For my girls, for joining me in this madness and loving the show.

Written because I'm quite sure He has a few things to say about what's been going on.

I am not missing, as so many of My children believe. My angelic children in particular have spread the rumor of My supposed absence far and wide, but I have been here; leading them, pushing and prodding them in the right direction.

They have enveloped themselves in their own schemes, however, and lost sight of Me and their purpose. No longer do they seek out and follow My will. Instead they have replaced their passion, replaced Me, with a thirst for power. On top of that, they have become devoted to a bureaucratic system that does not tolerate any questions. They seem to have forgotten that curiosity encourages development and growth. By stifling their curiosity, they have become stagnant, one-dimensional creations when I have so much more planned for them.

I love My children, I do; but they are trying my limitless patience.

I knew when I started this world how everything would play out—I saw Lucifer's fall and the corruption of My angels and My human children—and was able to plan accordingly. That did not make it any easier to watch My angels push two brothers to the ends of their endurance, all to force an apocalypse when they could have so easily been the beings I raised them to be.

Was the care My Son showed not a shining example of My love for all of My children?

Sam and Dean have proven to be a better example of love, forgiveness, and sacrifice than My angelic children have; but that is another story for another time.

My angels' misinformed efforts at tending to the world, their ill-advised attempts to fill My shoes aside, there has been one angel who has done the opposite of his brothers.

Cas, I thought when I formed him; Castiel, I called him.

I have been waiting for his time to come. He is not perfect, he is not even all together good; but he is trying. That is what I ask of My children. To always try to be better, more compassionate, more loving, more selfless.

Cas stumbled under Zachariah's influence because he was experiencing emotions foreign to him—doubt, love, and anger. Those emotions have changed with each situation he has gone through; searching for Me, being cut off from Heaven, trying to save Heaven, making a deal with Crowley, freeing the Leviathans, playing Me, taking on part of Sam's burden… Doubt, love, anger, fear, pain, remorse, hope, devastation, redemption. He has experienced all of these and so many more. My child who would have claimed to be emotionless was rediscovering what I gave to all of My children; something they had allowed time to erase.

He was wrong. My bringing him back to life is not punishment. It is evolution.

My child is changing each time he comes back, sometimes for the worse, sometimes for the better. What is important is he is trying.

It is breathtaking to watch Your creation do what You have wanted them to do for centuries.

Thank you for reading! More to come! ;) I would love to hear your thoughts on this if you can spare a minute! Thank you!