Ok so I'm trying to update faster so hear is chapter 3

As the firemen tried to go in through the doors they collapsed, and again snake-eyes saw her, while everyone was running she was heading straight for the building. She then did the unexpected; she ran full speed into the building.

By the time the firefighters realized what happened it was too late she entered the building. Suddenly there was an explosion and the entranced crumbled, silver and the kid where trapped. Once the firefighters had the fire under control some of them got one of those inflatable thingy to soften the fall.

And with the mother calling him the child came out of his hiding place; on the top floor. the mother then said "mike I want you to jump the firefighters will catch you I promise "then with one deep breath he prepared to jump, just as his feet left the building silver jumped out and with her feet on the ledge caught the boy by his feet.

WHAT ARE YO-she was caught off by another explosion that sent derby the size of your arm and bigger crashing to the ground. The firefighters barely had enough time to get out of the way in time but one was not so lucky, under a piece of reinforcement a lone firefighter was trapped; her lower body crushed.

On the building the boy started to cry and hugged as if his life depended on it; it did. Looking down silver analyzed the situation, a drop from this high wouldn't kill her like a normal person but she would have some broken bones. And then there was the firefighter trapped she just couldn't leave her could she?

A smell brought her back it was a familiar smell she know all too well, she pushed those mesmerizes away If; they were to live she needed a clear head. That smell it was the smell of an explosion in possibly the next 5 minutes if she was lucky. But then a gene she never was, looking around she saw no way out it was jump or be burned. She had seen enough fire to last a life time.

Making up her mind she made her way back, one of the bystanders knew what she was about to do and yell "LOOK SHES GOING TO JUMP" following that statement people began to yell at her to not jump. Tacking one last look at the boy with fear in his deep green eyes, she ran and jumped.

She landed with a sickening sound and all was silent none dared make a sound and stared at the unmoving lump on the ground, and then said lump moved. Silver slowly got up but as she took a step a bolt of pain shot thou her left leg, it was bent in an unnatural position and had blood soaking her pant leg and the source to the sickening sound. She looked at the boy he was unconscious but otherwise unharmed.

As she made her way to the firefighter trapped, dragging her leg behind her. She looked at the lady she was alive but in a lot of pain. Silver looked at the rock and threw it off of her like it was nothing. The crowd being in shocked at seeing the in possible didn't move there were like statues even the Joes where unmoving. What brought them back was the sound of yet another explosion.

At thought the firefighters went to action but where stopped but the chief "stop don't move any closer get these people to a safer distance" there where objections but with another order from the caption they began pushing the people back besides the complaints. But they missed snake-eyes as he was currently hiding in a nearby tree.

When the people where at a safe distance the captain of the firefighters got a megaphone to talk to silver the boy and the firefighter, "due to the danger of the building no one can help you, we have an ambulance ready to help all you have to do is get within reaching distance of the barricade". Easy for you to say thought silver you're not the one with a broken leg and cuts from the last explosion.

With that silver looked at the firefighter the boy her leg and then to the barricade that was a good 20ft away. Then she felt a presence, next to her was snake-eyes he looked at her and then picked up the half dead firefighter and made his way to the barricade. When he turned and saw what little progress she made his went back and put her arm over his shoulder.

What the bystanders and Joes saw was snake-eyes, with the firefighter on his back, silvers arm around his neck with her holding her leg up and hopping to snake-eyes pace and a boy in her other arm. Slowly making the way to the barricade the people slowly making a clear space for them to make it to the ambulance and they passed the barricade it was like crossing in to another world. As soon as they made it all hell brock lose.

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