A/N: Just a super short coda to bring things to an end. A final thank you to all readers or reviewers; my first fic writing experience was a lot of fun!

Epilogue: Restless

"That Adam was wicked easy for a big bad" Faith remarked as she clanged her glass together with the others.

The fight was surprisingly easy—Adam was indeed no match for a combined Buffy and Faith super slayer. So now the scoobies were back at Giles' house doing some celebrating, having just raided Giles' surprisingly ample stash of liquor and taken up residence in his living room where they planned a long night of boozing and movies. Willow, Tara, and Anya sat on Giles' plushy couch, Xander and Giles were on the floor, and Buffy and Faith were snuggled together on the loveseat.

Everyone felt like a party was in order: Adam was dead, the Initiative was nowhere to be found, school was over for the semester, and Faith and Buffy were moving into their new apartment the following week.

"I know, I feel like this season has gone really smoothly" Buffy agreed. Faith nodded from her spot next to Buffy and the two slayers exchanged a quick kiss.

"Season?" Tara asked.

"Spring," Buffy explained, "the big bads always seem to come around this time of year."

"Then it always gets real quiet in the summer," Willow added, "nobody's really sure why."

Tara still looked a little puzzled, but nodded. She turned her attention to Willow, whose head was laying peacefully in her lap, and began stroking her hair.

"I hope there isn't going to be some other, bigger bad," Xander mused as he walked into the kitchen to grab some popcorn from the microwave.

"That happens sometimes, too" Willow explained to Tara.

"Hell, we've got a couple slayers, a couple witches, a demon, Giles, and Xander. I'd say we could take on a god if we needed to" Faith joked, making the others laugh.

Xander walked back into the living room and sat a giant bowl of popcorn on the table. "Alright, so who's ready to start the movie marathon?" Xander asked excitedly as he pulled a stack of VHS tapes from his book bag.

"Five by five, s'long as we don't start with a romantic comedy. Dating Buffy these last couple months, I'm pretty sure I've seen all of them anyway" Faith said pointedly at her partner.

Buffy rolled her eyes, "as if you even watch them. You just feel me up the entire time."

"Dear God let's not go down that road tonight" Giles pleaded, finishing off his glass of scotch in a quick gulp.

After eventually settling on Apocalypse Now, which everyone agreed was the absolute least sexy movie they had, the scoobies settled in. Buffy hopped onto Faith's lap and tightly wrapped her arms around her girlfriend.

"Love you," Buffy murmured into Faith's soft neck.

Faith kissed her gently and whispered "Love you too, B" in return.

Before the credits even started, Buffy was asleep, her head resting comfortably on Faith's shoulder. Faith smiled and tightened the arm she had draped around the little blonde.

Buffy sighed happily in her sleep and snuggled up tighter into her girlfriend's arms. Faith gave the top of Buffy's head a soft kiss and settled down to watch the movie. Glancing around, she noticed that all the others had instantly fallen sleep as well.

"Huh," she said, turning her attention back to Giles' little T.V. just as The Doors song started over the opening sequence.

She managed to snag the popcorn bowl with her free hand without disturbing Buffy, and slowly popped kernels into her mouth as she watched the film.

Once she thought she heard Buffy mumble something in her sleep about a man with cheese on his head, but decided she must have been hearing things.

The End :)