Ok so I know that the last chapter sucked so I'm going to delete it it's going to be better I hope so let's get started

Hi my name is silver aka Rambo I know it's a boy's name I'll tell you how I got it latter when I came upon a cobra truck then I saw people coming out of it there were three men a blond and two brunettes then I say a redheaded lady next I saw the guns and I just snapped I charged

Silver charged at the Joes first she attacked roadblock knocking him on his butt, duke was the first to come to his aide she kicked him away by then tunnel rat came into view "what the …." He couldn't finish his sentence silver threw her knife at him it in bedded its self in his arm scarlet started shooting at her hitting her in the shoulder … it didn't stop her she tackled her knocking her out snake eyes attacked her that's when he knotted that she was just a child around 13 or 14 he tried to tackle her but missed she was to fast he tried again and succeeded he then immobilized her that was when everybody got up minus scarlet (she was still knocked out ) duke was the first to speak "she's just a kid" "why'd you attacked us" it was roadblock " I don't like cobra" she answered "we aren't cobra why would you think that " she gestured with her head to the truck "hay you look familiar were you on TV you're the fugitives that blow up the cobra thing right" snake eyes let her go he figured if she hated cobra that she was harmless …. For now "sorry about the arm" she approached tunnel rat "you know I know have to fix that for you" she grabbed her backpack and pulled out a needle some thread and two pills "drink this it will numb your arm" he drank the pills "I'll do it … what about you" he pointed to were scarlet had shot her "I can do that myself" she took out another needle and thread she pulled up her sleeve and got to work

"Your friend should be waking up any minute now" as she said that scarlet got up and imminently grabbed her gun "come down red I'm on your side" "you knocked me out" she answered angrily " ya well you shot me so we're even" silver answered scarlet was putting her gun down "if you're on our side why did you attack us" "I don't know maybe it was the fact that you have a car with the cobra logo on the side" silver answered sarcastically "well I better get going" she said getting up and getting her backpack she was heading toward the woods suddenly a clap of thunder sounded "you should say it looks like it's going to rain" said roadblock "I all most killed you and you want me to stay" silver asked "you though we were cobra "answered duke "and you look like you haven't eaten in a while" at that moment it started to rain the Joes made their way to the coyote but silver stayed behind watching them getting socked to the bone "you coming" it was duke "ya I'm coming" she than ran all the way to the coyote

So that was the second/first chapter I'm bored so I'm gonna wright chapter 2 I know is sort the next will be longer hopefully