Chapter 1: Lightning Strikes

Ok, I was watching TOT the other day, and an idea came to me. What if there was another victim, another ghost waiting years for the freedom to move on. The characters in this do not belong to me, except for Keira. They belong to Disney, as does the hotel, the story line and everything else. Please tell me what you think! Thanks and Enjoy! Rainlily216

The sun had set, and the lights of the Hollywood hotel had come on. The band had just begun playing 11 floors up, but you could hear them from the lobby just the same. It's lively tune made me want to go up there even more, but mom and dad insisted I go home, seeing as I had a cough and didn't feel all that great. Didn't mean I wanted to go though. I was standing by the lobby doors, when a whole mass of photographers swarmed the doors, cameras already flashing.

Standing on tiptoe, I could barely see a bellhop struggle through the crowd of photographers, laden with bags, followed by a woman with a dark hat, an umbrella, and a smart suit, who I assumed was a nanny by the look of her. And right behind them came a third person, and my jaw dropped as I got a good look at who it was. It was Sally Shine! The famous child star and America's sweetheart! I watched as she posed for pictures, smiling cutely at the cameramen, and as she did, I also saw another little girl, with dark hair in braids and a brown and green dress.

She seemed angry, and was giving Sally glares full of hatred, not that Sally noticed. As she walked by the front desk after the nanny, I saw something shiny slip off her wrist and fall. She hadn't appeared to notice, but I felt it was something important and grabbed it. It was a bracelet, gold, with two hearts on it. Plucking up the courage, I ran up behind her and tapped her on the shoulder.

"Excuse me, Miss Shine, but I think you dropped this," I said, watching her blue eyes light up in happiness.

"Oh thank you! It would have been horrible if I lost this! Thank you so much!" she said, and hugged me, starling me at the suddenness of it.

"Um, your welcome Miss Shine," I said, my ten year old mind going crazy over the fact that a movie star had hugged me!

"Oh call me Sally. Miss Shine makes me sound old!" she said, and we both started laughing, as the camera flashed all around us. "What's your name?" she asked, and I had to shake myself out of my laughter to tell her.

"It's Keira. Keira Fox," I said, and we shook hands, just as her nanny came over to us.

"Come along Sally, the elevator won't wait!" she said, gently taking the girls hand.

"Sorry Mrs. Partridge, but I was just saying thank you to Keira here. She brought me the charm bracelet when I dropped it," she said, smiling at me in thanks, her white teeth shinning in the light. The nanny looked down at me approvingly.

"Well thank you lass, that was kind of you. Now Sally, lets get going," she said, giving me a smile before turning around, the girls hand in her own.

"Well it was nice meeting you Keira!" she said, before being lead away by Ms. Partridge. On impulse I ran after her, waving.

"It was nice meeting you too Sally!" I said, watching as she, Ms. Partridge, a bellhop and a man and woman entered the elevator; Sally stepping out to give on last curtsy to the cameras. Mrs. Partridge pulled her back in before the doors shut, and before they closed she gave me a happy wave, which I returned. And then she was gone, as the elevator left the lobby. I smiled widely. I had meet Sally Shine!

I felt like I could go home now, but as I walked outside, where the car was waiting for me on the curb, a bolt of lightning hit the side of the building, sparks flying as it slammed against the stone wall. Gasping in shock, I almost thought I heard screams, and that's when I realized that the lightning had not hit any wall, but the wall covering the elevator shaft. Racing back inside the hotel, everybody in it was panicking. I looked around, trying to find out what was happening, when suddenly my parents were there, holding me in there arms, both of them shaking like leaves in the wind.

"Mom, what's happening?" I asked, fear creeping into my heart as people wee pointing at the elevator, like it had crashed or something.

"Honey, lightning struck the elevator," my dad said, and my mother held me closer, like she was scared I would disappear. I didn't know how right I was, for hours later, after the police had been called, and had forcibly opened the elevator, the people in the elevator, including Sally, had vanished. The hotel was searched, people questioned, etc. But they were never found. An actress, a nanny, a bellhop, and a man and woman, who I later found out was a famous actor and a singer respectively disappeared that night. I knew that I'd never see Sally again. Or so I thought.

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