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Chapter one: Zero Hero

"Just two more drops of leechie juice." Lucy mumbled under her breath, a vial of disgusting green jelly clenched in her hand.

Lucy chewed her lip nervously as two good sized droplets splashed into her cauldron.

Gazing into the pot, Lucy looked at the bubbling brew, the previously brown mixture now turning a brilliant green in hue.

Sweat pricked at Lucy's forehead, furiously Lucy wiped away the forming droplets. Lucy frowned as the mixture in the pot turned a plumm purple, bubbles floating along the top.

"Now where did I put that Hagraven's tail?" Lucy muttered absentmindedly, hands groping across the counter blindly.

Lucy's eyes wandered over the items strewn across her desk, she needed to get this potion right. Miscellaneous ingredients stared back at her, Dragon's scales, Faerie wings, two Sabre cat eye balls, previously baked.

"Damn," Lucy groaned, yanking at her golden hair in frustration. There was no way she'd be able to pass the class if she didn't find that tail. If she didn't perfect Gilligan's Gloat not only would she fail her entire year but she'd have to risk her father's wrath and the endless ridicule of her peers.

"Looking for this?"

Lucy jumped, turning around in shock, brown eyes wide.

Standing in front of her was Natsu Dragneel, his onyx eyes glinting mischievously. In his right hand was the Hagraven's tail, a smirk slipped across his face.

"Give it back." Lucy demanded, quite impatient now. She was in no mood to deal with Natsu.

Natsu's smirk just grew wider, his other hand stuffed deep into his pocket, his pink hair in an array of messy spikes.

"Still haven't managed to get the potion right hey? Why don't you just admit you're a terrible witch and let Levy do your work for you?" Natsu taunted, holding the tail closer to his chest so Lucy couldn't rip it from his grip.

"And you're still managing to be the biggest asshole in the wizarding world?" Lucy snarled back, hands clenching at her sides.

Natsu paused for half a breath, almost surprised at her quick response. Then he laughed sharply and quickly, a sound that was alien to Lucy. The blonde always seemed to snap back with such vigour.

Lucy bristled, crossing her arms over her chest and tapping her foot with obvious impatience.

Lucy's brown eyes bore into his with an overwhelming fury he could practically feel the heat waves radiating off her.

"Fine." Natsu relented, tossing the tail at the fellow wizard. "Take the tail, I sure don't need it." Natsu mumbled off handedly, thrusting his hands deep into his pockets and shuffling off.

Lucy stared at his retreating figure, she wanted to jinx that idiot for all he was worth but she knew the consequences wouldn't be worth it.

Sighing Lucy turned back to her potion, dropping the tail into the demanding brew and watched as it turned back to a green.

Smiling Lucy fumbled around to find a large vial and bottled the steaming mixture, shoving a cork in the top Lucy shoved the vial into her bag.

Surely Professor Strauss wouldn't have any complaints about her potion this time.

Humming happily to herself Lucy skipped out of the room in search of her potions teacher.

~Later that evening~

Lucy sighed unhappily, hands shoved deep in her skirt pockets. It was late, and the moon was high in the sky, glimmering off the grey bricks of the academy almost as if the brickwork was made of mirrors.

But Lucy didn't notice any of this as she trudged across campus back to her dorm because

Professor Strauss didn't like her potion.

As soon as Lucy had burst through the staff room door Mirajane Strauss knew it couldn't be anything good. Lucy's potion track record was a long and bad one. From explosions to near death experiences Lucy was infamous for being the worst potions student Fairy Tail academy had ever seen.

Last week Professor Strauss assigned the simple task of making a flawless Gilligan's Gloat, the easiest potion in the book. The students were given two hours to complete the task, which was a very reasonable time limit and everyone completed it with time to spare except Lucy.

As everyone was finishing Lucy had just managed to get the base down, she hadn't even started the boiling stages.

Mirajane Strauss was knowm for being fair so, much to her own ill fortune, she told Lucy she could redo the potion. It just had to be done by the following Tuesday.

Lucy had nodded her head exuberantly, waving at her with a huge smile on her face.

"I won't fail you this time Madame Strauss!" She had yelled over her shoulder, running off down the hall.

And for the week following Lucy tried again and again, she spent every spare moment in the potions class, fiddling with the potion.

And this time she was sure she had gotten it right! It even smelled right, but looks can be deceiving.

That afternoon, when Lucy thrust the small vial with green liquid into Mirajane's hands she was positive she had got it right this time.

Mira uncorked the vial fluidly, sniffing the mixture.

"Well, it smells right." She said, casting a wooden smile, glancing at the beaming Lucy over the rim of the vial.

"I worked on it all day." Lucy responded, hands folded behind her back neatly, brown eyes glimmering excitedly.

With another tight smile Mirajane lifted the vial to her lips. Under most circumstances this would be unheard of, if the potion wasn't brewed right the drinker could become seriously ill or in some cases die.

But Mira knew the properties of the potion well and the worse that could come to her was a severe fever, and at that moment she truly believed Lucy had brewed it correctly.

Or she had until she actually taken a sip.

A properly brewed Gilligan's Gloat tasted something like swamp water, murky and thick and a tad bit sour. But the instant Lucy's green liquid washed over Mirajane's mouth she knew something was direly wrong. It tasted like rotten apples, as if someone had slipped a mouldy piece of fruit into her berry crumbler.

Mirajane's eyes grew wide, the overwhelming need to vomit pulsing through her body.

Lucy studied her potions teacher carefully, her blues eyes had gone wide and her porcelain cheeks slightly green.

Before Lucy even had a chance to ask what was wrong Mira ran to the bathroom, slamming the door behind her.

Lucy rushed over to the door, banging on the wooden door.

"Professor Strauss! Are you okay?" Lucy asked, ear pressed against the door.

The sounds of gagging ensued.

Lucy cringed, this wasn't good. What had she done wrong?

Silence stretched on, Lucy was still frozen to the opposite side of the door.

Professor Strauss hadn't even made a peep.

Tentatively Lucy knocked again, more gently this time.

"Professor Strauss?" She asked.

"Go away!" The haggard response came faintly through the door.

Lucy frowned deeply, pressing her body closer to the door.

"Are you sure there isn't anything I can do for _" Lucy began.

"No! Go back to your dorm now!" Mirajane rasped back, voice cracking terribly.

Lucy's hands dropped limply at her sides, hanging her head in sorrow, she nodded meekly and left.

Grabbing her bag Lucy trudged out, her impending failure crushing her like a boulder.

She was a complete screw up.

Lucy climbed the stairs to her dorm in saddened silence, everyone was asleep. Lucy pulled out her dorm key and slipped it into the lock.

Snores greeted her as she tossed her school bag onto the floor and walked over to her bed. Lucy didn't even bother changing, instead she pulled back the flannel sheets and fell onto her bed.

Lucy fell into a dreamless sleep instantly.


Lucy awoke to a furious pillow whack to the face. Shooting upward Lucy clutched her left cheek, brown eyes wide and dazed.

To her right stood a grinning bluette, Levy, who was holding the pillow above her head as if threatening Lucy with another brutal blow.

"Levy?" Lucy croaked, rubbing the sleep from her eyes tiredly.

"Time to get up, we're going to be late for Runes class." Levy said, pulling at Lucy's arm.

Lucy's eyes flickered over to her alarm clock, the hands reading 7:34.

"I hate Runes." Lucy moaned, falling back into her mountain of pillows.

Levy giggled at her friend, she herself loved Runes, she had always found the language of the ancients fascinating.

"Come on. Get dressed." Levy demanded, hands on her hips.

Sticking her tongue out at Levy, Lucy tossed her legs over the side of her bed, shoving her cold feet into her bunny slippers.

"You slept in your clothes again." Levy scolded, and she thrust a clean pair of socks at Lucy.

"I got in late." Lucy mumbled, buttoning her shirt and pulling her long thigh high socks off.

" I know, you weren't at study block." Levy said over her shoulder, fluffing her blue hair with her hands.

Lucy grumbled unintelligibly, yanking her fresh pair of socks up her shapely calves half heartedly.

"I heard you went to see Professor Strauss, how'd that go?" Levy asked, adjusting the bow in her hair.

Lucy slipped her feet inside her school shoes, fingers playing with her blonde bangs.

"Bad." Lucy huffed, the previous evenings events still leaving a sour imprint on her attitude.

Levy glanced at Lucy, who was now brushing her hair furiously.

Levy and Lucy had been best friends since their first day at Fairy Tail Academy. Lucy came from a rich, privileged family while Levy was poor, with no one but her Grandma. The difference in their lifestyles made their friendship quite compatible. Opposites attract and all that.

Levy was a gifted witch, sharp and keen she excelled in every subject. Lucy on the other hand, Lucy was determined but she didn't do so well academically speaking.

Everything she did, no matter what, ended up exploding in her face, literally.

Levy had offered to tutor her millions of times, even do her work for her once or twice, but each time Lucy declined, telling her she had to figure out how to do it on her own.

It was Lucy's earnest dedication to get better that made Levy love her so much. She was bold, but kind and she never gave up.

"Levy, ready to go?" Lucy asked, school bag slung over her shoulder.

Levy blinked, thoughts disappearing in her eyes, she smiled at the blonde.


And with that the two girls sprinted down the winding staircase, worried that Professor Justine would eat them for breakfast if they were a second late to Runes.

~Runes Class~

The bell rang the second Lucy and Levy stepped inside the classroom. Out of breath and panting the girls made their way to their seats, flopping down tiredly.

Mr. Justine, who was reading a large novel glared at the two girls over the edge of his book, teal eyes narrowing.

Scowling Freed closed his book, placing it upon his neatly organized desk.

He folded his hands on his desk, leaning over his desk like a hawk hunting for his prey.

"Miss. McGarden, Miss. Heatfillia you're cutting it awfully close again aren't you?" He said evenly, eyes narrowing into lethal looking slits.

Levy gulped, feeling like she was a tasty tuna sandwich that was about to be served for lunch.

"Y-yes Mr. Justine. I'm sorry." Levy nodded hastily, bowing her head slightly in respect.

Freed smiled, he had always like Levy, even if she was frequently almost late she was always so dedicated to his class unlike everyone else in her grade.

"What do you have to say for yourself Miss. Heartfillia?" Freed barked, now Lucy on the other hand, she was another thing entirely.

She couldn't read a single Rune and every assignment was either late or half done. Freed was convinced Levy's tardies were in direct relation to the blonde.

Lucy shifted in her seat, everyone's eyes now transfixed on felt her face grow very hot as she scrambled for an excuse.

"Umm, well you see." She managed, the back of her neck scalding hot.

"Yes Miss. Heartfillia?" Professor Freed's voice was chilled as ice, he liked seeing her squirm in her seat.

"Last night I was trying to recreate a potion for Professor Struass, and it was all going so well until she tried it then she started moaning and she got super sick. Not knowing what to do I tried to help her but I couldn't so I returned to my room and I-"

"Enough!" Freed shouted, fist contacting with his desk.

Lucy froze, lips parted, brown eyes wide.

Everyone in the class sat paralysed in their chairs.

Freed was standing, back pin straight, nostrils flaring/

"You, Miss. Heartfillia are a disgrace! Everyday you have some kind of excuse for whatever dalliance you were partaking in and I frankly have no time for it. You may leave and feel free to never enter this classroom again unless I so request it." Freed declared, pointing to the open door, chin held high, seething.

Whispers spread around the room, all the students eyes still diverted on Lucy's frozen frame.

Lucy swallowed thickly, she felt Levy's worried gaze on her face but she couldn't meet her best friend;s gaze.

"Mr. Justine, I'm truly sorry, it won't happen again I _" Lucy begged, eyes pleading for mercy.

"No Miss. Heartfilia, it's my turn to have the last word today. You are dismissed." Freed said flatly, no longer even looking at her. anger pulsating off him like radiation.

Lucy ducked her head and shoved her books into her bag, once standing she turned on her heel and walked out. Everyone's eyes watching her until she was gone from sight.

As soon as that abomination of a wizard left Freed let out a relieved sigh, rubbing his sore temples.

"Now, everyone open your book to page 237, we'll be starting with the science of written word vs written symbols today"

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