Chapter 1

Revive Nebilim

The snowfields of Keterburg, just north of the very town that shares such a name, a lone figure walks through the snow storm. Who was this figure, wasn't obvious?

A woman that looked the age of twenty shuffled through the wasteland, using her power to gain access to an area thought to be forgotten to time.

The towering chunk of rock glared down at the woman as she simply sighed; only stating one phrase.

"Man, I only have two out of six catalysts. I'll have to recreate the rest of her body using my own power."

The long brown haired woman said such a thing as she entered the area. Preparing a Fonic arte only she could accomplish.

However the task seemed to be more difficult than expected.

And so, with two out of six and a specially made fonic glyph the seal would not cracked open. What is worse it seems that the planetary Fonic arte was unusable at the moments.

"...Shit." The woman hissed as she crossed her arms.

There was no use complaining about such a thing, rather she would use it to her advantage.

"Well, at least this gives me some time to fix her body and brain."

The glyph flickered as the woman smiled.

The Fonons were being concentrated in one point; they had to, especially the seventh Fonon, or rather the substitute for it.

After all, that was the flaw in Jade's first design, it also what made the repilca impossible to leave out of its prison.

A hour passed, as a large amount of progress was made, but that was still an hour that the woman could have been using for something else.

"God damn it necromancer! How much did you fuck this woman up?"

Even if she was his first replica, that was still no excuse for such crappy workmanship.

It was cold and tiresome work, the woman wondered if they picked such a place due to the likeliness that no one would go out such a distance for something like this. To be honest, most people would try to avoid it.

The snow may get caught in your feet, or you might freeze to death. Monsters might disembowel you on the way there; of course the woman had no fears of such events passing.

Once the repairs were complete the woman looked at the seal and frowned.

It was annoying, but there was no other way by such a wall of Fonic power.

With a deep breath, the woman pointed her index finger towards the blockade. Glyphs that resembled those of magic surrounded her as she yelled two simple words.

"SHAN LAZOR" One must question the choice to use such violence, like once must question someone's use of bold font in a statement.

And so, a large beam of light released from the tip of her fingers, shattering the barrier in an instant. The remains of such a thing fell gently down like snow, as the woman known as Shǎndiàn Kagayaku smiled.

"Ah, Shan, could you please feel out these papers?" A green haired boy known as the Fon master gave a light smile as the woman groaned.

It was a large stack after all; or rather it simply had been piling up due to neglect on her side. Either way the overall work out put would be a bother.

The red eyed demon woman closed one of her eyes as she looked through the stack, Ion still waiting for her response as she gave an annoyed sigh.

"Why can't you do it Ion?" That was the question asked as Ion slumped his shoulders, it seems like the new Grand maestro was a rather lazy person.

Say what you will about Mohs, but he was dedicated to his job, even if it was shady and backstabby. Shan on the other hand however...

"Shan, I really have no idea how you got this position without me figuring it out, but don't you think you should be taking it a bit more seriously?" Ion gave his honest opinion on the current situation, which caused the brown haired woman to give a small pout.

"It wasn't that hard, Mohs simply wasn't cut out for it. Get it, because he was found cut in half." Shan smiled making a rather tasteless joke.

Ion, rather not continuing such an awkward topic, switched to one pertaining to the Shan.

"Hibana has been staying with Arietta and Sync for about a week." Ion mentioned such a pointless thing as Shan simply rolled her eyes.

"I don't care about anything like that, oh by the way I hired a librarian."

Ion frowned at the last statement, not only wasn't he told about such a thing, but it seemed like Shan wanted to pass by it as quickly as possible. What made it even odder was the fact they never needed a librarian before, so why now.

"Ah, may I meet this person?" Ion asked a standard question as Shan gave an awkward laugh, a laugh as if someone would give if they were hiding something.

But Shan wouldn't do something like that...right?

"You'll get to meet her soon, she is still getting ready, now Fon master if you may excuse me." Shan was giving a not so subtle hint of wanting solitude as Ion nodded.

He understood that she wished to be left alone while filling out such demands, but he had a nagging feeling in the pit of his stomach, but Ion had gotten use to ignoring such feeling.

"Well, I'm sure I'll meet her sooner or later, so I won't keep you from your work any longer."

And with a light smile, the green haired boy exited the room, allowing Shan to exhale.

"Wouldn't have been better to introduce me now, rather than later?"

Shan cut her eye to the door leading to her room, coming out of such a place was a woman with red eyes and silver hair. She had a rather annoyed look on her face, most likely due to the fact that Shan found her previous clothing choices too, "sexy" for business. Thus she had to wear some of Shan's proper clothing.

"That's no good, well still haven't completed your disguise yet Nebilim." Shan smiled a rather trollish smile as the Replica Nebilim glared at her with a kind of hatred that would melt the ice caps.

However, despite her rage. Fighting such a woman would be out of the question for three reasons. One she was weakened due to the half-assed summoning she had, with the whole using two catalyst thing. Two, even if she wasn't weakened, there was no guarantee that she could defeat the person in front of her. Three, Shan was currently providing her life line, which means if Shan died, Nebilim would follow suit.

"Very well, I don't know what else could complete this gaudy mess that you call fashion, but please bestow upon me the last article of clothing." It was obvious that the woman was being sarcastic as Shan gave a light huff.

From her pocket she removed a pair of glasses, one must wonder what power and mystery they hide,

"Behold! The Judas glasses! Hid your face without actually hiding it, yet mysteriously prevent anyone from realizing your true identity."

As Nebilim plucked the glasses from her current master's hands, upon further examination she realized that they were simply normal glasses.

"Now my familiar, take these papers and go to the library!" Shan smiled as Nebilim clenched her fist. Obviously insulted she was being used as a secretary.

"My I ask what you will be doing Shan?" The white haired woman cocked her eye as Shan placed her feet on her desk and closed her eyes.

"I'll be asleep, just fill out those papers and treat visitors nicely and everything should be fine. I still need to find the other four weapons so just relax and enjoy life or whatever. If I need something important I'll simply call you."

With those words, the woman known as Shǎndiàn Kagayaku fell to sleep, leaving her annoying familiar with a stack of papers and little direction.

"Damn this woman..." Nebilim hissed, carrying a rather heavy stack of papers off of the lazy Grand maestro desk, knowing full well she'll have a hectic time filling all of them out.

As she walked through the halls of the cathedral, the Replica couldn't help but feel how idiotic this all was, to be honest she would have rather stay asleep in tell someone woken her up properly rather than have Shan's half backed attempts gimp her.

Either way the time for thinking was over, or rather it just begun, as she entered the room some would call a library, she took note of the area.

It seems that some sections had been burned, or at least destroyed. Nebilim had heard from Shan that there had been a fight in this very room, but no one told her on what scale. It appeared an all-out battle took place rather than a scuffle. But none of this mattered to the Replica woman as she took a seat at the prepared desk.

"Such an annoyance." The woman sighed as she took her post.

"We need this one, oh and this one as well!" Arietta gave a light smile as she handed books to the Tempest, who was acting as her assistant at the time.

"Damn it Arietta, if you're getting the books for Hibana, then why am I even here!" Sync snapped, he was obviously annoyed that he was doing all the heavy lifting as Arietta looked back at her companion.

Arietta decided it was a good idea to bring books to Hibana, who is quite honestly challenged when it came to regular terms of their world. And since Hibana was going to be staying with them for a while it was best for her to learn them.

It still didn't explain why Sync was dragged along.

"We have enough already, it's not like you can't come back later for the rest." Sync at the current moment was trying not to let the books escape from his grip as the pink haired girl nodded.

"I guess you're right, I hope Hibana isn't too sad about the amount we got though." Arietta pressed her fingers to her lips as Sync slumped his shoulders.

There was a very high chance that Hibana wasn't even going to read more than one book, if that. However it seemed that Arietta was oblivious to such a thing.

"Whatever, lets hurry up and get out of here."

Sync tucked the books under his arms as he and Arietta headed towards the exit, looking to forget about the library for today. However there was a problem.

"What do you think you are doing?"

A woman's voice came from across the room, which was odd. Arietta and Sync both noted that no one else was in the library when they came it, of course someone could have entered after them but why would they call them out.

As they turned and looked at the white haired woman, they noticed the desk that was in front of her. Both of them looked rather surprised by this, as far as they knew the cathedral did not have a librarian.

As the two walked towards the red eyed woman, Sync took note that he had seen her before, but where?

"I-is there a problem?" Arietta stuttered holding her doll tightly to her chest as the woman let out a rather harsh scoff.

"Of course fool, you didn't sign those books out, how were we going to know if someone stole them or not. Or were you planning on stealing them in the first place?" The woman snapped as Arietta gave a small wince.

"N-no, we were just borrowing them for a friend! We wouldn't steal them." Arietta replied the best as she could as Sync crossed his arms.

There really wasn't any doubt, he saw the white haired woman before. But from where, no matter how deeply he searched his thoughts he couldn't match it. This was one of the few times he wished the other God-generals were there, unfortunately most of them were suffering a rather nasty bit of death, followed by imprisonment.

"A likely story...just fill out who you are and what books you are taking, then you can be put out of my misery." Arietta shuttered as she was handed a piece of paper and pen.

As Arietta wrote the names of the books down, it finally hit Sync.

"Are you...Gelda Nebilim?" Sync asked such a careless thing in such a careless way. Nebilim's eye couldn't help but twitch.

"O-of course not...why would you say such a thing." The white haired woman smiled, it was an obvious fake as the Tempest eyes narrowed.

"Well then Miss, what is your name?"

At that moment, the Replica Nebilim heart sank.

Neither she nor Shan prepared any fake names, the lack of planning was obviously her master's fault, but either way Nebilim had to come up with something quick.

" name is...Not." The white haired woman nearly tripped over herself trying to come up with an excuse, and it truly took all of her mental power to come up with such a name.

"What is your last name?" Sync asked another harsh question as "Not" winced.

"Nebilim." She had to say it, she couldn't come up with anything else, so she had to say Nebilim.

Sync paused for a moment, giving the woman a rather odd look. As Arietta looked curiously at the two, wondering what will happen next.

"'re saying that your name is Not Nebilim?"

"Exactly, I have no relation to that other Nebilim whatsoever!"

The white haired woman smiled, trying to play everything off as a weird oddity. Of course Sync may have not been the smartest person, but he wasn't blind either.

"Don't play dumb, I know you're Gelda Nebilim."

"No, I'm not! You're getting me confused with someone who doesn't wear glasses!"

And there lies her escape. Nebilim couldn't help but smile over this simple realization.

She was wearing glasses, and her original never wore such a thing.

"You see, I wear glasses. The person you are looking for does not, which means I can't be that person." Despite failing to see the logic fallacy with such an idea. Arietta nodded in agreement.

"She's right Sync, how can she someone who doesn't wear glasses when she is wearing glasses right now?" Arietta pointed out such a fact as Sync eye twitched ever so slightly.

He was surrounded by idiots.

"You can't be serious..." The green haired boy looked in disbelief as Arietta nodded.

"Yeah, plus we need to get these books back to Hibana." Arietta then looked at Nebilim and smiled.

"I'm sorry I broke the rules, but may we please leave?" Arietta asked as Nebilim sighed.

It was as if a giant brick was taken off of her chest, no longer would she have to deal with these two fools and their pointless questions any longer.

"Yeah, hurry up and go!" The white haired woman pointed swiftly to the door as Arietta nodded, she then grabbed Sync's hand and dragged him away. Leaving the woman alone with her thoughts.

"This might be more difficult than I thought."

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