Chapter 5: Sweet Ignorance Of Fear

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Solaria daughter of Apollo: Dewy is my favorite character of the movie, and I never liked how they didn't do much with his character. I mean, I know it's not really about him, as its more Sally and Abigail, but the other characters got more of background story then he did, even Q! So I'm going to make one myself, and I really hope you like him. Hope it's also the right length like the last one was!

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Jenny's P.O.V.

October 31st, 1979

I found myself looking up towards the hotel. It had been 30 years now since she had died. 30 years since that horrible night that my brave friend Keira Fox had saved me from that horrible man, and had ended up paying for it with her life. And every Halloween since then, my head echoed with the last words she had ever spoken to me.

"Run Jenny! Get Help!" played over and over like a broken record.

I was now 47, but every Halloween brought me back to the night, where I was a frightened 17 year old girl again, slipping and sliding through the wet streets, unaware that I would never see my best friend again. I hadn't been to the hotel since, and ever since that horrible night; I couldn't go out after dark. But, I finally was going back. To apologize. To say how sorry I was that it had been her instead of me.


The streets were filled with little kids; all dressed up in colorful costumes, with pillowcases and garbage bags bulging with treats as laughter and joy rang out from their mouths. I felt my eyes tear up, as I thought of the many times Kiera and I had gone trick or treating, and how exciting being out at night was. I must have spaced out, because I felt someone tug on my sleeve, and I looked down to see a little boy who hadn't been there a moment ago. He looked to be about 8 years old, and dressed up as a vampire, with what looked like dried ketchup on the sides of his mouth.

"Excuse me lady, but are you ok? " he asked, and I felt my heart melt at the innocent sound of his voice.

"Hm?" I asked, still coming back to reality.

"You seem sad. Here," he said, and reaching into his bag, pulled out a mini milky way bar, and held it out to me. I hesitated, but as the moments passed, I watched his face fall, and I knew if I didn't take it he'd be crushed. So sweet, so happy in his own little world. I envied him, wishing that I could hold that same happiness, that same care free feeling.

"Thank you. You're really sweet," I said, taking it from him gently, and smiled as best as I could.

"Happy Halloween, lady," he said, before running away, joining up with another little boy who was dressed as a ghost. He turned back and waved, and I forced myself to look happy as I waved back. A small spark of happiness filled my heart, as I walked up to the hotel.

But then, it came crashing down as I walked up to the gate, the hotel looming tall and dark against the sunset. I couldn't do it. I couldn't walk into the place where my friend had been shot down. I suddenly felt strange, almost like there was someone watching me, and I swear I saw a flash of what looked like eyes. Her eyes. I felt my legs shake, and before I knew it, I was running, running as fast as I could to get away, as tears streamed down my cheeks. It was just too painful.

The image of the smiling child flashed through my mind, and I knew I'd never be like him ever again. I could never be happy, unless I stood next to my best friend and told her how sorry I was. But she was gone, never to return and I'd never see her again. And it was all my fault. My fault.


Kiera's P.O.V.

If my heart had still been beating, it would probably be splitting in two right now. I had been looking out of the balcony of my room, watching little children run around in Halloween costumes, laughing and yelling in excitement over the candy they were getting. That's when a feeling passed through me, a feeling of sadness that chilled me like a cold wind. I found my eyes drifting towards the gate, and saw someone standing there. Deciding to check it out, I went invisible and floated down into the garden, standing a few feet away from the rusty gate.

It took a moment but I recognized her. Even though 30 years had passed, that face was as recognizable as the last time I had seem it. Jenny Hale, now a forty seven year old woman, was standing right in front of me, tears cascading down her cheeks, her auburn hair blowing in the crisp October breeze. We used to joke about she was the light to my dark with her brown hair and my black hair. I reached out to her, my fingers barely able to cross the threshold of the gate, the barrier that kept me trapped here.

Still, I managed to reach out far enough to brush a few strands of her hair, her body heat shocking to my temperature-less skin. I saw here eyes go wide, and I knew she had felt something. And then she was gone, running like her life depended on it. That's what broke me, the sight of my best friend running away from me. "No! Please come back! Please!" I heard myself sob, and I fell to the ground, my ghostly form shaking with sobs.

After a few moments of lying there, I felt hands help me to stand, and Dewy helped me back inside the hotel. And for a while we just sat there, just Dewy and me, as he held me, stroking my hair as I sobbed. Tears that fell for my friend. For myself and the other ghosts, and the lives we never had a chance to live to the fullest. I hated Halloween, as it was yearly reminder of what could have been and now never would be.

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