All the lonely people

Where do they all come from?

All the lonely people

Where do they all belong?

- Eleanor Rigby, The Beatles

Life doesn't have a playbook to follow while navigating through its wild terrain. Most people, with the exception of some, find out the hard way that life and the choices made throughout are not black and white or cut and dry. Choices and mistakes are considered common occurrences and happen on a daily basis. People are given the responsibility of making choices and decisions since birth so it is almost inevitable that someone, somewhere will ultimately choose wrong. No one ever really knows just how wrong a decision could be until after it has already been made. Perhaps what defines a person is not how often he or she makes mistakes, or the caliber of the mistake, but how one chooses to rise above and rectify the situation.

Neither of them were prepared for the consequences of their actions.

Realistically, how could two people in the throes of young love be aware of just how monumental this mistake would become? How could they possibly know that their actions would set off a series of unfortunate events? They weren't psychics that could predict the future. They were just in love.

This is the story of two decisions. Two decisions that were thought to be the right ones at the time but ended up destroying lives in the process.

Like mistakes, change is inevitable. People have learned to adapt to change. People have the ability to heal over time, to grow and learn from previous encounters and come out stronger in the end. People can regain control of their lives if the will is strong enough.

She would come to know better than anyone that life most certainly goes on and sometimes the only way to survive from one day to the next would be to put on a brave face and stumble through. Deep down he was aware that life was happening everywhere around him but he was one of those people that did not adapt well to change, to a life of routine, hell to anything. He was one of those people that could not move on, could not let go of the biggest mistake he had ever made. And it haunted him.

He had made a deal with the devil and it had cost him everything.

She had fled like a frightened mouse. Only after she left did she make the mistake that would face her every day.

Unbeknownst to either of them, a single thought would flash across their minds. Even though their minds were thousands of miles apart, it would strike them at random times throughout the day. At the shopping mall. At work. On a morning jog. At the bottom of a glass bottle full of liquid courage. 'What if love could conquer all?'

But as quickly as the thought invaded their minds, it would be gone, fleeting away like a butterfly that was just too fast and wild to be tamed.

Alone, they would each pray every night. Her in her cottage by the beach with the sunset splashing across her tears, him through the reflection of the rain soaked glass window near his bed. Every night she would pray to forget. He would pray that she would remember.

This is their story.