Gary frowned and stared at the flashing TV screen. He was home late from work again, refusing to go to sleep and throw off his schedule. Sandra had promised to stay up with him but she had dozed away, no longer conscious enough to monitor what was blinking fiercely on the TV screen. It was an old black and white movie, absolutely terrible. Something about a rogue CIA agent and a villain's daughter, and somehow Gary still found himself watching it.

"Stay behind me!" A flashy actor shouted, shoving the damsel in distress safely back, holding up his arms protectively. Gary frowned, trying to understand. Rachel never needed to be protected like that, and Nina definitely didn't. The flashing screen showed some men with guns coming at them and the leading actor easily defeated them, his fancy white fedora remaining perfectly rooted to his head throughout the whole battle.

"Thank you for protecting me." The damsel said once the fight had drawn to a close, batting her eye lashes at the hero.

"Don't mention it, Natalia." He said with a flirtatious grin, "I'm a gentleman, and that's just what we gentleman do." Gary blinked, rooted in place. Now he was completely confused. The team was always protecting Gary like that, always keeping him back, safe behind them. Does that make him Natalia? Gary frowned and turned off the TV.

The next morning Doctor Rosen came by to pick him up at the usual time. Gary got his lunchbox out of the refrigerator, along with his thermos, brushing past Rosen and heading out the door.

"Gary," Rosen asked, following after him, "Is something wrong?"

"No." He answered, opening the door and sitting down in the passenger seat. Something was definitely wrong, but Rosen dropped it, getting in and starting the car. They drove in silence, neither of them willing to speak, and after a while Gary began flipping his fingers around, checking the wavelengths.

As soon as the car was safely parked in front of the office Gary bolted. Usually he makes Rosen open the door for him, because of all the germs from the people who have touched the handle, but Gary just made a face and opened it himself, brushing his hand off on his pants in disgust as he got on the elevator.

"Gary, "Rosen tried again, "Have I done something to offend you?"

"No." The elevator doors opened and Gary hurried out, Doctor Rosen trailing after him.

"Then what's wrong?"

"I'm Natalia!" Gary suddenly cried, "Why am I Natalia, Doctor Rosen?" The older man stood frozen, shocked.

"Gary, Who's Natalia?" Gary stopped, startled, as though he just realized his actions up until now.

"I'm not mad at you, Doctor Rosen." He said tentatively, playing with the blue band around his wrist, "I'm not mad." It was the Gary version of an apology, and Doctor Rosen accepted.

"I'm glad, Gary." He said," If you…want to talk later, you know where to find me." And with that he reluctantly parted ways, glancing back as Gary retreated to his office, struggling to understand why he was upset and who this 'Natalia' was.

Nina and Hicks, who had been drawn to the noise, exchanged a look from across the hall.

What happened? Nina mouthed. Hicks paused a moment to decipher the message before shrugging.

Rachel was standing next to Nina, staring at the spot where Gary had been standing.

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