by Bri-C123

Chapter 1

"Hey, Kenshin?"

"Yes Kaoru-dono?" He looked into the shed Kaoru was now in.

"Can you come help me bring my mother's chest into my room? Its too heavy for me to carry."

"Hai Kaoru-dono." He picked up the chest that was by the entrance. He began walking away, his keen hearing picking up what Kaoru was saying to herself.

"Oooh. Whats this? I never knew father had this." Suddenly there was a thump and silence.

"Kaoru-dono?" No answer. "Kaoru-dono, are you okay?" Silence. He quickly put the chest down and ran to the shed. He found her on the floor, eyes closed. He quickly shook her. "Kaoru-dono, is everything okay?" Her eyes flashed open. He saw green for a moment before they changed to a familiar deep blue.

"Kenshin? What's wrong?"

"I found you on the floor, that I did."

"Oh. But I didn't hit my head or anything. How long was I out for?"

"Only a few seconds, Kaoru-dono. Maybe you need a break. You have been cleaning out this shed since morning, that you have. Sessha will go make some tea. You should go rest on the ongawa and sessha will put your mother's trunk in your room first."

"You don't have to make the tea Kenshin. And you've been helping me since morning too. I'll make the tea."

"But sessha wants to make the tea for Kaoru-dono, that sessha does."

She blushed at that. "Well…if you insist Kenshin…"

"Hai, sessha does. Now you go rest. Sessha will be back with the tea." He disappeared outside. A slow smile crept onto her face. He was always so sweet. Everyday, he reminded her of why she loved the rurouni, even though he never returned the feelings.

She sighed at the melancholy change of her thoughts. She picked up the sword she was holding before. She frowned. She was holding it right before she passed out and woke up to a worried rurouni. She unsheathed the sword, looking for the image that she had seen. She looked for the green eyes that had replaced her's before, but there was nothing. Only her reflection.

She shrugged and re-sheathed it. The sword itself was beautiful, perhaps she could sell it for a good price. The green eyes must have been her imagination, and a trick of the light.

I must say that this has to be the shortest entry I've ever written for this site. I already have chapter 2 ready. So once I finish tweaking that chapter to my liking, I'll be posting it too. That chapter will be more interesting than this one, I promise.