Sex on the Beach

Chapter One

Watching as her electric blue painted toenails disappeared in the white sand, Penelope Garcia sighed. Gazing at the bluish-green water lapping against the shore, she felt her shoulders slowly relaxing, the tension ebbing slowly from her body.

David Rossi had seriously downplayed the restorative powers that his little beachfront property possessed. This place was probably as close to Paradise as she'd ever been.

When he'd offered her this little vacation a week ago, she'd almost said no. But after learning from JJ that he'd unceremoniously evicted the Senator staying here, she'd felt obligated to accept his invitation. They'd both insisted that she'd needed the break, her usual peppy enthusiasm having faltered dramatically in the last month.

One by one, she'd stood on the sidelines and watched as her fellow colleagues and friends had succumbed to that crazy little thing called love. A sweet tempered woman by nature, she'd never begrudge any one of them that fulfilling happiness, and green had never been a good color on her anyway. They'd each certainly been through their fair shares of trials and tribulations, after all. However, being the last man – or woman standing- had offered her more than a single dose of painful loneliness.

Drawing a heart in the sand with her big toe, she shook her head. For the love of Bill Gates….even Reid had managed to grasp that elusive sense of belonging with the new intern down in Cybercrime. If the social oddball could achieve a working, functional relationship, why couldn't she?

Turning, Penelope began to trudge up the shoreline toward the rambling house built atop the bluff as the answer to her question silently needled her psyche. She was loathe to admit it, even to herself. Saying it aloud was an impossibility.

The truth, though, it taunted her.

Finally reaching the wooden steps leading up to the wide deck of the house, she paused and took a deep breath.

She was here to relax, dang it. To put her troubles behind her for a little while and concentrate on the magical powers that the white sandy beaches contained. She certainly wasn't here to wallow in self pity and doubt.

She was going to have a good time if it killed her.

And it just might.

And with that thought she climbed the wide steps lightly, draping her towel over one of the wood deck chairs before letting herself back into the beachside chalet.

She shivered as she slid the glass door closed behind her and reminded herself to turn up the air the next time she left the cottage. Pulling her wrap closer to her as she walked through the spacious living room toward the master bedroom, she consciously decided to push all her worries to the back of her mind and focus her energy on enjoying the next three days here in Shang-ri-la.

That started with a nice long shower…or maybe a soak in the deep Jacuzzi. This house had come equipped with every amenity. She might as well take advantage of them all.

And after a few seconds review of her options, she realized that it was definitely the tub that was calling her name. While she had the entire Pacific Ocean at her beck and call just outside the glass doors, she couldn't deny the appeal of the gorgeous waves of water that could only be found inside the Jacuzzi. If the beach was heaven, then the tub was definitely Nirvana. Monopolizing one entire corner of the larger than average bathroom, it virtually screamed her name,

Humming to herself as she easily tapped at the computer controls that would deliver the warm water at just the perfect temperature, Penelope then shed her wrap and shimmied out of her purple and pink bikini. The wall of mirrors behind her provided a perfect view of her quickly tanning body, and she thought to herself that at least she could take home one great souvenir. DC wasn't exactly known for giving anyone time to get a killer tan, but the Hawaiian Islands were providing that to her in spades.

She slipped into the rapidly filling tub and let out a sigh of happiness as the water lapped against her submerged skin, the heat surrounding her tired muscles. Leaning back, she smiled to herself as she felt the softened walls of the Jacuzzi mold to her body. Trust David Rossi to have upgraded all of the creature comforts to a level that would have made even the most decadent hedonist proud.

With a flick of her wrist, she set the Jacuzzi blowers in place, and practically hummed as the water swirled. Her earlier thoughts of how happiness and love eluded her seemed to fade for those few moments, and she found herself sliding into her favorite daydream. The bright white rays of the afternoon sun flicked through the high windows, bouncing off the glistening tiles of the bath as she sank deeper into the delicious water…and the equally delicious dream.

It was indeed her favorite, but one she rarely allowed herself to indulge in….especially now, since the object of her fantasy was off the availability market. Shaking her head as she attempted to ignore that very thought, she forced herself to enjoy the moment…to live in her mind….to take advantage of this time to think about what could have been….

She could imagine him slipping into the tub with her, the water splashing as his hands skimmed against her dewy body, travelling pathways that would take them both on an unforgettable trip to the highest peaks of heaven. She was certain that she could hear his whisper in her ear, his tone heavy with desire as he slid against her, the oversized tub providing the most perfect playground for their afternoon delight.

Except, all of a sudden, she realized that it wasn't a whisper she was hearing any more. Even with the dim roar of the Jacuzzi motor, she was almost certain that she was hearing his voice….in person…in the same room with her.

And when she snapped open her eyes, she couldn't help the screech that escaped as she stared up into Derek Morgan's grinning face.

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