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As I ran back to the coyote I had a strange feeling, like I just made a life changing decision. When I got there scarlet was holding a towel to me. I dried myself off and scarlet handed me a t-shirt "yours looks like crap " I looked at my shirt the ones red shirt was now covered in dried mud and blood ,and had holes in it.

As I started to take my shirt off tunnel rat stopped me by garbing the shirt and pulling it down "there's a bathroom behind you ". He said with a red face that rivaled a tomato. "don't worry I have a shirt under it" with that he let go and went back to his seat when I took off my shirt they all gasp and where staring at me I looked down and found the cause of it there was a scar on me from my left rib cage to my right hip. I eminently put on the shirt and tried to get out but duke got in my way "where did you get that" "I don't have to answer that, now move before I make you" he didn't move "don't say I didn't warn you. With that I grabbed his shoulder and though him through the door, he landed with a thump.

The team eminently tried to stop me from leaving but there where to late by the time they were all outside I was gone." Where'd she go" scarlet yelled "she's gone duke said and she's stronger then she looks "how do you think she got that scar" roadblock asked "I don't know but what I do know is that it was a deep cut and by the looks of it that cut was very painful ""who would do that to a child". "Anyway we should get going she gone and she overly doesn't want are help now I have a source in that said that cobras up to something.

Two weeks later

"Is that smoke" tunnel rat asked 'ya it is let's go check it out" duke answered. As they got closer they realized that it was an apartment building you could hear people in side.

They eminently entered the building roadblock, duke and snake-eyes where inside looking for people outside tunnel rat and scarlet helping the ingered, soon after the cops and fire department came and took over. The cops putting up barricades to stop people from going inside.

Out of the corner of his eye snake-eyes saw he there girl with the large scar, she was close to the barricade. Suddenly a women was yelling a name MIKE! MIKE WHERE ARE YOU! Duke asked her what was wrong, she said "MY SON! I CANT FIND MY SON!" Then out of a window over the noes you could hear a child screaming" MOMMY, MOMMY WHERE ARE YOU'. Look some random person yelled, there's a boy in the window. The mother tried to go to get past the barricade, but the polies stopped her. She was crying and kept saying my baby oh my baby.

As the firemen tried to go in through the doors they collapsed, and again snake-eyes saw her, while everyone was running she was heading straight for the building. She then did the unexpected, she ran full speed into the building.

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