Chapter 10

Lightning bolt action

"Well Asch, it seems like you're finished, I might be able to survive this, but you nah. I'll tell your girlfriend who I don't know about your death," It seemed Hibana wasn't really interested in Asch, or what happened to him, though the feeling was most likely mutual.

"Nice to know you're such a selfless person," Sarcasm wasn't one of Asch's stronger points, though he managed to have a certain tone that went rather well with that statement.

Either way, time was up and the pit of whatever was below them started to bubble, a rather unfitting end to the entire story.

However, the chain stopped, as both Hibana and Asch looked towards the controls, it seemed a familiar pink haired girl flipped a switch as she peeked over the control panel. "I-I pressed the right button right? You guys aren't dead?" It seemed that Arietta simply guessed as Hibana spoke.

"Ha, I knew we could count on you Arietta, and Asch here thought you were going to mess up, okay now simply pull us up and we may be able to use the power of mathematics or whatever," Such things were far beyond Hibana's comprehension as Asch simply grumbled as Arietta scratched the back of her head and pushed the lever up, slowly lifting the chains.

"Okay Ass, I actually need your help we can use the weight and something or another, I really don't know the details. Boring science things aren't really my forte, so if we can use the our weight and go back and forth, we might be able to put ourselves in a position that the chains can be broken," Hibana stated an obvious thing as the red head let out a low growl.

"I know that, just don't mess this up!" The red head snapped as he slowly shifted his weight forward as Hibana followed his lead as they acted as a weight chained to a rope, Arietta frowned for a moment as she noticed another button next to the lever. Maybe it was a habit of children, but she decided to press it for no other reason for the sake of pressing it, though that probably wasn't the best idea as it simply unhooked the latch connecting the chain to the ceiling, causing both Asch and Hibana to fly towards a nearby wall.

Of course, Asch landed face first as Hibana broth a sigh of relief. "That was close, I already fell face first in a pool of water before, believe it or not that isn't soft at all!" Asch grumbled as he struggled against the chains, after a few moments, both him and Hibana were freed.

"Well, now what? We still don't know about the important thing Shan sent us here for, plus all the missing Ligers..." Arietta smiled as Hibana recounted their objectives, it seemed that the wild would have to retell what had happened to that point.

"Don't worry about my brothers, I managed to get them all out before I came here, I figured whatever situation you two were in you could handle it yourselves," That was Arietta's way of saying she didn't really care about what happened to Hibana or Asch as the red heads eyes narrowed.

"We're wasting time here, the replica that took over this ship most likely is heading towards the control room," Asch pointed out as Hibana began to speak.

"Well, the other Arietta isn't really a replica, but I guess that doesn't matter now, plus I doubt she would activate the ship unless she is planning on driving it right through the city...but she wouldn't do that right?" Hibana let out a laugh as Arietta eye twitched,

It would be bad if she was framed for driving a war ship straight down the middle of Malkuth's capital, no doubt the Necromancer would have a field day with that, no doubt he would use it as an excuse to hold both her and Hibana for questioning.

"We have to stop her!" Arietta voice rose for only a moment as Hibana sighed.

"Geeze, I didn't think this would take such a long time, well as long as we get that important thing back I guess it doesn't matter if we take awhile, though Shan will probably say something smart," Hibana pointed out as the three left the rather gloomy steel room.

"Gahahaahaha, this is perfect, wonderful...magnificent some would call it," It seemed Mirrietta laughed as she sat on the rather dull colored seat, looking out the window towards the many ships in the hold. "Who would have guessed that finding something like this would be so simple, though I have to wonder what this is for..."

The pink haired girl held up a bag that was tightly sealed, the person who requested the item gave the Magnificent specific instructions not to open the bag. Though know what kind of girl Mirrietta was.

"Maybe...just a peek," Mirrietta loosened the knot on the brown bag, it seemed she was about to open it when...

"Oh, Arietta, what are you doing here?!" A blond woman yelled from the door as the pink haired girls heart nearly flew from her chest.

"Legretta, what are you talking about?! I was here this entire time, if you saw someone like me than it obviously wasn't me you idiot..." The Magnificent frowned as the blond woman pressed her finger to her lips.

"Oh, that's no good. I let a girl that looked just like you go, she said she was you though, unless she lied, but what kind of sick person lies about being someone they're not?" Mirrietta didn't really feel like explaining it to her stupid comrade as she asked a question that she probably shouldn't have.

"Where is Sync, also I want you to find the other me right now, if she gets off this ship and tells the Malkuth military about our presence here-" Once again the Magnificent failed to complete her action as someone knocked down the door of the adjacent from Legretta.

"Hah, I guess Asch was right, she would be in a place like this..." Hibana pointed out as Mirrietta gritted her teeth, Arietta stepped forward giving her demand.

"Give back the important thing that you took from Daath, either you do that, or we really will kill you here!" Asch eyes narrowed, the truth of the matter, he started to wonder if he over stayed his welcome, he was fine leaving the two girls to handle the problem. He simply needed to ask Mirrietta a question, from there.

"Listen, I thought you and the other God-generals died in an avalanche, so tell me what are you doing here alive?" That was a good question as Mirrietta whipped her hair,

"Oh, you mean this worlds Largo and Legretta, I decided to save them with behemoth when we fell, a lot of good it did me since they ditched me completely. If I knew they weren't going to repay me I would have let them die there, and before you ask. No, I have no idea where they went or what they are doing at the moment, nor do I care..."

At least she was blunt and to the point as Asch drew his sword.

"Whatever, at least I can take out one of the God-generals here, even if the others aren't completely dead,"

"No one cares about that Asch, right now we need to get that important thing back!" Mirreitta smirked as Hibana finished that statement.

"Oh, you mean this, I knew it was important since it was so heavily guarded, but since you three idiots are here than I must have struck gold, huhuhuhuh," Mirreitta smirked at the she put the bag into her dress before turning to Legretta.

"Since this is all your fault, take care of them!" Mirreitta snapped as she ran past the blond haired woman who gave a rather frightened expression.

"W-what, but it's three against one and they can use items!" It seemed her plight went on deaf ears as the pink haired girl vanished when she turned the corner down the hall.

Legretta looked back at the three adversary's standing before her, she thought for a moment, and only for a moment what she was going to do. The choice was obvious, even if it was a little cowardly.

"W-wait Arietta!" The blond haired woman followed the girl as Hibana, Asch and Arietta followed behind them.

It was obvious they were going up, no doubt they were heading towards the deck of the ship. Though they probably didn't have any place to go once they were up there, after all they were still inside a cargo bay. They would have to force their way out if they had any plans on escaping.

As the three ran down the hall Asch stopped, causing both girls to look at the bloody.

"Eh, what are you doing idiot, we don't have time to stop. We have to get that bag back, no matter what's in it!" Hibana pointed out as Asch grumbled, before replying.

"That's none of my business, I already wasted enough time, the only reason I even came with was to get information about the God-generals, now that I have that, staying here would be a waste of time," It seemed Asch really wasn't the nice person everyone made him out to be as Arietta paused for a moment.

"S-so you were just using us, I mean sure we were doing the same thing, but isn't it kind of shady to just leave someone when they need you the most?" Arietta made a good point as, Asch turned his back on the two.

"Like I said, I was here to get information about the God-generals, you can do what you want with those freaks..." It seemed that Asch himself forgot that he to was a freak as he simply walked away as Hibana sighed.

"Meh, probably for the best, I doubt he would have been of any use to us now anyway, right now we need to get that important thing," Hibana reminded herself of the current mission as Arietta nodded.

"Gah! What are you even doing here, I told you to hold them off!" The magnificent screamed as Legretta winced at the tone.

"B-but Arietta, I couldn't have taken them all on, it was three against one, I probably would have least I think," It seems that Legretta was about to space out again as Mirreitta frowned as she looked over the side of the deck.

Jumping down onto a steel floor probably wasn't the smartest idea, at this moment Mirreitta started to regret not bringing any of her monsters with her for the operation as foot steps came from below.

"Ah, there coming damn it, where is Sync when you need him!" The perfectly dressed girl stomped her feet, throwing a tantrum was Magnificent's specialty as both Hibana and Arietta arrived on the deck.

"Ah, we've finally got you rats, maybe if you give us the bag we'll just break the bones in your arms..." Hibana made a rather crude joke as Arietta nodded.

"Yeah, you're making be look selfish and bratty, I don't want people to think I act like you," Arietta made a rather good point as Mirreitta eyes narrowed.

"Hehehehehe, I guess I have no choice, but to fight now... as a witch, I'll show you absolute rule," It seemed that Mirreitta was trying to bluff, and by the look of the sweet pouring down her face, she was doing a rather poor job of it.

"Legretta, back me up!" There was no response from the blond who looked down the side of the ship noticing something flying towards them, no doubt it was griffins, but who could have been riding them? Though more importantly, one has to wonder how they even got the monsters in the hold?

That question as a streak of green came flying in, no doubt it was Mirrietta's world Sync as he spoke.

"Well, it's nice to see so many pretty girls around, but I knew this would probably happen so I brought some griffins here," They were no doubt going to escape as the magnificent laughed and even snorted a bit.

"I knew you wouldn't fail me Sync, unlike this useless cow," The blond woman sighed as a large griffin picked up the two females leaving both Hibana and Arietta empty handed, thus in the end they completely failed the mission.

"Damn it! I can't believe we failed so completely, this is all Asch's fault!" It seemed the brown haired girl was finding anyone to blame for her and Arietta's failure as the pink haired girl sighed. For some reason the God-general knew something like that would happen, so complaining about it would be meaningless.

"Hibana, can't we just go home? Shan is going to yell at us, plus I let all my brothers out, but I think they're going to have some trouble finding their way home. I hope they aren't causing any problems in the city," It seemed that Arietta was tired as Hibana nodded.

"Yeah, there is nothing left for us here, we also found out who took it in the first place at least we know to keep a look out for Mirreitta...though,"

For some reason, Hibana couldn't shake the feeling that they let something really bad happen.

Author note

The next chapter is the last for this part, than the final act will start then I'll rewrite it from scratch.