Chapter 6


"This it right? This is what they stole?"

Hibana gave a small frown, as the pink haired girl looked down at the dirt. They were sent there by Grand Maestro Shan to find that important something that was stolen, but what was stolen was never answered. The only thing she said was, "Hey useless idiot, do something other than crying all of the time, do something useful for a change!" Of course this rant was given to Arietta, which was the one sent in the first place. Hibana simply wanted to tag along because she didn't have anything better to do, but then again, she never had anything better to do.

"Ah, no this isn't it at all… at this rate we never are going to find it." Arietta looked down, as Hibana groaned; they were in Malkuth after all. Believe it or not they really weren't supposed to be there, they were actually wanted criminals, and apparently breaking someone out of prison was a crime.

It was in the middle of the day after all, but no one was going to be in these woods anyway. However that wasn't the problem at all, all they knew is that someone took something important and Shan wanted it back, if they didn't get it back she would complain about it, simple as that.

"If she wanted us to find this thing, maybe she should have given us more information other then it's somewhere in Malkuth." Hibana stretched as Arietta sighed, neither of them really wanted to be there, but if they didn't do it no one else would have.

"It probably was something all scientific or expensive, we probably shouldn't think too much about it." Hibana sighed, she wasn't much of the thinking type, neither was Arietta they kind of did what they were told.

"Maybe we should ask one of my brothers?" Arietta pointed out as Hibana snapped to attention noticing the vegetation around them she remembered they were in Cheagle woods, so even if a large portion of the Ligers were killed by Kage, some should still be hanging around the nest.

But, there was a probably a much better option than talking to the ligers…

"Hey Arietta, why don't we talk to the cheagles.

"No! I don't want to plus I haven't seen the others in a while, to be honest I would rather do anything but talk to the cheagles at this very moment." Hibana simply blinked, the pink haired girl sounded rather angry at the idea of talking to the bunny like creatures. Did they do something to her in the past; it was probably for the best Hibana didn't really enjoy the cheagles company. They made her physically sick

"Okay Wild, you can lead the way if you want. Plus I never really saw you speak with monsters before, so it might be pretty interesting." Hibana took a deep breath as Arietta nodded.

The trip through the forest was rather nostalgic, but it really didn't bring much entertainment. It would probably be a good place for a dual if something like that ever happened, but Hibana doubted that no one was that angry at each other.

Hibana took note that the leaves were changing colors; no doubt it was getting close to a rather cold season. Hibana thought for a moment.

"What do humans call a cold season…aw yes winter."

Hibana coughed a bit before she finally started to speak.

"Hey Arietta, is it getting close to winter and fall." Arietta looked back at her comrade as she tilted her head; she had no idea what the young demon was talking about.

"Ah…Hibana fall is something you do, you can't be close to it, plus I never heard if winter is it some kind of food or something?"

Hibana wasn't shocked, she agreed that winter and fall was dumb names for seasons, no one used such terms in her world. She simply heard her mother use it once and decided that is what all humans call every season that was cold.

That however brought up another question.

"Hey Arietta, how many seasons are there anyway?"

Arietta simply stared at Hibana, simply wondering what she meant by such a thing, the pink haired girl finally opened her mouth answering the impossible question.

"I heard of the term, but I really don't think we have names for those, the days are Remday, Lunaday, Ifritday, Undineday, Sylphday, Loreleiday and Gnomeday. Do you want to know what the months are?"

"Nope, that is alright. I guess it's just odd that everything is so different, ah it's like when I found out most worlds have blue seas, it's just kind of disturbing and jarring. I mean what kind of sick twisted world has blue seas anyway?"

Arietta looked rather shocked at such an idea, what kind of sick world had a red sea, it's the kind of thing you hear in a horror story, a very bad one at that. But that really wasn't the point at the moment.

"We are getting close the mothers nest, my brother and sisters probably remember you from earlier, actually I think one of them likes." Arietta sounded surprisingly peppy at the idea, Hibana herself was not fond of a Liger liking her in a romantic sense, but as far as she could tell they were pretty cool creatures.

"Okay, we're here." Arietta pointed to a familiar opening as Hibana sighed, the last time she was there she was suppose to negotiate with the Liger queen, and that simply turned out badly for everyone involved.

"I'll go in, I'm sure the little one you saved should still be there along with the other ligers that are left, do you want to come in?" Arietta asked a rather genuine question as Hibana thought for a moment.

Despite her limited interaction with the creatures Hibana was fond how they looked, but at the same time she wasn't excited at looking at a pup, since most of the time they had a bad habit of being rather cute and Hibana hated cute things.

"Eh, I'm alright. You can go in without me if you want, I'll just wait out here, it's not like I have any business there anyway, I'll just be the awkward chick in the corner at a party or something." Hibana scratched the back of her head as Arietta gave a rather small pout.

"...I bet you would do it if Sync asked, you were pretty sad when you heard he was assigned to another mission." Arietta pointed out this fact as the brown haired girl gave a wince.

She didn't like Sync like that, at least she didn't think she like Sync like that? Alas people's hearts are rather confusing when it comes to such topics, times like this Hibana wished she could hide her emotions like a certain songstress she knew.

"T-that's not true at all, Sync is just a really cool dude, I have absolutely no romantic feelings for him at all!" Hibana's anger just proved that she was lying, though Arietta herself wasn't savvy enough to understand such a thing, actually the way Hibana said that made Arietta question something.

"Hey...Hibana, you hang out with me a lot, so I need to ask you an honest question, so please don't get mad." Arietta tightened the grip on her doll as Hibana simply blinked at her younger looking friend.

"Okay Wild, go ahead, it's not like I'm going going to bite your head off or anything. We're friends after all." Hibana gave a rather light smile as Arietta's expression hardened, she nodded to herself as she asked the young demon a rather awkward question.

"A-are you in love with me Hibana?!" As Arietta spoke those words Hibana eye gave a rather humorous twitch, something impossible to describe one might say, before the brown haired girl had a chance to reply Arietta continued.

"Y-you see, Katto told me that you were buy, I don't really understand actually, since buying something is something you do not something you are, but as he described it. It mean's you like both boys and girls right? I just want to make sure since we sleep in the same room and bed and I just didn't want anything weird to happen." Arietta face was rather flushed before she started to speak once again.

"B-but if you did fall in love with me, I-I really am flattered, but you have to understand I really like Ion, b-but if I didn't like Ion I would re-"

"That's enough!" Hibana screamed, she wanted to cry on how embarrassing all of it was, not only did Katto tell her personal business, but he told it to Arietta of all people, the one girl that could confuse Bi with buy, which was pretty funny once she started to think about it.

"I'm not attracted to you like that, like at all. I mean I could totally find a better girl then you if I wanted something like that now, which I don't."

Arietta heart skipped a beat, as her face actually had a somewhat angry look on it, it seemed like Hibana actually offended the small girl when she stated that she had no interest in her at all, which was about to make an awkward subject even more odd.

"Y-you don't have to say it like that Hibana, I mean I'm sure a lot of girls enjoy staring at me...I mean I don't think I'm being vain or anything." Arietta replied, despite everything she said being rather vain despite her denial.

"Bah, just go talk to your family, I'm not continuing this!" It was weird, Arietta actually never saw Hibana so flustered before, though Arietta herself wondered why she simply shrugged before she entered the nest, leaving a rather agitated Hibana, who seemed like she was about to smash her head against a tree.

As the small girl continued to hold her doll, she wondered how long it had been since she visited the nest.

"That's right, I haven't been here since mommy was killed."

A rather unpleasant memory to bring up, which is odd since a lot had happened since then, between her kidnapping and the battle against Kage, Arietta was positive that she wasn't the same person she was before. Whether that was a good thing or a bad thing, she really couldn't decide yet.

Then there was Van, she wondered if his death really was a fact, after all she hadn't seen him since that time in Belkend, and he accused her of being a replica at that point, despite being the orginal in every way.

After she walked the green trail she was in her mothers old room, it was a rather empty feeling that could never be replaced, as she looked around she started to question where all her siblings were.

"They should be here, I don't think anyone attacked the forest in awhile, so no one should be hurt..." Arietta looked down as she questioned the absence of her family. As her mind started to wander, she heard some shacking in the bushes, there really wasn't a lot of hiding spots in the area.

"Ah, is someone there...wait." No doubt it was a monster, so using the human language was worthless, she might as well use the language of monsters since that was the only one other language she knew.

[Is anyone there.] Arietta coughed a little as she forced the words out, it had been awhile since she had to exclusively used the language, the monsters that accompanied her followed her orders without her even needing to speak with them directly.

With those words a lone Liger came out of the bushes, it started the growl as it spoke.

[Of course not, you took them all, do you not remember?!]

Arietta simply blinked as her eyes narrowed, of course did no such thing, after all she would remember stealing the remaining ligers, but why would one of her brothers say such a thing. It was odd to say the least, but not the oddest thing that had happen to her. After all there was once person the liger could have been referring to.

[Listen, I need you to tell me what I was wearing, was I wearing this?!] Arietta pointed to her black dress as the small liger growled, it seemed it hated talking to Arietta.

[No, you were wearing something that was the color of snow, you should know this human.] Arietta winced at the term. It actually hurt quite a lot, none of her family ever called her human, but what was odd is that Arietta never seen the liger before her. But something so worthless was not important.

[Listen, I need you to tell me, where I went and what I was doing!]

Hibana picked the grass as she grumbled to herself.

"Katto, telling Arietta that, I don't care if it was true. You don't tell someone like Arietta the details about being Bi, she could ruin my reputation with that." Hibana stared into the sky. It was reaching afternoon no doubt as she started to wonder what was taking Arietta so long.

"Sheesh, how long does it take to talk to your family. I mean you already know all there is to know about them, what more is there." Despite being over a thousand years old, it seemed that Hibana still had not master the art of patience, but considering the world she was in, it was a useless skill to have in the first place.

At that moment Hibana heard the shifting if grass as a small figure emerged from the nest, no doubt it was Arietta, after all she was the only person Hibana knew that had pink hair.

"So did you f-"

"We need to go!" Arietta voice was rather harsh as Hibana gave her a rather dumb expression. It seemed something had happened.

"What do you mean we need to go, what happened?" Hibana asked with a shrug, she was concerned since Arietta was never the kind of person that was harsh with the people she knew or liked.

"Someone took everyone, and I know who it was." Arietta frowned as Hibana scratched her head.

Who would kidnap ligers, what use would they have for them. After all even if someone could control them, there were much better options for lackeys then random monsters in a random forest.

"Well...Arietta that really isn't are mission, but I guess this is more important then that thing Shan wanted us to find." To be honest Hibana wasn't thrilled about doing her sisters dirty work in the first place. Plus a kidnapped family is far more important then some random hunk of junk that Shan threw together.

"Thanks Hibana...anyway we need to head to Grand Chokmah." Hibana sighed at the name, realizing that they would be going back to the capital that marked them as outlaws.

"Aw well, I'm sure the Necromancer will put in a good word for us or something, either that or we're going to have to do another prison break." Hibana chuckled, it was actually pretty fun doing it, despite the damage to the city, like it mattered. It's not like she was paying for it.

With those thoughts the two made their way out of the forest, heading to the capital of Malkuth.

Author notes

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