Before the Storms

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"Paperwork is evil," Harry intoned. With a laugh, he dodged the staple remover with a single twitch of his neck, the item skimming past the apple of his right cheek. "You're getting better."

"Harry, really?" Agent Philip Coulson, now a thirty-something, huffed in irritation. "Will you stop popping in all the damned time?"

"No." The immortal cartwheeled into the air, never landing. Instead he floated upside down and folded his legs so that it looked like he was sitting Indian-style. He grasped his ankles while bobbing in the air. "I'm bored."

"I can tell," Coulson said dryly. He relaxed back onto his couch. "It is highly disconcerting seeing you like that."

"I know."

The SHIELD agent felt his eyebrow twitch. The twisted grin aimed his way did not ease him. "So what do you want?"

Harry gasped. "Really, my friend? Really? You think I want something?" His right hand let go of his ankle to press over his heart. "Here I am, out the goodness of my immortal heart, just visiting you, and you think I want something! The nerve, sir, the nerve!"

"Don't be a drama llama," Phil huffed, feeling like a teenaged boy trying to placate a hysterical girl. "You never just pop in unless there's an emergency or a warning you feel like giving." He raised both eyebrows now, a look of supreme skepticism on his usually placid face. "Spit it out, and I don't mean your venom."

Deadly yellow eyes narrowed. "I do not spit out venom," he groused.

"The Lake Victoria base, 1993," Philip pointed out. He smirked when Harry sputtered. "Moscow, last year..."

"Lies!" Harry gasped. "I say you nay!"

"Whatever," the agent huffed. "Stop dodging."

There was a pause as the playful nature drained out of Harry. He flipped himself right-side up and floated down until his feet were flat against the floor. "You are my friend. I have not had a friend for a very long time."

"Harry?" Phil froze, surprised.

"Thank you." With that, the immortal demi-god wizard disappeared the same way he appeared, silently and without a trace.



As a favor to keep people from exploding even more, I took out the homo-erotic undertones in these last few lines. So please, stop freaking out. Thanks.