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I woke up back in my room at the library, someone was curled up next to me. Looking over, I saw it was Six. I smiled and snuggled closer to him, his arms wrapped around me and he smiled in his sleep. I tried falling back to sleep, but I couldn't. I didn't want to get up either, so I stayed where I was, comfortably wrapped in Six's arms for the remainder of the night.

As the sun's first rays of light shone into the library, Six started to rouse himself awake. Upon seeing that I was awake, Six hugged me close to his chest, "Zero," he whispered, causing me to shiver. I nuzzled his chest as he stroked my head softly. I'm so glad I'm home. Six pulled away from me slightly, sitting up, he stretched before telling me, "Two told me to get him when you woke up," I nodded in understanding as he left. I stared up at the ceiling in thought. Now what? I go back to being useless? What would the others think about me?

I was broken from my thoughts as Six returned with Two and Five close behind him. I sat up as Six sat next to me and Two asked me, "How are you feeling now, Zero?" I gave him a slight thumbs up and he chuckled, taking my foot in his hand. I looked down at it. It was put into a splint and the cloth was tied together just above the break. It still hurt, but not as much as before, "That's some break you have there. What were you doing?"

I pointed to Five and he smiled, rubbing the back of his head. I noticed he managed to get his patch replaced as he answered Two, "She was fighting a machine over by the old factory. She got caught in the wreckage but, luckily, Eight and I weren't too far away."

"I see," Two muttered, glancing down at the ground in thought before looking back up at Five, "Would you be willing to describe the machine to the others? Perhaps we can come up with a plan to destroy it," Five nodded to his mentor before turning and walking out of the room. Two turned to me, "The twins had been frantic when you left. They want to see you."

I smiled at him, nodding that I wanted to see them too and he walked out of the room. Six gave me another hug and I cuddled close to him. Just then, the twins burst into the room, both latching on to either side of me and shaking in silent sobs of relief. I rubbed their heads softly until they managed to calm down, both looking up to me and flashed their optics in worry.

"Why did you leave again? We were so worried! Why didn't you just come back with One?"

I looked down at the smaller Four, Six managed to answer for me since I couldn't talk, "She felt useless. Had to find and help the others to make us whole again."

I nodded and looked at Three as he pulled on my arm, "But, you're not worthless. You weren't built to fight or anything, you were built to remember. That's your purpose."

I gazed at him sadly, that may be what I was made for, but how could I tell him that it wasn't enough to simply remember everything that happens? I need to experience things and actually be a part of what's going on. However, I merely patted their heads, and moved to the side of my bed, about to get up. Six put his hands on my shoulders, keeping me down on the bed.

I looked up at him and he shook his head, "No, not well enough to walk around yet," I nodded as all three stitchpunks in the room went out of their way to make me more comfortable, Three lifting my legs and placing them on the bed, Six leaning me back to lay down, and Four covered me with a blanket. I smiled at them, they were spoiling me and they knew it for they beamed back at me. Each twin grabbed one of my hands and Six kissed my head before leaving the room to let me rest. My optics closed and I drifted off to sleep.