It was a rainy night in Academy City, as a ragged figure crawl on the walls of that city embracing a leather suitcase, he has messy long black hair, wears a laboratory coat and brown pants, his name is Hideo Takeshima and he was one of the many scientist who collaborated in the "level 6 shift" experiment, but after that experiment was frozen and later completely stopped, thanks to a certain high school boy, he haven't found any suitable job, and the few he managed to get, sooner or lather he is dismissed or the project is suspended.

"Damn it, it's always the same those stupid fools, always despising me, some day I'll show them not to mess with me, the board of directors, my colleagues everyone is the same" the hatred he feels can be seen in his eyes, "Just because my drug almost killed that esper boy they kicked me out like a dog, it was just a level 3 after all".

"They should thank me, with my "DRIVE" serum that boy could have become a super soldier and maybe even become a level 5" the guy showed a twisted smile, but later become a little more relaxed,"Darn, but, truth be told, nothing have been the same since the fiasco of the "level 6 shift" project, everything have been going down for me since then, all thanks to that idiot Accelerator and that stupid boy who fight him".

Takeshima began to remember how he and other scientist watched the fight between the level 5 esper and the spiky haired boy through the surveillance camera.

"How in the world that brat could defeat the strongest esper in academy city with just he's right arm, for what we could find about him, he is just a level 0 with average studies and a complete failure in the esper development program but aside from that we found nothing about him and he's power, just who is this Kamijou Touma and what is that ability he posses"

"The given name of that power is "Imagine breaker" said a shadow at the end of the street.

With those words his question was responded easily.

"Who's there, who are you and what do you want!"

The man walked in Takeshima's direction he was a tall man around 1.85m and 1.90m in he's 30's,thin, long white hair tied in a ponytail, he was using glasses and wearing long black cape with dark colored boots.

"My my, so many questions in a short amount of time but I can answer them, my name is Frederic Averruncus, I'm a magician from Necessarius of the Anglican Church and I want you to work with me"

"What did you say? A magician?" Takeshima looked at the self proclaimed magician with disbelief "Don't give me that crap I haven't believed in magicians since 7".

Averruncus takes two more steps near Hideo.

"Ah, but I'm really a magician if I weren't one I could not do something like this", after saying that, the man makes a little enchantment and the rain drops ceased to falling, it was like if there where huge umbrella above them.

"Y… you're just an esper, and a water user as I can see (and a powerful one too)"

"Well, you can explain it that way, but what if I do this", Frederic makes another enchantment but this time instead, a fireball, big as a beach ball appeared on his other hand, "In your world this would be called "Dual Skill" and that's technically impossible, but in my world this and more is very possible".

Takeshima just could see with surprise and disbelief the thing that technically can't exist "the dual or multi skill", if he can take him to the scientist society he can become quite famous, but if its like the man says, and this is not psychic powers but "Magic" this is a once in a life time opportunity to investigate something the world of science believes is nothing more than a myth or a fantasy.

"Ok, let's say I believe you and magic really does exist, what do you mean "you want to work with me"

"Well I have been watching you for some time now, and as I can see you're the type of man I was looking for: from the science side, intelligent, devious, hard working and among that you're searching for revenge or in other words you are motivated", Frederic's face showed a wicked smile "in that way we are quite similar".

"Revenge... Yes I want it, I really want it! there is a lot of people I despise"

"Precisely, in that way we are the same"

"But what is your plan, how can we get our revenge"

"Well that's were Kamijou Touma the "Imagine Breaker" enters in my plan"

"What do you mean by that?"

"You see the right arm of that boy hides a unique power, and making a good use of that power we can destroy both magicians and espers and if we play well our cards even more than that"

There, that's the prologue, even I got a little bored with this but it was necessary, the later parts of the history would be more interesting (or at least that's what I hope for) keep tuned.