrossed my arms.

"I will show you what I know only after you hear me out and promise not to throw me out in the gutter or I promise I will go to my biggest enemy and tell them everything I know about F.L.A.G and tell him where he can get some of the most high tech and expensive cars."

"You know if we wanted to hurt you that would have just signed your death warrant."

"Does it look like I care? The only thing I have to live for is KnIFE and the mission I have been given."

"Ok, tell us your story but start with your name and make sure you don't lie to us."

"I will tell you my name as long as I don't have to call you Asian girl and White girl."

I sassed at them and was proud at what I had learned from going to an all-girls school.

"You really are pushing it, you know that?"

"I know, but that is just how I am. I don't do anything half way. And you wouldn't either if you had to do what I have done, just to stay alive."

"Sarah Graiman and this is Zoe."

"So I was right even though you don't look much like your father. My name is Lisa but that isn't my original name and I couldn't even begin to give you a last name, I am at a sort of crossroads and depending on which path I take my last name will follow that choice."

"I was born Leanne Smith a simple country girl to a rancher up north. I was a cowboy preacher's daughter and I grew up on the trails ministering to anyone who would listen. Just before my sixteenth birthday my father took a new Church in L.A. He was afraid I was too naïve because I had never been around civilized people. When we got there I met a boy whom I only know of as "N". He got me on the wrong path and I started stealing cars and other pricey items for him. My Dad somehow knew of Charles Graiman and knew of the wrong I was doing. Charles Graiman intervened in my life and convinced me I was doing wrong. I turned on the person I thought was my boyfriend and agreed to show the police where "N" hid out. The cops were too late. "N" had an informant who told him that my ride had been a cop. "N" shot me in the face and left me for dead. He killed the cop and made sure no one ever saw any of the recorded information from the car. When the cop didn't check back in Charles Graiman came out to the last known location to find a destroyed car, a very empty warehouse and me all but dead."

I stopped and backed off. Remembering all that was all I could do and I fell to my knees crying. I had not been forced to recall my painful past in the last two years and it hurt me more than I could ever describe.

"That is a pretty story but if it was really Charles Graiman who helped you, he would have left you with more than a car which for all we know your KnIFE could have been stolen from some old warehouse that had some failed incomplete projects."

"Zoe, I am not lying. This all really happened and he did leave me a password. He didn't give it to me until after he had died because the original plan was that he was going to come and get me and KnIFE when I turned eighteen. But I believe the word in the message was something like Phoenix."

Sarah immediately relaxed and nodded,

"Just like my Father to leave you with an old symbol of F.L.A.G!"

I watched as Sarah shook her head.

"I have one question for you Lisa, you said you were shot in the face but you don't look like someone who has been. I mean if you were to study enough about F.L.A.G I am sure you would know the significance of the Phoenix as a symbol of rebirth."

"It is significant to me as well. Charles Graiman used Foundation money to have my face completely reconstructed and modelled after that of a girl who died the same exact day as Leanne supposedly died. Charles Graiman gave me KnIFE and sent the two of us into hiding in the place of the real Lisa. Her parents were too naïve to even notice that I wasn't their daughter."

I stood up and looked them in the eyes as I wiped my eyes and then absent-mindedly remembered that my contacts were still in place. I had just grown so used to just taking them out and putting them back in that I had never thought to take them out just to take them out. Therefore, I removed them from my eyes and blinked for a few seconds as my eyes adjusted to not having the lens over my eyes.

"This is the real me. I guess you could say. I don't think I need those contacts anymore, not if you will have me?"

"If you promise to show us how this other car works."

I looked at Zoe and pouted for a minute before I shook my head and pushed through the two of them.

"Show me where to go; it was kind of hard to remember all the turns when you were dragging me around."

I thought I heard Zoe whisper to Sarah something about me being arrogant and not worth the time of day. So I turned around and looked at them.

"If you want me to reactivate KnIFE, then you might want to show me the way?"

Zoe walked ahead of me but I could tell by her body language that she didn't want to show me anywhere except out of her life. I followed her down utilitarian corridors that all seemed the same until we came to the large chamber that I had driven into. Once there I passed Zoe as I rushed to KnIFE who was still in front of the doors.

"What is she doing here?"

"Sarah let her out. Sarah believes her story; and apparently was familiar with the password she used. I really think anyone could have used it and been believable but Sarah is such a sap for the old stories of the original F.L.A.G."

"Are you just going to stand there and chatter all day or do you want to know what I know about KnIFE?"

I was not at all in with the whole being patient thing and I was not about to let them talk trash about me when they didn't even know me. I might have been unwelcome but that was poor planning on Dr. Graiman's part what with dying and all.

I sat down in the driver's seat and watched as Zoe slid into the passenger seat. The shorter guy slid into the back seat and watched what I was about to do.

"I can't believe you wouldn't think something like this would be hidden from ordinary sight. KnIFE was designed to resemble an ordinary car from the inside unless I, the driver, tripped the mission switch."

I opened the center console and lifted the insert. Inside I dropped my hand down to the hand scanner at the bottom. I placed my hand on the screen and felt KnIFE start to vibrate and come back to life.

"There, I have activated KnIFE."


I looked up to see Sarah standing there with a concerned look on her face.

"Could you please come to my office, please?"

I followed her up the stairs and into a room off the balcony.

"Lisa, I believe your story with the exception of a few things. Why didn't my father tell me about you? He told me everything else pertaining to this company in a message after his death but last night was legitimately the first time I had heard of you or KnIFE."

"I don't know why. All I know is he kept me as far away from everything as possible because he said his supporters and funders would not be pleased with this side project. You also need to know that KnIFE was not hiding me; I was hiding KnIFE to protect him from people who didn't have the best intentions for Charles Graiman's ideals."

"How long have you known about FLAG and all of this?"

I looked at Sarah with a ridiculous look and shook my head as I crossed my arms.

"Your father came to me two years ago after being advocated to by my father who wanted help to get his little girl back. Your father was unable to save Leanne Smith in time but he was able to save me and from this time until sometime in the mid fall, I am unsure as to the date exactly he had my face reconstructed to look like Lisa Scott. He then schooled me on how to be Lisa and sent me and KnIFE into hiding. I spent the last two years pretending to be Lisa Scott while training in various forms of hand to hand combat."

Sarah looked at me and pinched her nose before rubbing her temples.

"Alright, let me get everyone else in here and you can give them your story as well. We vote on all of our decisions around here and try to give everyone an equal say."