Summary: What if Willow cast the marriage spell in "Something Blue" on Buffy and Faith? Alt season 4 where Faith never went evil and is friends with the scoobies. I thought it would be neat if Buffy and Faith began to grow closer around the same time Willow realized she was gay. Warning: It's gonna be pretty fluffy and there will be Riley bashing in later chapters because eww.

Disclaimer: I own nothing; no profit will be made. Characters and original situations belong to Joss and some corporations. Some dialogue in this chapter is re-appropriated from "Something Blue," written by Tracey Forbes.

Timeline: Alt season 4. Faith has been a part of the scoobies and she never went evil. Each chapter will take place during a different episode starting with 4x09 "Something Blue."

This is my first fanfic, so please be gentle!

Rating: M.

Prologue: Something Blue

Willow was furiously pacing around Xander's basement, complaining about Buffy. All she wanted was to have a girl's night—god knows she needed one after Oz left. But no, Buffy left her the second Faith had called about Spike's escape! As if Faith needed help! Willow had pretty much gotten over her previously harbored jealousy over Faith, but tonight had just stirred up all those old emotions again, making her feel like Faith was Buffy's best friend as she was just...well, just another friend.

"Faith is more important than me, I get it" Willow said to an exasperated Xander.

"Will, you know they have to catch Spike. Right now, Faith needs Buffy."

"Well, Fine. Why doesn't she just go marry her?"

Xander thought he saw Willow's eyes go blue for a second, but he quickly shrugged it off, thinking it must be the light or something.

While Willow was complaining to Xander, Faith and Buffy had gone back to Giles' house to deliver Spike after easily recapturing him.

"Come on now, what's a bloke gotta do to get some blood around here! I told you everything I bloody well know!" Spike yelled from his prison in Giles' bathroom.

"Hey, shut the fuck up or I dust you!" Faith yelled from the living room.

"You don't got the stones!"

"You wanna fuckin bet?" Faith yelled back at him. Buffy placed a hand and on Faith's knee to calm her, but the feel of Buffy so close to her thigh actually made Faith get even more antsy.

Damn, she thought, turning to look at the blonde, I thought I had this Buffy crush thing under control again. She knew that she was just kidding herself, though—she would never have her feelings for Buffy under control, even though she knew there was no way the smaller slayer would ever return them.

As Giles went into the kitchen to get some blood for Spike, both slayers felt like they had been struck by lightning. Buffy suddenly felt an overwhelming love and devotion for her dark-haired counterpart, and it felt...right. Like it had been there all along, but something just made her realize it. Faith's feelings for Buffy hadn't changed that much, but now she felt an overwhelming confidence that the blonde shared her feelings and that they could always be together.

When Giles came out of the kitchen with Spike's mug of blood, he paused, noticing that his two slayers were awfully close. Buffy was sitting in Faith's lap, her arms wrapped around the brunette's neck.

"Oh Faithy, it's just so sudden. I don't know what to say..."

"Just say yes, B, and make me the happiest girl in the world."

Buffy turned towards Faith, gazing into those beautiful chocolate-colored eyes and sighed contentedly. "Oh Faith! Of course its yes!" she said before pressing her lips gently against Faith's, tasting the vanilla of the girl's lip gloss. Faith wrapped her arms tighter around Buffy, feeling the girl melt into her.

"I, uh..." Giles tried, taking off his glasses and rubbing his eyes. He had been having trouble seeing all day—he couldn't even read that truth spell he tried to cast on Spike earlier—surely he couldn't be seeing this right?

Buffy suddenly turned around and looked at Giles, "Giles! Faith and I are getting married!" she cried out as she showed him the ring on her finger. Hmm, now that she thought about it, when did Faith give her that ring? Faith was briefly puzzled, too. She didn't remember buying a ring... Oh well, both slayers thought, it doesn't matter. They quickly forgot about it as they returned their lips together, this time brushing their tongues against each other. Faith groaned as Buffy parted her lips, letting Faith's tongue explore her soft, wet mouth.

"Bloody hell..." Giles muttered, "I need to call Willow."

Giles, almost completely blind by now, was attempting to dull the sound of the slayers planing their wedding with copious amounts of scotch.

"We could have it in a cemetery B! Where we have so many memories together..."

"Awww, that's so sweet! It would have to be during the day though, I don't want to have to stop the ceremony to go slay." Buffy punctuated her statement with another flurry of kisses around Faith's face and neck. Faith groaned loudly as Buffy began to gently suck on her pulse point.

"Oh dear god! Please stop whatever it is you're doing now!" Giles yelled from his position on the couch.

Buffy was concerned, "What's the matter, Giles? I know this comes as a bit of a shock, but I hoped you would be more open minded..."

"Buffy, something is obviously terribly wrong. I'm...I'm completely blind for one thing..."

"Hey! What's going on in there? Somebody let me out!" Spike yelled from the bathroom, causing Buffy to slam the bathroom door closed.

After coming back into the living room with two wedding cake figurines, both brides, one blonde and one brunette, Buffy hummed Here Comes the Bride as she returned to Faith's lap. She was just about to reacquaint their lips when Xander and Anya burst in, yelling about being chased by demons.

"Help me!" Xander cried out as he began to drag a bookshelf in front of the door. The slayers quickly got up and began to help barricade the house.

"What's wrong?"

"Demons!" Xander yelled, "So many demons!"

"Demons?" Faith asked, "Hey, maybe this has something to do with the G-man being blind?"

"Giles is blind?" Anya asked, walking over to where he was lying.

Giles sighed, "Yes, Anya, I'm quite blind. many things are wrong..."

Xander noticed that Faith and Buffy were cuddling on the loveseat after helping barricade the door. " this all a dream?" He asked, pinching himself.

Anya quickly noticed that the two slayers as well, "Why do you look like you're about to start giving each other orgasms?"

"Oh god, please make it stop," Giles moaned, reaching for more scotch.

Buffy pivoted in Faith's arms and turned to look at the others: "Faith and I are getting married!"

"Wha?" Xander managed as the two slayers began kissing each other deeply. "Wow, I'm so glad I'm not blind..."

Anya quickly threw a book at him and yelled "Hey!"

"Willow!" Xander suddenly yelled! "She called me a demon magnet and said Faith should marry Buffy!"

"She said I couldn't see anything..." Giles added, "Oh god, she did a spell..."

"So that's why you guys are acting all weird. Since Faith and I are slayers, we must have a natural immunity to it," Buffy reasoned.

"Go find Willow!" Giles yelled, "she doesn't even know what she's doing!"

At some point during their fight with the various demons that Xander had drawn to them, Faith had managed to land totally on top of Buffy, crushing their bodies together. Ignoring both the demon threat and Willow's sudden entrance, the two slayers hungrily crashed their lips together. Buffy's hot tongue explored Faith's mouth, taking her time to tangle with Faith's tongue. Buffy had never felt so turned on before; Faith's tongue in her mouth was ten times as arousing as anything she had ever done with anyone... Buffy groaned as she felt Faith's body press against hers. The slayers' bodies seemed to fit together so perfectly, like they were made for each other.

"Let the healing power begin. Let my will be safe again. As these words of peace are spoken, let this harmful spell be broken."

Buffy knew instantly something was different, but her arousal hadn't changed at all. She pulled her mouth back, and she instantly felt empty. No, she still wanted Faith's mouth against hers, but now she knew she couldn't have it... She was so confused. How could she want Faith to keep kissing her now that the spell was gone? What does that mean? Then she thought that Faith would be grossed out, that this might drive a wedge in their friendship. But shouldn't she be grossed out?

Faith quickly hopped off of Buffy, so afraid that the older girl would somehow know that it hadn't just been the spell that made Faith want to kiss afraid that they couldn't be as close anymore. She had long since resigned herself to never being able to touch Buffy, but she knew that she couldn't live without the blonde in her life. God, how was she going to manage now that she had memories of kissing the blonde? Now that she knew what the inside of her mouth tasted like? She quickly helped Buffy up, searching her green eyes for confirmation that they were OK.

"Uh, so does this mean the wedding's off?" Faith joked. She sighed in relief when Buffy responded not with disgust or anger, but laughter. Everything would be ok as long as they were still friends, she thought. But goddamn it was going to be hard not to miss what she had had for that brief, spell-induced instant.

Buffy was extremely nervous, but hearing Faith joke made her feel better. As long as we can get through tonight without it being weird, we're good, she thought. Then she could deal with these really confusing feelings later, when she was alone.

The slayers turned to the others, noticing that all the demons were gone. Willow was smiling sheepishly and said "whoops, my bad guys."

After going back to Giles' house to make sure he was ok, Willow apologized profusely to everyone and promised that she would make it up to them with large amounts of baked goods. Faith and Buffy had parted amicably, without much weirdness as all, and made plans to go slaying together the next night. Both girls were relieved and kind of surprised that the other didn't seem that freaked.

After they got back to their dorm room, Willow and Buffy starting talking as they were both still way too wired to go to sleep.

"I'm really sorry, Buffy. I mean, I know I didn't mean to cast a spell on you and make you guys make out and everything..."

Buffy blushed as she remembered the feel of Faith's soft tongue against her's, how their bodies seemed to lock together perfectly...Buffy shook the thought away, "I know you're sorry, but it's fine..." Kinda really fine, she thought.

"What was it like?" Willow asked, not sure why she was so curious. For some reason, she was having trouble getting the image of Faith and Buffy kissing out of her head.

"What was what like?" Buffy thought she knew, but really didn't want to have to try explaining it in a way that wouldn't make her sound like she wished she was still kissing Faith.

"Ya, know," Willow grinned sheepishly, "Kissing... a girl."

"Well, I was sorta under the effects of the spell, so it felt amazing" Buffy admitted, "it was like kissing a guy, but I don't know, softer, gentler, yet more powerful..." She suddenly realized that she had probably said too much and added "but I think that was just 'cause the spell; I mean, I thought Faith and I were gonna be married so we were totally in love." The last word made her breath hitch as her subconscious wondered how much of that was the spell. God, she was so confused.

Willow had turned slightly pink and had a kinda faraway look in her eyes. "Hmm..." She quickly snapped out of it, though, "A..anyway, I'm sorry, I was just upset 'cause of Oz and everything...I just wanted the pain to go away..."

"Will, its ok, I get it. Everything turned out fine," Buffy assured the budding wiccan. Except now I've got all these confusing thoughts to somehow work out..."

"I know, its just...I shouldn't mess with that stuff when I'm upset.." Willow added.

"That's probably a good idea..."

"And I shouldn't let myself get so upset over a guy!" Willow said a little louder, realizing that this was the real reason she was so upset with herself. "God, guys are nothing but a huge pain..."

"Hey, I couldn't agree with ya more there," Buffy agreed, remembering her recent encounter with Parker and all the baggage that went along with her relationship with Angel. "I'll tell ya what, why don't we make a deal: no guys for awhile?"

Willow smiled, "A long while?"

Buffy nodded, "Definitely."