I decided to create another fan fiction, even though I am still working on "Katie," right now. However, 9 Has become, something of an obsession with me, and I simply had to write this story. I do not own 9 or the original idea for a character named, "0," however, this particular zero, and her story, belongs to me.

When I was created, there was much beauty in the world. I still remember it; the days before the great war. The sky was a bright blue, the sun still shone, and flowers bloomed in all the colors ever imagined by a single person. But, that was before the Chancellor took the BRAIN and used it for war. Before the machines turned.

I still remember the very day I was first created. My hands were made of some type of metal. My cloth-like skin was soft. Softer than the material that was used to create five and nine, but not like the leather used to make one. My legs resembled those of the creatures the Scientist had called, "dogs." The end of my feet being rather small, while the middle being longer and rose at an angle. My knee bends forward much farther than any of the others' knees. Their design differs from mine in that perspective. My legs are built to absorb more shock than the others' though. I'm able to jump higher, and run faster than any of them as well. My first sight was of him. My creator, the Scientist. I don't know what his name was. I only knew him as the Scientist or, as he would come to be known as, the Source. He was an old man by the reckoning of humans. His hair thin and balding, white as the snows in winter. But his eyes were as bright as the youths I saw, whilst hiding on the top shelf. He was very kind, as I recall, and very full of guilt. He was the one that dubbed me, "Zero," as marked by the round zero on my back.

"Zero to remember us," he said, and I knew that was my purpose; to remember. He built me just after he created the BRAIN. At the time, he knew someone would miss use it. For, it had no sense of right and wrong. It only knew what logic was, and what it was ordered to do.

During my first few weeks alive, I loved to spend time staring out the window of the Scientists house. Other humans walked far below us, and some, even, had smaller humans that would cling to their hands. The Scientist called them, "children." Funny little things; they seemed less sure on their feet then the bigger humans were. I would go with the Scientist as he went out, at times. The gardens were what I remembered most. Many flowers of every shape and size grew there, and the trees! They were so tall that I'd have to look, nearly, straight up into the sky just to see the leaves that grew on them. Others grew fruit that the humans would pick and eat, or make into other things. The Scientist bought one of these things, once. An apple tart I believe. He seemed to enjoy it but, having no sense of taste, I wouldn't know. I even saw the BRAIN once or twice. A monstrous thing in my opinion.

However, things did not remain peaceful for long.

One day, while I was reading through a book on various animals, the Scientist came into the room. His face was contorted into one of worry, and his hair was dis shelved. He had told me that the Chancellor had, "commandeered," (as he described it), the BRAIN, and planned to use it to make weapons of mass destruction. I saw on the telly that the Chancellor had called them, "Machines of peace." Load of rubbish, in my opinion. I had seen what he planned to build, and machines of peace would not, normally, be built with guns attached. This is when everything went wrong.

I don't know why the machines decided to turn, maybe they thought of humans as obsolete. They probably wondered why they were killing some humans and not others. That, if all the humans were dead, there would be no more reason to fight. Or, maybe, they just were sick of being told what to do. Either way, they began to turn on the very ones they were created by, and the Scientist began to make more of us.