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Episode 1: Cure Storm, the guardian of the skies!

Episōdo 1: Kyua arashi, sora no gādian! (エピソード1:キュア嵐、空の守護者!)

Kokori sat up in her bed and rubbed her eyes. She looked over to her clock to see it was only 7:15.

"Well, I guess it's time to get up." She sighed as she pulled her blankets off of her. She stood up and stretched her arms out wide.

She walked over to her wardrobe, opened it and pulled out her school uniform which was grey dress. It has red buttons going down the front and had long sleeves.

She pulled out a pair of white socks and black shoes. She then got showered, got changed into her uniform, tied up her dark chocolate hair up into a side ponytail and headed downstairs.

After breakfast, Kokori set off for school. She walked towards the bus station, staring at the floor.

"Kokori!" A voice called from behind.

Azuna, Kokori's friend was running behind her, waving madly. She sprinted after Kokori, trying to catch up with her as fast as she could.

"Wait up!"

Kokori turned and stopped. "Hi, Azuna."

Azuna finally caught up. "Hi." Azuna panted heavily.

"You're not late for once," Kokori pointed out. "Did your dad drag you out of bed or something or did you set your alarm clock right this time?"

Azuna laughed and grinned to her friend. "No, I woke up early."

Kokori laughed with her. They began walking towards the bus station together.

"Have you heard? Strange glowing orbs have been spotted around the city, apparently they come out after 6." Azuna explained.

"No. I hardly ever go out anymore, do I?"

Azuna looked down. "Oh yeah."

Kokori smiled a little. "But let's not talk about that," Kokori turned her head to Azuna. "What do these glowing orbs look like?"

"They look like yellow glowing balls. They've been seen in the darkest areas." Azuna replied.

The girls finally reached the bus station. They boarded their bus and sat down in their usual seats. Hirona, the bookworm sat infront of them, humming away. She then turned and appeared over the seats.

"Hey, guys!" She beamed in a happy tone.

Hirona had dark green shoulder-length hair with a black headband. She wore rectangular glasses.

Azuna looked at Hirona and smiled. "Hi, Hirona."

Kokori wasn't paying attention, she was staring out the window. Something had caught her eye, a boy. He had short jet-black hair and emerald eyes. Hirona caught onto Kokori's daydream and looked at the boy too with a grin.

"Staring at the rugby team's leader?" She pointed out.

Kokori snapped back into action and looked up at Hirona. "What?"

"That's Yukito Shimizu." Hirona explained.

Kokori looked back out the window once more. Something else caught her eye this time. A white orb dashed through the bus station's ceiling. Kokori tilted her head in confusion.

"What?" She thought.

The bus began moving, preventing Kokori from looking any further.

Kokori arrived in the class along with everyone else. Azuna sat down at the front, where her desk was and stared up at Mrs. Kotone who was motioning everyone to sit down. She yelled at everyone, telling them to reach their seats quickly so she could get on with the lesson.

Kokori sat down at her desk as Mrs. Kotone began to go over a math problem. She watched her whack the chalkboard repeatedly with her pointer and write up equations with the chalk.

She once again stared out the window to the school yard. She tilted her head as she looked at the path. Something extraordinary sat here.

Kokori squinted her eyes a little to try and get a clearer picture. On the path was the same glowing white orb that dashed through the bus station earlier. It sat there for a moment then dashed off towards some trees and bushes.

"Is that thing following me? What the heck is that thing?" Kokori thought as she watched it flee.

Kokori drew her attention back to Mrs. Kotone who was still going over the math problem. She looked around to see everyone either sinking in their seats in boredom or just trying not to fall asleep on their desks. Kokori smiled a little as she watched Azuna bash her head against the desk repeatedly.

Later the final school alarm rang, indicating it was time to go home. Azuna dragged Kokori back onto their bus and off they went straight away. Kokori sat, staring out of the window again.

"Why am I being stalked by a weird white light?" She thought deeply, remembering the white light dashing through the bus station then sat on the pathway infront of the school.

The bus then stopped to a hault, nearl making Kokori fly off her seat. She saw the bus emptying. She dashed off of the bus quickly behind everyone. She then turned to walk back to her house, not waiting for Azuna. She kept thinking about the white light.

Then out of nowhere, she heard a little crying voice.

"Bonbon!" A sweet angelic voice cried happily.

Kokori looked around and sped up a little. "Something is definately following me." She thought as she rushed to her door.

She opened the door and entered slowly, listening for her mother. Her mother was humming away in the kitchen, cooking dinner.

"Mother, I'm home." Kokori called as she dropped her bag by the door. She walked into the kitchen, seeing her mother smiling to her.

Kokori smiled back then went up to her room. She pulled her shoes and opened her window. She looked at the city, smiling. She saw the sunset in the background, watching the city darken. Azuna was right, glowing yellow balls appeared throughout the city and made the city glow brightly. Kokori smiled.

Suddenly out of nowhere something bashed into her face and made her fall down backwards.

"Bonbon!" A cute voice cried.

Kokori sat up and saw a pink creature on the floor infont of her. It was so cute. It was short and stubby, with long ears going down to it's arms. It had a large red bow on it's head and dark purple eyes. It had some sort of necklace attached to it.

"Aww, how cute!" Kokori cried.

"Hi~bon!" The creature cried.

Kokori jumped back in shock.

"Y-You can talk?" She stuttered.

The creature shook it's head. "No time! Lucky in trouble~bon!"

The creature jumped onto Kokori's face, making Kokori yelp. Suddenly a white light surrounded them and teleported them to another place.

Once they arrived, the creature jumped off Kokori's face and leapt onto the floor. Kokori looked around in amazement. They were at the city's lakeside. Ahead of them, a man with white, spikey hair and pure white eyes stood. He had unusual red pale skin and wore dark robes. He was holding a young boy by his collar.

"Let me go, you freak!" The boy yelled.

"Oh no! Lucky in trouble~bon!" The creature cried.

The creature then turned into a brooch of some sort. It had a grey base with two white outer rings. It had a pair of wings modelled on the front. The creature's face appeared on it.

"Kokori! Quickly transform! Save Lucky~bon!"

"Transform?" Kokori repeated in a confused tone.

"Yes! Tranform please~bon!"

The brooch leapt into Kokori's hands. Some sort of key appeared beside the brooch as a keyhole appeared between the two wings on the brooch.

"Put key in keyhole, turn and chant 'Sky Metamorphosis'~bon!" The creature explained and then disappeared into the brooch.

Kokori nodded. She pushed the key into the keyhole and turned it. The keyhole began to glow brightly.

"Sky Metamorphosis!" Kokori cried out.

A bright light grew around Kokori and lifted her up into the clouds.

Kokori's outfit glowed white and disappear within a flash. Her body glowed grey as she floated within the air. Suddenly a white light grew on her torso and then disappeared, making grey feathers burst from it. She had a white blouse with grey trim around her collar and the ends of her short sleeves. A large grey bow appeard on the front of it. Further down, a grey corset covered her stomach area, it had black laces on the front and back. A white light gathered around her thighs and then burst out grey feathers, making a short grey skirt connected to the corset appear. It also had black laces except they were only at the front.

Then underneath a white skirt appeared, connect to the grey skirt blowing in the wind along with the corset's skirt. Then the white light on her feet burst out feathers with a pair of white boots appearing that go up to her shins. They had a grey stripe going up the fronts with black laces. Lastly, a pair of white gloves appeared, reaching up to her elbows. At her hands, grey fingerless gloves appeared underneath the white ones. Her hairband then disappear in her hair, making her dark chocolate hair fly upwards from the wind. It then turned pure white ad grew longer, down to the top of her thighs.

A pair of grey earrings appeared on her ears with a grey choker and a darker white tiara appeared on her head. And finally, a pair of small glowing wings appeared behind her, no bigger than her back.

Kokori leapt down from the sky and landed gracefully. She threw two punches forward and performed a somersault kick to the air then threw her arms aside, throwing herself into a battle stance.

"Let the clouds drift you away, listen to the birds sing their beautiful tune."

Kokori looked up and smirked.

"Guardian of the sky, Cure Storm!"

Cure Storm twirled and went into her battle stance once more.

The brooch appeared in the middle of the bow, glowing brightly.

The man was still holding the boy, teasing him and laughing at him. Cure Storm growled and ran at him at a quick pace. She then realised what she was doing. She then sprung off of the ground then slammed her foot into the man's stomach, assuming this as a kick. The man lost grip of the boy and flew into a nearby tree with a crash.

The boy landed on the floor and looked up at Cure Storm and smiled. "Cure Storm! You came!" He cheered.

"Huh? How do you know who I am?" Cure Storm asked.

The boy looked at the man and panicked. "That doesn't matter now," He said. "Hisashi's coming!"


Cure Storm looked forward to see the man charging at her with his fist behind him, ready to strike. Cure Storm rose her arms as the punch collided with her arms, blocking the attack. Hisashi threw more powerful punches at her which she blocked easily. On his last punch, Cure Storm gripped his fist tightly, almost crushing his hand a little. She then lifted him up by his fist and threw him past her shoulder. Hisashi slammed into the floor harshly.

"Go, Cure Storm!" The boy cried out.

Cure Storm smiled and turned back to Hisashi. Hisashi was ahead of her and seemed to tackle her. Cure Storm flew backwards and managed to land on her feet, skidding back.

"Cure Storm! Use Storm Arrow! Chant 'Pretty Cure Storm Arrow'~bon!" The creature called from the brooch.

Cure Storm nodded and sprinted towards Hisashi. She leapt up and collided her food with his chest, sending him flying into the floor. She flipped backwards into the air and lifted her arm up into the air.

"Pretty Cure..." She began.

Suddenly some feathers appeared out of nowhere, forming a shape of a bow. Then an arrow of white light appeared on it, ready to fire. Cure Storm grabbed the bow and the arrow, yanking the arrow back and aiming at Hisashi.

"STORM ARROW!" She screamed as she fired the arrow.

The arrow collided with Hisashi. He yelled in pain and managed to fight off the arrow. Feeling powerless he growled and teleported away.

"I'll be back, child!" His voice echoed as he disappeared.

The brooch unattached itself from Kokori, making her change back into her original form.

"Yay, Kokori! Kokori scare off evil man~bon!" The creature cried as it transformed itself from the brooch, back into it's original state.

"Yeah, Kokori! You got rid of him!" The boy cried as he ran up to her.

"Wait, wait! I'm missing something here. What's going on? Why did I transform into an entirely different person?" Kokori cried in amazement.

"Kokori a Pretty Cure~bon!" The creature cried.

"A Pretty what?" Kokori repeated in confusion.

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